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Monday, July 8, 2013

Egypt Is Not Benghazi

Here's the Nonsense:  Once again the Secretary of State and the President were not in their offices or ready-room when a crisis arose, meaning the upheaval in Egypt this weekend.  They should be held accountable to prove that they are always doing something other than the business of our country.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The crisis in Egypt was not the same as Benghazi, Libya.  The right better choose its battles carefully or it will lose them all.

Many people have been asking where Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama were when the Egyptian crisis was unfolding over the weekend.  And there has been virtual glee expressed from some on the right that John Kerry's story has changed because, apparently, the State Department didn't want to admit he was on his yacht.  Add to that, we have also learned that President Obama was on the golf course.  Some on the right think this is some big scandal.  Personally I don't agree.

Sure, it would be nice if our government officials were always in their offices ready for any incident that may occur anywhere around the globe.  But the fact is that that's unreasonable.  Certainly President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have a lot of explaining to do regarding the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya and they should be held accountable for it.  But Egypt going through what boils down to a coup to overthrow their government is nothing the president or secretary of state had any control over or could do anything about.  Challenging their whereabouts when it's not an incident that directly involves American territory or Americans themselves is pointless.  

This situation is far different than Benghazi and shouldn't be compared as such.  Benghazi was an attack on U. S. sovereign territory (that's what an embassy is) and on American lives, of which we lost four that day.  Egypt was an overthrow of a government that was headed for dictatorship (if it wasn't essentially a dictatorship in infancy already) and that the people of Egypt rejected.  It did not involve American territory or lives and, therefore, I don't think requires that the president and/or secretary of state be sitting in the ready-room or their offices waiting to see what happens.  They have no say in the matter short of the U. S. sending in military support for one side or the other.

On this one I think it doesn't really matter where they were.  The fact is that the story about Kerry was a lie and then the truth came out as to where he was.  That should be of bigger concern to Americans.  The fact that this administration's first reply to an inquiry is to lie should tell us all we need to know about them.  They should have been able to simply say that Kerry had the day off and was notified as soon as possible.  Same goes for the president.  But to try to make this a big deal lessens the credibility of the scrutiny that is being shown regarding legitimate crises like Benghazi and what happened there.

People on the right better learn how to pick their battles.  They have a big enough fight trying to deal with the incompetent losers that are establishment Republicans who keep destroying their chances at success without making it worse by choosing the wrong things to take a stand about.  Choosing the right battles to fight will increase their credibility and winning ratio.  That's what matters if they want to win the war to save America.