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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, June 10, 2013

It's Not Important Until It Affects Them, Too

Here's the Nonsense:  Our elected officials are working hard to make sure that the issues that come up in these scandals are dealt with so that Americans are protected and the mainstream media are exposing these things to keep Americans informed.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Most of our elected officials in both political parties, along with the mainstream media, show little interest or concern about the scandals that are coming out.  They only show serious interest when it affects them, too.

Ever notice how as scandals arise, there is no real outrage from the members of Congress?  Sure, there are a few who are concerned and speak out, but overall most members from both sides of the political aisle don't have much to say.  They couldn't care less what happens to you and me.  That is, until it affects them, too.  And the Verizon scandal is a perfect example to prove it.

With the recent revelation that the NSA has gotten all of Verizon's records for all communications of their customers we are finally seeing some real concern on the part of members of Congress.  A recent report by Breitbart tells us that our elected officials are concerned because many people in Congress use Blackberries for communication.  And many of those are used over the Verizon network.  With the revelation of this scandal it has occurred to them that this means that their communications are also not secret.  They have no privacy when talking to their staff members, other congressional members, and anyone else.  They are being watched by the government just like you and me.  And now that they realize this they are concerned.

When it was just about you and me, they showed some minor interest but not enough to really do anything about it.  But now that they know it involves them, too, they are in a tizzy.  Our elected narcissists, er, um, I mean officials, should be outraged that any American's privacy and constitutional rights are trampled.  But because they aren't it shows the very problem we have as a nation.

If we elected the right kind of people these things would not have happened.  What is coming to light would have been avoided by true leaders who would have been careful not to cross any lines.  

It is exactly the same thing we see with the mainstream media.  There is no real concern or much reporting about these scandals until the AP scandal.  Once the media found that the administration had gone after phone records of reporters, then they were concerned.  The other scandals were reported in less commonly viewed sections of their papers and media formats.  Their interest was peaked when they learned that there was an invasion of their privacy.  

The press is the watchdog of our free society and their consistent bias and sellout to this administration's ideology has put our freedom at risk.  The very system that has allowed them the right to report the news and do investigative journalism has been put at risk by the media for abandoning their job as our watchdogs.

So we have a huge similarity between most of those in elected office and the mainstream media.   Neither one is interested in doing what's right… at least not until it affects them personally. reported on the exception to the rule.  Three senators who are putting themselves in very unpopular positions because they want to do what's right for the American people.  Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee all are standing up to the establishment in Washington. opens it's article by saying, "There is rebellion afoot in the United States Senate. A new breed of conservatives and libertarians are loosed, unconcerned with The New York Times, unfettered by back-bench rank and unintimidated by Washington politics."  

Called "Wacko Birds" by Senator John McCain because they won't go along with the old cronyism in Washington, they are challenging the power and ways of the old dogs like McCain.  They are willing to do what's right for America regardless of their reputations or the hostility directed their way.  

These are the politicians that can assure America of a future that returns us to the Constitutional-based government that our nation's founders created for us.  They can lead us to a government where the people are back in charge and not those in power now who are only concerned for their own interests.  

If we want to fix our nation, we need to embrace these senators and elect others who are like them.  Our Senate, House of Representatives, White House, and Supreme Court all need to be filled with people who understand that the only way to protect the liberty of our citizens is to elect people like these who will stand for America regardless of the cost to themselves.