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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Americans Want Good News And Hope For The Future

Here's the Nonsense:  Americans need to calm down and realize that things go up and down for a nation.  We'll get out of our troubles soon.

Here's the Horse Sense:  America is in serious trouble.  People ask if there's hope for the future.  The answers are obvious for those who are paying attention.

I didn't expect to write a blog post again so soon.  However, today while I was a guest on a radio show I was the recipient of a call from a listener that asked a question I am hearing more and more these days.  The caller said that he was tired of all the bad news he heard from talk show hosts and guests like me.  He asked if there wasn't any hope and when things would turn around in America.  That call got me thinking about how Americans want hope but they don't want to hear the hard facts about what's happening in our country.  Certainly we all want hope for the future, but when we hear the hard truth about what has happened to our country and the price we must pay to save it we get upset.  Is there hope?  Is there a bright future ahead?  Are those who speak with endless optimism about the future of America just dreaming or are they being realistic about where we're headed?  

First, let's face the fact that this country is in a mess.  If we can't agree on that, then I would have to say that the discussion needs to go no further.  If we aren't willing to be honest about where we're at, then we are too far gone to save this country.  But we can't live in the past and just grumble about mistakes that have been made.  We must ask ourselves if there's a solution.  In fact, many people have been asking that question.  

The Tea Party was formed because of that question.  Some people, like Glenn Beck, have even had rallies or been at rallies crying out for change in America.  As a person of influence Beck even listened somewhat to the cries of the general public as they asked what should be done.  He tried to answer with vague calls for restoring honor and for all religions to work together, etc.  But while Glenn might have thought this was the answer (and I can promise you that things such as all religions working together is not only not the answer, it's a death sentence to the world if they do), but the fact is that it wasn't what people were asking for.  

People wanted concrete solutions, step by step instructions of what to do.  Beck only gave feel good speeches and no real solutions that people wanted and needed.  Now don't get me wrong here.  Beck has done some excellent things such as his education of the public.  He has been a leader in educating people about what's going on in America and how to spot many who are hurting our nation.  But he has not given the kind of concrete solutions that people have been asking for.

On the other hand, Mark Levin has used his expertise as a constitutional legal scholar to educate the public not only about our founding and history as a nation, but also to now come out with an actual step by step solution to bring America back to the constitutional government that our founders originally created.  His latest book, The Liberty Amendments:  Restoring the American Republic is an excellent work with solid solutions that have the potential to work.  But this isn't a sales pitch for Levin's book and it's not meant to be a criticism of Beck's work.  Both have done some wonderful things for our nation and should be given credit for doing so.  My only point in comparing the two is to show the difference in how Beck's good work hasn't had near the impact he'd hoped and also to show that Levin's answers have much more potential because they are more specific in nature.  That is, they do as long as a number of other things happen, too.  However, this doesn't address the real question that I keep hearing.

So, is there any hope?  The most hopeful answer I can give is to say that it's questionable.  Not because I don't believe in America and not because I don't think America can be saved.  But the question remains as to whether enough Americans are willing to face the truth and do something about it.  

We must remember that while there are millions of us (anyone remember Beck's claim that we outnumber them, we "surround" them?), there are many more millions of them.  Sure, most Americans agree on many basic things.  You can go to virtually any neighborhood in America and people will express the same desires.  Most people want safe neighborhoods, good schools, a good economy, good jobs, a bright future for their children, etc.  But the problem is that while we agree on those things, most Americans don't think correctly. They don't have the correct mindset. 

While Beck thought that there are so many of us that we surround them, the fact is that Rush Limbaugh is more correct when he refers to what he calls the "low information voters" who are vast in numbers.  These are most Americans who don't really even know what's going on and don't want to know.  They want to continue on in their lives living for the weekends and personal pleasures.  They are not willing get informed about what's going on in our nation.  They are not willing to do the work needed to fix things.  Their mindset is so far gone that they don't even realize what's happening.

Both political parties, this isn't a Democrat vs. Republican thing, are heading in the same direction. Both have America on a path of destruction, it's just that one is heading there faster than the other.  One is flying a jet to their destination and the other is on a train, but don't miss my point that BOTH are headed in the same direction.  There are a few politicians that are the exception, but they are only few in number.  

The majority of politicians will continue to vote for higher taxes, they will soon vote to raise the debt ceiling again, and they will refuse to cut off funding for Obamacare (or, as the Tea Party is now calling it, Boehnercare because of John Boehner's refusal to back defunding efforts).  They will fight to hold on to their power and support all efforts of the administration to stop any amendment of the Constitution. In fact, even if it is amended, they will ignore it as they have in the past.  Amendments to the Constitution mean nothing if there is no one to enforce it.  All 3 branches of our government have already shown their disregard for the Constitution so why would we think that any amendments to it will make it more likely to be respected?

No, this nation has a problem.  It has fallen for the progressive idea that things just aren't fair.  They have successfully planted in peoples' minds the idea that it's not fair if someone has more or gets more than someone else.  They have gotten the majority of Americans to think that it's compassionate to take from one group to give to another.  People now see the government as some kind of do-gooder Robin Hood that takes from one group and gives to another.  They believe they deserve the handouts because it's "fair" and the government is only being compassionate.

Most Americans need a change of their mindset and that can only come through one of two ways.  Either it comes through a change in values and morals that is always founded upon religion and a relationship with God, or it comes by losing freedoms under a tyrannical dictatorship for a period of decades or even generations before people realize what they've lost.  Those are the only two ways to get people to understand what is needed.  Personally, I like the idea of a relationship with God over the idea of a tyrannical dictatorship to get people to change their mindset.  

The problem of a lack of virtue is rampant in our nation.  We no longer raise our children to see that a virtuous life is the ultimate goal in life.  We no longer raise our children to believe that self-sufficiency is important.  We no longer teach them that doing the right thing is the best choice, regardless of the cost to ourselves.  The mindset for most of  America is now one that thinks about what they deserve, what they're owed.  Unless and until the mindset throughout the majority of our nation goes back to embracing true values and morals there is no hope.

We fight against the idea of big government and we think the answer is just reducing its size to fix things.  That won't work.  Until we once again become a virtuous and moral nation that fears God we will not be able to have the kind of nation that our founders gave us.  They understood that John Adams was right when he said, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."  

So to answer the questions I keep hearing, there is only hope if we change our ways.  I think the real question should be to those asking if there's hope.  They need to ask themselves if they think Americans will really change their ways.

Monday, August 26, 2013

It's Highly Probable That Obama Will Attack Syria

Here's the Nonsense:  Syria is a mess and we have to do something.  We must take sides to see this thing settled.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Syria is a mess and there's no good solution.  Our choices aren't just which side to support.  We also have the choice of staying out of it and making America free of unnecessary Middle East conflicts.

If anyone has any doubts about what Obama is most likely to do regarding Syria, let me put your questions to rest.  There are way too many signs that he plans to attack, he is just aligning the situation right now so that the media will support him.

We are being told that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against their citizens.  That certainly is possible.  We don't know for sure because we are hearing that it is true and it is false.  But given the kind of regime that Assad has given the country, it would be of no surprise.  Yet those rebels who are fighting the Syrian government have pledged loyalty to al-Qaeda and some reports suggest that they may be the ones using chemical weapons.  

The mainstream media doesn't talk about all the Christians being killed by the very people that the administration and politicians like John McCain and Lindsey Graham want us to align ourselves  with.  The rebels raided al-Duvair and massacred civilian residents, including women and children.  The Syrian Army, by the way, were able to intervene before they were able to slaughter the entire village.  

The Syrian rebels give Christians the following options:  

1. Renounce their Christian faith and convert immediately to Islam (to potentially have your life spared after swearing to the Syrian rebels and Islam).
2. Pay an extremely heavy tax to the Syrian rebels to potentially save your life and be able to secretly continue being a Christian (unless they decided to behead you anyway).
3. Immediately choose death, likely via beheading in the center of town to scare off your friends and family from challenging the Syrian rebel army.
4. Flee for your life and hope the Syrian rebels don’t find you or kill your family. All of your belongings left behind now belong to the Syrian rebels.

Are these the kinds of people with which we should be aligning ourselves?  Given just those facts should be enough to cause the U. S. to back away from helping these rebels.  But some of the reasons that it appears likely that Obama will attack include:

1.)  Secretary of Defense Hagel says that the president has asked him to prepare for all contingencies.  

2.)  CBS News has reported that preparations are being made for a cruise missile attack on Syria.  

3.)  U. S. officials say that UN inspections regarding the chemical weapons attack are too late to be reliable.  

4.)  The U. S. is moving warships within striking range of Syria.  

5.)  France's second largest newspaper reports that American-trained rebels have entered Sytria.  

6.)  The U. S., Britain, Canada, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, and Qatar sent military leaders to a meeting in Jordan on Sunday about coordination of attacks on Syria

And there are many more things that point to upcoming action being taken by Obama.  Remember the F-16 fighters we sent to Jordan?  The New York Times is even reporting that the air war in Kosovo is being studied as a possible blueprint for a Syrian air war.  

And don't forget this president's continual support of terrorist groups and their affiliates like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.  Aligning with the rebels in Syria is right in line with the behavior of this administration.   

Obama can do all this without putting American troops in Syria.  He'll use air power, missiles, and other nations to handle it and still claim that he sent no Americans to war.  

It doesn't really matter what you and I think because we know that the Narcissist-in-Chief will do what he chooses, not what the American people want or what's best for America.  He'll spend his time staying out of governing and instead be campaigning that he's trying to fight for the American people but the Republicans are causing things to happen that go against what the people want.  He'll reassure us over and over again that he's fighting for us but that the mean Republicans are causing any problem that may cause dissension among the populace.

Sometimes the choice is not between the lesser of two evils.  Sometimes there's a third choice, and that's to just walk away.  We don't need another war.  We can't afford another war.  We need to be above all of it and avoid this mess or we'll have another trillion dollar bill to pay with taxpayer money and countless American soldier's lives being lost.  

We need to divest ourselves from interests in the Middle East so they don't have a hold on us with their oil.  If America would build up its own oil industry in our country we wouldn't need the Middle East.  Reports have shown that we have some of the largest, if not the largest, oil and natural gas reserves in the world.  But this administration won't allow enough drilling for us to get to it.  Yet if we did more drilling here we would be free of entanglements in the Middle East and they would be left to deal with each other while we'd be exporting to the world and building our jobs and economy.

But Obama and Congress will be sure to mess this one up, too.  You and I will be left holding the bill while our children and grandchildren pay with their tax dollars and their lives as they are sent to war.

Monday, August 19, 2013

President Obama Claims A Right That Doesn't Exist

Here's the Nonsense:  President Obama has claimed that healthcare is a right.  This is great because we need to make sure everyone understands their rights.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Too many Americans don't understand what rights are.  They don't know the difference between rights and desires.  It's time to reclaim our true rights. 

This weekend President Obama made a statement that we've all known he stood for for some time.  He said that healthcare is a right.  We've all known that the left has been trying to expand the number of "rights" that humans have for some time.  And with Obamacare having passed and been upheld by the Supreme Court it is now the law of the land.  As the law it provides healthcare coverage to Americans and it is our legal right to partake of what that law provides.  However, note that I said it's our "legal" right, not a human "right."  That's important because things can become legal rights without them being human rights.  But the left wants us to think of all rights as human rights, thereby giving them the ability to talk about fairness when they can use it to get voters to think they are being shortchanged if they don't get it.  This manipulation is a way they control voters who don't think for themselves.

Human rights are rights we have just by being born.  Those rights are that of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (we'll define these in a moment because they are grossly misunderstood).  As acknowledged by America's founders, every human that is born into this world has the right to life, the right to freedom, and the right to pursue happiness.  And every nation that does not allow those rights is in violation of those human rights.  In all of human history only one nation has recognized (and placed into law) the human rights of people.  That nation is the United States of America.  But our current president thinks he can, by proclaiming it, make other things become included in the list of human rights and thereby use those rights he's proclaimed as political tools to manipulate the voters for Democrat and Progressive gains.

Of the 3 basic human rights, the first two seem fairly simple to understand.  LIfe and liberty seem simple enough.  Every human has the right to live.  Any government or leader who takes away that right is in violation of that basic human right.  God grants life and it is up to Him to determine its length.  No human has the right to determine the length of another person's life.  That's why abortion is wrong.  The killing of that human life is not man's decision to make.  It is God's.  Those who have made it legal for abortion to take place, those who perform abortions, and those who have abortions will all be accountable in eternity to God for their actions.  And it won't be a debate with God about their actions, it will be an accountability to Him for what they did.  Trust me, they won't win.

Now I can hear some of you arguing about death sentences for criminals and war and those types of things.  Those are topics that are often misunderstood and would be too lengthy to get into at length here.  However, I will simply say here that God has made it clear that there is a place for those things to uphold His justice through government.  Sadly many governments don't commit those acts with God's purposes in mind, but rather they abuse their power and therefore abuse their responsibilities in these areas.

The second right is liberty.  I addressed it a bit on July 25, 2013 when commenting on an excellent article by Judge Andrew Napolitano on freedom versus safety.  You can read it here.  Simply stated, freedom is God's gift to all mankind.  No human has the right to take that from another human.  Yet throughout history we can see that man has taken the freedoms of others over and over again throughout the world.  Once again, those who have taken the freedom of others will be accountable to God for their actions.  

But I've said all this only to set the stage to get to the third, and what I believe is the most misunderstood, human right recognized by our founders.  That is the right to the pursuit of happiness.  Those who've listened to me or read my writings for any length of time know that I constantly talk of America's failure of morals.  The moral decline of America is our death knell and it is being sounded loudly these days.  Without a return to morals America will fail.  And our founders knew that.

Certainly most of us have heard that the founders said that our government was designed for a moral and religious people.  They talked of religion being the foundation of morals and even used the Bible as the first and most basic textbook in American schools.  They understood that a moral life had to have the foundation of religion.  And while many will reject that idea and argue about it today, it is crystal clear in early American history that religion was the foundation stone upon which the moral fabric of our society was built.

Having recognized that, the founders understood how a drift from morality would be deadly for our nation.  That's why they chose the pursuit of happiness as the 3rd right that was enshrined in our laws.

But, you say, what does my right to live the life I want to live have to do with this morality you're talking about?  Certainly I should have the right to pursue happiness, but every person's happiness is different from everyone else's.  For one person it might be owning their own business.  For another it might be being a homeowner.  For another it might be the ability to travel freely or have great wealth.  What do those have to do with the morality you're talking about?

The problem with these questions is that we assume that "the pursuit of happiness" meant to the founders what it means to us today.  We don't understand what was meant by what was written back then.  One of the keys to understanding any writings from any time in history is to understand what was meant by what was said.  Words, phrases, and concepts change meaning over time.  And the words of our founders must be understood within the context of the time in which they were written.

Our founders were heavily influenced by people like Aristotle, Locke and other great thinkers of history.  Add to that the influences of the original settlers to North America who fled here seeking religious freedom.  Those settlers were Protestant and brought with them the Protestant work ethic, which was one of the core results of the Protestant Reformation.  Theirs was a belief that the Bible's teaching that a man who didn't work shouldn't eat was the basis for the hard working attitudes that became the backbone of the new American culture.  So powerful was that influence that people like Benjamin Franklin's family history from those very settlers was what caused him to be such a hard worker all his life.  While he didn't embrace all of their beliefs, their core belief in hard work influenced his entire life, and he was famous for it.  

From those thinkers came much of the understanding that became the basis of our laws, the Constitution.  And in that time the concept of happiness was defined as a pursuit of virtue.  It was not the pursuit of pleasure.  In his Nichomachen Ethics, Aristotle said that "… the function of man is to live a certain kind of life, and this activity implies a rational principle, and the function of a good man is the good and noble performance of these, and if any action is well performed it is performed in accord with the appropriate excellence:  If this is the case, then happiness turns out to be an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue."  This was the thinking that influenced our founders.

So, when we read that we have the right to happiness, it means that we have the right to pursue virtue.  And the reason for that is because a virtuous life leads to ultimate happiness.  That's a far cry from our modern understanding that happiness is just about our own pleasure.  

When we compare life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (virtue) to anything else we find everything else pales in comparison.  We don't have a right to healthcare, it is a privilege.  And, in fact, the disingenuousness of the president is amazing.  He says we have a right to healthcare, but Obamacare does not grant healthcare, only healthcare coverage, which is entirely different.  Just because you have "coverage" doesn't mean that you will get healthcare.  Ask anyone who's had health problems who lives in a country with nationalized healthcare.  Britain, the country whose system Obamacare is based upon, is filled with story after story of people not getting care, rationing of the care that is given, and horror stories of British citizens being left to their own devices when the system fails them.  

President Obama's claim of a right to healthcare is laughable when you consider that not only is it not a right, it isn't even what his law is about.  His law is only about a claim to give you coverage which will be controlled by a power-mad government system that will ration your care and leave many without care.  If this really were a right and the president believed it, he'd be talking about how to make sure everyone truly gets the care they need.  But he's not interested in healthcare for Americans.  He's interested in control and controlling healthcare is the way many politicians around the world have found that they can control their country's citizens.

We need to understand what our true rights are.  We need to call out those who claim anything else is a right and hold them accountable.  And we need to stand for true human rights if we are to save America from the failure it has become.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rodeo Shows Critical Difference Between Left and Right

Here's the Nonsense:  This rodeo clown in Missouri was way out of line.  This is way beyond acceptable to make fun of the president this way.  There should be an investigation and punishment for those who are involved.

Here's the Horse Sense:  There is something seriously wrong in our society when something like this even becomes news.  We have passed the point where people are any longer reasonable.  

There are many things I've talked about here regarding the difference between the left and right.  Many are ideological and philosophical.  But one that we really haven't talked about is more practical than all that and yet every bit as important.  That's the left's absolute inability to laugh at themselves.  The right is mercilessly attacked and poked fun at, often with crude, rude, and disgustingly dirty humor. And those on the right must laugh at themselves or suffer the unrelenting assault from the left.  In the left's eyes there is no greater sin than not being able to laugh at anything that mocks the right, even if you're a member of the right.  But heaven forbid if anything is said, even in a joking way about the left.  That is sacrilege.  And the saddest thing is that many on the right have not only allowed this hypocrisy, they've bought into it.
When I was brought up one of the things we learned was that if we wanted to get along with people in life we needed to understand that we weren't the center of the universe.  Today, however, that's not the case.  Our society is controlled by the left.  What is acceptable is defined and determined by the left.  Children are taught by our society that the individual is the center of everything.  EVERYTHING revolves around self.  Our children have the adults in our society as perfect role models of narcissism.  And along with the narcissism is the politically correct understanding that we cannot say anything about the left that would make fun of them.  They are so self-absorbed that they see it as nothing less than a monumental insult.
In modern history it has been common to make fun of Republican presidents.  Whether it was making fun of Gerald Ford's stumblings and other awkward movements, saying Ronald Reagan was falling asleep in meetings or becoming senile, making a list of "Bush-isms" to make fun of things George H. W. Bush said that might have been incorrect, or resurrecting "Bush-isms" against George W. Bush to try to make him look stupid, there's been constant teasing, ridiculing, joking, and even outright attacks against Republican presidents in modern times.  
Going back throughout history there have been these kinds of things done against presidents of both parties.  In the past Americans, including presidents, were able to laugh at their mistakes and gaffes.  But in recent times it's become only acceptable to do this to Republicans.  Democrats have become sacred.  And even more than any president in history, Barack Obama is not only seen as sacred, he is worshipped as their messiah and absolutely untouchable (although I don't understand how such a failed president should be seen as a savior).  To say anything against him is a horrific sin.  
And now, worse than anyone who has yet to say or do anything critical of this president, the WORST sin seems to have been committed.  A rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair actually wore an Obama mask and elicited cheers from the crowd by asking if they'd like to see him run down by a bull.  So much outrage is being expressed that the clown has been banned for life from the fair, the fair officials are reviewing their contract with the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association who hires the clowns, some officials have resigned, the Fair is forcing all clowns to undergo sensitivity training, and the Missouri NAACP is asking for the Secret Service and Justice Department to investigate.  
All this because of a simple clown act.  David Berry, a Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association member, stated that these clowns often dress as sitting presidents.  But what Mr. Berry and those supporting the clown who committed the heinous act don't understand is that this president is considered above all other presidents in history.  It doesn't matter that in 1994 a rodeo clown wore a George H. W. Bush mask in a similar scenario.  This president is different.

This president, we know, can't laugh at himself and neither can his followers.  Obviously when growing up this president didn't learn that when the other kids are joking around, possibly teasing or making fun of you for something, that the best way to win in the situation is to laugh at yourself.  If you determine your self worth by what someone else says about you, or to you, or makes fun of you about, then you lose.  It just comes down to being willing to laugh at yourself, even if there's nothing really funny in what they say.  When you don't do that, you allow them to win.
Now, let me make something clear here.  While I am talking about President Obama, I am NOT saying that he is upset about or even knows about this situation.  For all I know he might be laughing at the whole incident.  There are no reports that I know of discussing his reaction.  The point here is that the left can't laugh along with people who laugh at any of them, especially this president.  They see him as sacred and that anything, that's right ANYTHING, that isn't virtually worshipping this president as sinful behavior worthy only of the worst possible punishment (actually, they probably believe that the only worthy punishment for this is eternity in hell, but then I'm not sure they even understand what hell really is).  
This is political correctness that has driven our society so far off the track that the damage that it is doing can't even be measured.  The reason goes back to the narcissistic attitude of our society and moral failure we see throughout it.  We are getting worse and worse and don't even realize it.  C. S. Lewis once said, “When a man is getting better, he understands more and more clearly the evil that’s left in him. When a man is getting worse, he understands his own badness less and less.”  
That's our society today.  We won't accept a rodeo clown just being a rodeo clown, but we'll embrace and hold up as a role model people like Bill Clinton whose moral failures pushed the moral decay of our nation further into the pit.  Something is really wrong with a society that can't laugh at itself.  It's surely a sign of doom for our future.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The President's Answer To Some Good Questions

Here's the Nonsense:  President Obama clearly doesn't understand what he's doing to America.  Maybe we could talk some sense into him.

Here's the Horse Sense:  President Obama and the progressives fully understand what they're doing to America.  Most Americans don't realize that they think differently about who America is than they do.

There's a good ol' cowboy in Idaho named Zeb Bell who is a good friend of mine.  He hosts a radio show and puts out a newsletter that raised some interesting questions this past week. (You can read his newsletter by clicking here.)  He was asking a series of questions that he would like to pose to our president.  The questions are great.  The feeling and thought behind them is pure, honest, and filled with deep meaning from a heart that deeply loves America.  The questions are the kind that any American who loves this country should hear and answer with a desire for America's good in their response.  But as good as the questions are, they are not questions that will affect this president, or any other progressive for that matter, to get them to change their thinking about or understanding of America.  The progressives have a plan and anyone who does not understand that does not understand them at all.  

Zeb said that he'd like to show the president the fields of food production in rural America that feed our nation and much of the world.  He said that as he'd point out the hard work that our nation's farmers and ranchers do that result in productivity beyond the dreams of any other nation, he'd ask why the president is trying to take this away from America.  He'd point out, while asking that question, that the efforts to change America to a socialist system would be changing it to a system that has proven a failure everywhere it's been tried.  He said he'd point out that the attempts at green energy have shown poor results and have not produced anything that could provide the power needed for the food production in America.  He'd point out that the families cannot handle the increasing taxes, addition of more regulations, and the increasing debt the politicians are piling on America.  

Zeb's whole series of questions are ones that any patriot would answer in agreement with him.  Patriots would agree that we are being overburdened and smothered with taxes, regulations, and an entire system as brought forth by this government that needs to stop.  Patriots would agree that socialism has failed all over the world and that following it is a path to guaranteed destruction.

But sadly, our president and the other progressives in our government wouldn't agree with Zeb.  And this may be the single biggest issue facing Americans.  No, not the move towards socialism or any other ism.  The biggest issue is that Americans don't recognize that we are facing something in this president and the other progressives that is far different than Americans have recognized before.  Sure, progressives have been slowly working their way into our political system for decades, but we haven't noticed.  And yet this movement is the most dangerous thing that America has ever faced.  These people don't see America in its greatness.  These people see America as an evil country that has taken all of it's merits and wealth from others (they actually believe that we're prosperous because our nation has stolen our wealth from other nations and on the backs of the poor through unfairness and capitalism not paying workers a livable wage). 

People like Mr. Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other progressives all have the same goal for America, and it's not good.  The problems we face are not because of Barack Obama.  He is only the vehicle being used. He is the one leading the way in the current step to change America.  But if it wasn't him, it'd be another progressive.  If Hillary Clinton runs and is elected in 2016 we will face the very same thing we face now.  These people are all the same.  They do not love America the way you and I love America.  

There are many in Washington who are avowed progressives. Click here to see a list.  But there are also many others who hold views so similar or in agreement with the progressives that they are helping them achieve their goals.  People like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner and others are ones like that.

If the president were to honestly respond to Zeb's questions he'd probably say something like: 

"I understand your views and that you just aren't knowledgable enough to see what really needs to be done.  America was started by rich white men who built their wealth on the backs of slaves and the poor.  And don't accuse me of racism because my mother was white so I can see things from a multi-racial perspective that you can't.  I'm willing to face the demons of that part of my ancestry.  All of America needs to do that.

"The real issue is fairness.  Our current system is not fair. Our current system allows a few people to control the prosperity of the country.  There hasn't been a fair distribution of what America produces.  When a businessman makes his fortune he is doing it by paying low wages to workers who deserve more.  The businessman should not be allowed to keep all that for himself because he didn't do it by himself.  After all, without those workers he wouldn't have been able to make that money.  In fact, it's not just his workers that he owes, it's all workers because people are all contributing to the success that is America.  

"Since everyone contributes, then everyone should reap the rewards of the success.  The people who built the roads that allowed delivery trucks to get to the man's business are important.  If those roads weren't built, there'd be no way to get to that business.  If the trucks weren't built there'd be no way to get products to and from market.  If people didn't build the building that the business is in then it couldn't function.  Each and everything we have is the result of our entire society working together.  And we should play as a team where we all win together.  That's why it's important for that man who owns that company to understand that he owes Americans the profits he makes.  It's really not his, it's ours.  

"The only way to make sure that it is fairly distributed is for the government to take control of that money and those resources.  Only a limited few of us are smart enough to understand this and we need to be the ones to decide what's fair.  Only government doesn't have a motive for profit.  Only government is truly pure in its ideals.  Therefore, it's important for us to change America so that all those people who have been shortchanged for all these generations can be finally brought to a fair level of reward for their work."

That, I'm afraid, is about how the answer would sound.  They don't respond to the questions the way we do because they don't see America the way we do.  This isn't about an intellectual disagreement.  No, it's about an ideological disagreement.  They believe so strongly in their ideology that they won't hear reason.  And until Americans wake up to the fact that we have a huge number of them in our government that have to be replaced with true patriots there will be no hope for America.  

The progressives have been working for decades to change America (most experts would say since Woodrow Wilson, but some start as late as FDR or even LBJ).  They have steadily made progress and now are at a crucial point in their process that is resulting in the devastating impact on America.  If they are allowed to continue, our entire nation will look like Detroit before it's over.

2014 is just around the corner.  Are you working to get the kind of people into office that we need, or are you just going to vote for the people who are already there?  This isn't about political parties.  It's about political ideology and many people in both parties hold to views that are not good for America.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Make Mine Freedom

Here's the Nonsense:  There's always something new and better to write about.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Sometimes, no matter what I may see or read, something comes along that is so good in its message that the best thing to do is just pass it on.

This week a friend sent me a link to an amazing video of a cartoon made in 1948 called "Make Mine Freedom."  That little video said so much in about 9 ½ minutes that I felt that the best use of this space this week would be to simply pass it along to you.  If every American could watch and understand this message the future of our nation would be assured.