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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Citizens Now Required To Spy On Each Other

Here's the Nonsense:  In today's dangerous world we should be willing to give up freedoms to increase our security.

Here's the Horse Sense:  This is another warning sign to Americans.  We better pay attention or freedom will only be a thing of history.

According to a new report by McClatchy, the president has ordered federal workers to spy on each other.  But that's not the big issue.  The big issue is when this will lead to all citizens being required to spy on each other.

McClatchy has reported that federal workers are now essentially spies in an effort by the president to try to prevent another security breach.  The concerns it raises even caused this morning's headline on Drudge to bullet point these points about the order:

- Watch lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors...
- Odd working hours, unexplained travel...
- Monitor co-workers stress, divorce, and financial problems...
- Track online activities...
- Those failing to report face penalties, criminal charges... 

This is nothing short of astounding.  Certainly anyone, federal employee or otherwise, should always be on the alert for situations that might signal that someone might do something that could harm our nation's security.  But that is a far cry from what this is about and where we're headed.

The president has ordered that unproven and questionable techniques be used to determine who might harm America.  It seems that in situations of such seriousness that the last thing we would want to do is employ techniques that are unproven.  But that doesn't stop this administration.  (I guess we shouldn't be surprised.  They use failed and phony methods and data to support their claims of things like global warming so why should we be surprised if they use bad science to justify anything else?)

The real issue here is where this is leading.  This is just a step away from what we have heard happens in countries with totalitarian regimes.  The old Soviet bloc countries did things like this with all of their citizens. With this kind of order it is only a simple step away from requiring all citizens to report on their friends, family, and neighbors or face criminal charges. 

It's one thing to ask Americans to be alert and report suspicious behavior.  That's not an uncommon thing in countries that have experienced terror attacks.  The citizens become the first line of defense by being on the lookout for activity that may put the society at risk.  But watching for things like abandoned packages, knapsacks, suitcases, briefcases, etc. is far from watching for divorce, financial problems, and other such things. 

You may look at something like this and just sigh in disgust or ignore it, but it's another warning sign of where our nation is headed.  We should be the line of first defense for our nation, but there's a line between that and and where this could be headed. 

But will Americans do anything about it?  My guess is probably not.  My guess is that most people will disregard it and we will inch one more step away from freedom.  In recent years Americans have shown that they won't do anything until it's too late.