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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Americans Want Good News And Hope For The Future

Here's the Nonsense:  Americans need to calm down and realize that things go up and down for a nation.  We'll get out of our troubles soon.

Here's the Horse Sense:  America is in serious trouble.  People ask if there's hope for the future.  The answers are obvious for those who are paying attention.

I didn't expect to write a blog post again so soon.  However, today while I was a guest on a radio show I was the recipient of a call from a listener that asked a question I am hearing more and more these days.  The caller said that he was tired of all the bad news he heard from talk show hosts and guests like me.  He asked if there wasn't any hope and when things would turn around in America.  That call got me thinking about how Americans want hope but they don't want to hear the hard facts about what's happening in our country.  Certainly we all want hope for the future, but when we hear the hard truth about what has happened to our country and the price we must pay to save it we get upset.  Is there hope?  Is there a bright future ahead?  Are those who speak with endless optimism about the future of America just dreaming or are they being realistic about where we're headed?  

First, let's face the fact that this country is in a mess.  If we can't agree on that, then I would have to say that the discussion needs to go no further.  If we aren't willing to be honest about where we're at, then we are too far gone to save this country.  But we can't live in the past and just grumble about mistakes that have been made.  We must ask ourselves if there's a solution.  In fact, many people have been asking that question.  

The Tea Party was formed because of that question.  Some people, like Glenn Beck, have even had rallies or been at rallies crying out for change in America.  As a person of influence Beck even listened somewhat to the cries of the general public as they asked what should be done.  He tried to answer with vague calls for restoring honor and for all religions to work together, etc.  But while Glenn might have thought this was the answer (and I can promise you that things such as all religions working together is not only not the answer, it's a death sentence to the world if they do), but the fact is that it wasn't what people were asking for.  

People wanted concrete solutions, step by step instructions of what to do.  Beck only gave feel good speeches and no real solutions that people wanted and needed.  Now don't get me wrong here.  Beck has done some excellent things such as his education of the public.  He has been a leader in educating people about what's going on in America and how to spot many who are hurting our nation.  But he has not given the kind of concrete solutions that people have been asking for.

On the other hand, Mark Levin has used his expertise as a constitutional legal scholar to educate the public not only about our founding and history as a nation, but also to now come out with an actual step by step solution to bring America back to the constitutional government that our founders originally created.  His latest book, The Liberty Amendments:  Restoring the American Republic is an excellent work with solid solutions that have the potential to work.  But this isn't a sales pitch for Levin's book and it's not meant to be a criticism of Beck's work.  Both have done some wonderful things for our nation and should be given credit for doing so.  My only point in comparing the two is to show the difference in how Beck's good work hasn't had near the impact he'd hoped and also to show that Levin's answers have much more potential because they are more specific in nature.  That is, they do as long as a number of other things happen, too.  However, this doesn't address the real question that I keep hearing.

So, is there any hope?  The most hopeful answer I can give is to say that it's questionable.  Not because I don't believe in America and not because I don't think America can be saved.  But the question remains as to whether enough Americans are willing to face the truth and do something about it.  

We must remember that while there are millions of us (anyone remember Beck's claim that we outnumber them, we "surround" them?), there are many more millions of them.  Sure, most Americans agree on many basic things.  You can go to virtually any neighborhood in America and people will express the same desires.  Most people want safe neighborhoods, good schools, a good economy, good jobs, a bright future for their children, etc.  But the problem is that while we agree on those things, most Americans don't think correctly. They don't have the correct mindset. 

While Beck thought that there are so many of us that we surround them, the fact is that Rush Limbaugh is more correct when he refers to what he calls the "low information voters" who are vast in numbers.  These are most Americans who don't really even know what's going on and don't want to know.  They want to continue on in their lives living for the weekends and personal pleasures.  They are not willing get informed about what's going on in our nation.  They are not willing to do the work needed to fix things.  Their mindset is so far gone that they don't even realize what's happening.

Both political parties, this isn't a Democrat vs. Republican thing, are heading in the same direction. Both have America on a path of destruction, it's just that one is heading there faster than the other.  One is flying a jet to their destination and the other is on a train, but don't miss my point that BOTH are headed in the same direction.  There are a few politicians that are the exception, but they are only few in number.  

The majority of politicians will continue to vote for higher taxes, they will soon vote to raise the debt ceiling again, and they will refuse to cut off funding for Obamacare (or, as the Tea Party is now calling it, Boehnercare because of John Boehner's refusal to back defunding efforts).  They will fight to hold on to their power and support all efforts of the administration to stop any amendment of the Constitution. In fact, even if it is amended, they will ignore it as they have in the past.  Amendments to the Constitution mean nothing if there is no one to enforce it.  All 3 branches of our government have already shown their disregard for the Constitution so why would we think that any amendments to it will make it more likely to be respected?

No, this nation has a problem.  It has fallen for the progressive idea that things just aren't fair.  They have successfully planted in peoples' minds the idea that it's not fair if someone has more or gets more than someone else.  They have gotten the majority of Americans to think that it's compassionate to take from one group to give to another.  People now see the government as some kind of do-gooder Robin Hood that takes from one group and gives to another.  They believe they deserve the handouts because it's "fair" and the government is only being compassionate.

Most Americans need a change of their mindset and that can only come through one of two ways.  Either it comes through a change in values and morals that is always founded upon religion and a relationship with God, or it comes by losing freedoms under a tyrannical dictatorship for a period of decades or even generations before people realize what they've lost.  Those are the only two ways to get people to understand what is needed.  Personally, I like the idea of a relationship with God over the idea of a tyrannical dictatorship to get people to change their mindset.  

The problem of a lack of virtue is rampant in our nation.  We no longer raise our children to see that a virtuous life is the ultimate goal in life.  We no longer raise our children to believe that self-sufficiency is important.  We no longer teach them that doing the right thing is the best choice, regardless of the cost to ourselves.  The mindset for most of  America is now one that thinks about what they deserve, what they're owed.  Unless and until the mindset throughout the majority of our nation goes back to embracing true values and morals there is no hope.

We fight against the idea of big government and we think the answer is just reducing its size to fix things.  That won't work.  Until we once again become a virtuous and moral nation that fears God we will not be able to have the kind of nation that our founders gave us.  They understood that John Adams was right when he said, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."  

So to answer the questions I keep hearing, there is only hope if we change our ways.  I think the real question should be to those asking if there's hope.  They need to ask themselves if they think Americans will really change their ways.