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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Government Answer To Fix Unemployment: Fire You, Hire Illegal Immigrants

Here's the Nonsense:  The politicians in Washington are trying hard to fix our unemployment problems.  The Senate's immigration bill is designed to help that and other problems in America.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Anyone who's foolish enough to think that most of the politicians even care about unemployment is fooling themself.  The Senate's immigration bill is a perfect example of the destruction these people are bringing upon America.

The Gang of Ocho's immigration deal just keeps on giving with its latest revelation.  It seems that part of the deal would give incentive to American employers to get rid of American citizens and hire illegals (we're supposed to call them amnestied immigrants).  It's a simple plan and, as usual, does nothing for hard working Americans who are struggling to survive these days.

Good ol' Obamacare is once again the tool to ruin the lives of many Americans.  Employers have a penalty of up to $3000 per employee based on whether they provide healthcare coverage for them are given a break in the immigration bill.  That's right, the illegal Democrat immigrants that are hired would give the employers the advantage of avoiding the penalties because if they hire illegals instead of American citizens they would not have to pay the Obamacare penalty.

So, here we once again have our elected leaders pushing through a bill that's lousy for America.  Here are some of the known highlights:
1.)  is 1190 pages that is scheduled to be voted on before anyone reads it
2.)  has a surprise addition to it from Harry Reid that has the feds spending $100 million annually to promote tourism to places like Las Vegas
3.)  provides lesser punishment for crimes of illegals than for American citizens (see this for more info)
4.)  includes an Obama stimulus program
5.)  gives Janet Napolitano authority to cancel building of a border security fence
6.)  and who knows what else since no one's read the whole thing yet

But on top of all that, it's also giving a break to employers that get rid of you and me and hire those immigrants instead of American citizens.  Quite simply, they are incentivizing employers to hire the illegal Democrat immigrants instead of employing legal, hard working American citizens who need jobs.  Sounds like those politicians are really doing a bang up job for us, doesn't it?  

I think it's about time to quit talking about it and just remove the clowns from office in 2014 so we can get back to the America that gives great opportunities to its citizens.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

America Will Be The Next Nation To Be Destroyed By Collective Indifference

Here's the Nonsense America is going through some difficult times, but we shouldn't get all concerned and upset about it.  Don't get caught up in the nonsense of people who cry out that the future is at stake.  Just keep doing what you're doing and things will be fine.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Americans have put their heads in the sand and are acting as proverbial ostriches.  This has happened before in history.  We need to learn the lessons from history and make sure it doesn't happen again.

In 1942 millions of Germans relied on collective indifference to endure the horrors of brutal tyranny.  This was their attempt to maintain "normal" lives while hoping that they could get past it and life would return to normal. But it didn't work then and it won't work now.

A young German girl's wartime diary has just been published and reveals a side of life in Nazi Germany rarely ever seen.  Brigitte Eicke (known as "Gitti") was a 15 year old girl in 1942 when she started keeping a diary of life in Berlin during the war.  The diary has just been published and is a remarkable account of indifference to all that was going on.  While her writings began just shortly before those of Anne Frank, they are markedly different.  Instead of suffering, hiding, and fear, they reveal a German girl who not only went on with life, but reacted to awful events with complete indifference.  Clearly this was her method of dealing with the horrors and atrocities going on around her.

Der Spiegel Magazine describes her by saying, "She is a young woman skilled in the art of blotting out ugliness, willing to believe what she's told and, ultimately, one of the lucky ones."

As Britain's Independent reports:

       Here is Gitti's entry for 1 February 1944: "The school had been bombed when we arrived this morning. Waltraud, Melitta and I went back to Gisela's and danced to gramophone records." In another raid on her Berlin neighbourhood in March 1943, two people are killed, 34 are injured and more than 1,000 are made homeless. Gitti writes: "It took place in the middle of the night, horrible, I was half asleep".
       In November 1944, Hitler is trying to cripple the advances made after the D-Day landings by planning an offensive in the Ardennes, but Gitti – by now a member of the Nazi Party – is more concerned about her hairdo. She writes that she has just been given a "disastrous" perm by her hairdresser and is worried about going to work "looking a fright".
       Then on 2 March 1945, while Hitler's troops are trying to halt the Red Army's advance just 60 miles east of Berlin, Gitti, now 18, goes to the cinema. She writes: "Margot and I went to the Admiralspalast cinema to see Meine Herren Söhne. It was such a lovely film, but there was a power cut in the middle. How annoying!"
All this indifference in an attempt to ignore and avoid dealing with what was going on.  She is now 86 and lives in the same area she lived during the war.  She says her son has asked her how she could be so oblivious.  But she says she never saw anything.  In fact, she says that until she visited Buchenwald in 1970, that's 25 years after the war, and saw the pictures of what happened in the concentration camps she didn't realize what had happened.  She says, "We just muddled through, we had no choice."
So she spent all those years during and after the war ignoring and denying what happened around her as a way to "cope" with what happened in the very world in which she lived.  That's what we see happening today.
Now before anyone says that I'm saying that we are living in a modern Nazi Germany, let me make it clear that I'm not.  But I am saying that when we ignore what goes on around us and do nothing, that opens the door for things to get worse.  Do you really think the Nazis were at their worst from the start?  Of course not.  They became worse and worse as time went on and no one stopped them.  Had there been a limit put on their actions from the start things never would have gotten as bad as they did.  But people ignored what was happening so they could maintain their lives.  
Lack of involvement was the mindset of the day.  And that's what allowed a tyrannical power to take hold and get out of control.  
Today in America we see most Americans ignoring what's going on.  From actions by politicians to government agencies to courts we see things moving further and further out of control.  And Americans continue on living their lives ignoring things hoping problems will go away.  Many don't even realize what's happening.  They are forsaking their God-given rights and allowing freedom to slip away.  It's exactly what has happened elsewhere throughout the world in history.
If we really want our nation to be what it was created to be, then we have to be willing to speak up and stand up.  That's what it's going to take.  You can't be Brigitte Eicke and expect to retain your freedoms.  There's a price to pay and if we don't, we'll lose what was given to us.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Goodness Of America In The Middle Of The Fire

Here's the Nonsense:  People everywhere are basically good and desire to help when tragedy strikes.  We shouldn't see America as anything unique.

Here's the Horse Sense:  America is very unique in the world.  When tragedy strikes, at home or abroad, Americans respond with generosity, care, and empathy unlike any nation on earth.  This is part of our goodness that makes us a very unique nation.

Chances are many of you have not heard about the devastating forest fires in Colorado.  One in particular, called the Black Forest Fire, is still burning as I write this and has caused the largest damage in Colorado history.  As I write this it is 45% contained, 480 homes have been destroyed, and about 25 square miles have burned.  The location is north of Colorado Springs and thousands of people have been evacuated.  My family is one of those that have been evacuated.  We had to get our horses out to a place that is sheltering those that have been evacuated.  Black Forest is horse country and a beautiful forested area of Colorado.  But for the past few years Colorado has suffered a severe drought and the entire forest here and elsewhere in the state is nothing but a tinderbox at great risk of this kind of tragedy.

So, what does all this have to do with goodness?  Everything.  America is a very unique country.  Unlike any other country in the world, Americans give and volunteer to help when there is tragedy here or abroad.  In recent days I have personally experienced that goodness.  From watching businesses open to help in ways that would not be expected by people who think business is only about profit to individual citizens opening their homes to take in those who have been evacuated.  Everywhere you turn there can be seen goodness on the part of Americans.

I went into a Walgreens to pick up a prescription and when the manager found out I was an evacuee he stopped me and offered free items to try to help.  He could see I was struggling with severe bloodshot eyes from the smoke and gave me eye drops.  He could hear the struggle I was having speaking and offered me bottled water to help clear my throat.  He essentially opened his store to my needs and refused to take payment for the things I needed.

Walmart (yes Walmart, that company that so many hate and accuse of being evil) has opened their parking lots to evacuees who want to camp out somewhere.  Home Depot has provided bottled water to the evacuees and firefighters.  The list goes on and on and this is no attempt to be comprehensive.  It is just a very small example of what is happening.

This is important because America is made up of people who help.  Sure, Americans are caught in a time when narcissism is rampant in our society, but somehow in the midst of all of it we still, at our core, reach out to help when people need it.  This is the core of America.  This is not government helping, this is citizens providing resources to help people in need.

What makes America great is its goodness.  It always has been the core reason we are the greatest nation in the history of the world.  Name another nation whose people do as much as we do.  There are none.  There are small, individual efforts that we see sometimes, but nothing on the level of Americans.

Our political leaders have, for the most part, forgotten this.  They think government is the answer to everything.  But what we know is that government is the problem, not the solution.  America is great because of the goodness of her people.  When Americans no longer have that goodness in them, then all hope for America is gone.  We need to encourage and build on our goodness.  When we do, we will see America start to bounce back from the problems we have today.

Below are many pictures that the Denver Post has taken from the fire where I live.  From the fire fighter who rescued an injured fawn to aircraft dropping water and slurry to knock down fire, from burning homes and forests to horses running free that were let go so they could try to get away from the fire, from people fighting to get their horses loaded to evacuate to animals being rescued, this is America.  And the acts of bravery, compassion, and goodwill are who we are.  Embrace it.  Spread it.  Be proud of it.