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Monday, July 29, 2013

Anthony Weiner Deserves Support

Here's the Nonsense:  Those on the left are correct in wanting Anthony Weiner out of the New York Mayoral Race.  Weiner and his wife, Huma, bear no resemblance in their situation to Bill and Hillary Clinton and it's wrong to make the comparison because Bill never did anything this bad and Hillary never had to "stand by her man" as Huma has chosen to do.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, only resemble Bill and Hillary Clinton in a minor way.  The Clintons are far worse.  And while Weiner is disgusting, if Bill and Hillary were supported by the left then, Weiner and his wife deserve support from them now.

Anthony Weiner may be a disgusting dirtbag, a slimebag, a scumbucket, and nothing short of an awful human being, but I really think he should be supported by the left.  He and his wife, Huma, have tried to tak e the position that in spite of his terrible behavior, she forgives him, trusts him, and they are moving forward.  They are only asking that America allow them to do so.  They've even had their situation equated with that of Bill and Hillary Clinton (the left's best excuse for a president and smartest woman in the world).  But people aren't seeing it the same at all.

CBS' Bob Scheiffer has expressed utter disgust at Anthony Weiner's behavior.  He didn't seem to feel that way back when Bill Clinton was president and setting records for scandals.  Dee Dee Myers, Clinton's first presidential press secretary, was on CBS' Face the Nation and said it wasn't a story (Weiner's sex scandal) that the Clinton's were happy to see at the front of the news.  

President Obama's former senior advisor David Axelrod has even expressed a desire for the story to go away.  It seems that many Democrats just wish Anthony Weiner would go away.  But is that really fair?  Where were these people when Bill Clinton was rocking our world with scandal after scandal?  And Weiner's scandals are about texting disgusting messages and pictures to women.  So far, at least, there's been no claim that he's actually followed through with this stuff by acting these things out in person with women.  

So his wife decides for reasons as yet unknown to take a stand publicly and support her husband and back his continuation in his mayoral campaign.  The claims that she's just following in Hillary's footsteps, you'd think, would be seen as her following a role model (I know, I know, quit laughing.  It makes no sense, but to people on the left Hillary is a role model of some sort.). Huma says she's just trying to make her marriage work.  And the reaction that Anthony and Huma are getting to all this is not the support you'd expect (Except from New York voters who, in their usual stupidity that doesn't consider character an important trait in an elected official, are still supporting this clown.).  

Even Bill and Hillary themselves are rejecting their behavior.  The New York Post is reporting that a source has told them that “The Clintons are pissed off that Weiner’s campaign is saying that Huma is just like Hillary,’’ said the source. “How dare they compare Huma with Hillary? Hillary was the first lady. Hillary was a senator. She was secretary of state.”  The source goes on to say, “Hillary didn’t know Huma would do this whole stand-by-your-man routine, and that’s one of the reasons the Clintons are distancing themselves from all this nonsense.’’

Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense.  The indignation of the Clinton's, America's premier presidential scandal couple of the 20th century is laughable.  People have said that Hillary stood by Bill, but the fact is that the first time a spouse cheats, if the other spouse gives them another chance and moves forward, that's standing by them.  But when it's repetitious behavior, then the spouse who "stands by them" is enabling them, unless they hold the wayward spouse accountable and demand change.  Hillary never did that.  She enabled Bill.  The rumors were that she even worked to cover up his scandals to keep them from damaging his political career.  Frankly, it seems to be a sick relationship.  It's their business, but their lack of character has shown for decades and any American who doesn't see that their relationship is, at best, very unhealthy has forsaken their common sense (Although most would say that it's quite apparent that theirs is simply a marriage of mutual convenience that allows each of them to get what they want).  For a recap of how Hillary handled Bill's fidelity issues just click here to read an article from Britain's Daily Mail that came out back in 2008 when Hillary first tried to win the presidency.

No, if the left will support Bill and Hillary, then they should support Anthony and Huma.  Anything less is nothing short of hypocrisy.  But, then again, hypocrisy is the middle name of people on the left.  

Just to refresh your memory of some of the scandals during the Clinton years in the White House, here's a list of some of them.  And I've included more than just some of Bill's sex scandals because bad character in one part of a person's life will inevitably show up in other areas.  I think it's important to remember that Bill's failures have been about far more than just fidelity in his marriage.   Here's a list to refresh your memory:

  • Whitewater banking and real estate scandals
  • Cattle futures where Hillary invested $1000 and mysteriously got a $100,000 return
  • Gennifer Flowers who claimed a 12 year affair with Bill that he denied but later admitted the affair
  • 900+ FBI Files mysteriously or mistakenly (depending on which story they're telling) showed up in the White House
  • Paula Jones claimed Bill had propositioned her and exposed himself to her 
  • White House Lincoln Bedroom where donors of $150,000 could spend the night
  • Lippo Group of Indonesia and Chinese donations of $452,000 funneled to DNC
  • China donations were attempted to be donated to the DNC by Charlie Trie who fled to China when faced with indictment
  • Monica Lewinsky had an affair with Bill which he denied but was later proven he lied
  • Kathleen Willey accused Bill of sexual advances including fondling
  • Military technology given to China that allowed them major technological satellite and nuclear advances  
  • Wag the Dog where Bill used the military to distract from the impeachment proceedings
  • Juanita Broaddrick accused Bill of raping her

And those are just some of the scandals courtesy of Bill and Hillary.

So if you're disgusted with Anthony Weiner, I will join you in your feelings.  But to the left, I would say that if you aren't disgusted with Bill and Hillary Clinton, then you don't see just how corrupt and pitiful your values really are.  For New Yorkers to put their trust in Anthony Weiner or Huma Abedin is as foolish as it was for Americans to put trust in Bill Clinton when he was elected president or in Hillary Clinton when she runs for president again.  Only fools trust people who clearly have no character.  Unfortunately there are a whole lot of people in elected office who have no character and America needs to get them out of office, too.  If you want America to succeed, then you have to have the right kind of people in leadership.