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Monday, August 26, 2013

It's Highly Probable That Obama Will Attack Syria

Here's the Nonsense:  Syria is a mess and we have to do something.  We must take sides to see this thing settled.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Syria is a mess and there's no good solution.  Our choices aren't just which side to support.  We also have the choice of staying out of it and making America free of unnecessary Middle East conflicts.

If anyone has any doubts about what Obama is most likely to do regarding Syria, let me put your questions to rest.  There are way too many signs that he plans to attack, he is just aligning the situation right now so that the media will support him.

We are being told that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against their citizens.  That certainly is possible.  We don't know for sure because we are hearing that it is true and it is false.  But given the kind of regime that Assad has given the country, it would be of no surprise.  Yet those rebels who are fighting the Syrian government have pledged loyalty to al-Qaeda and some reports suggest that they may be the ones using chemical weapons.  

The mainstream media doesn't talk about all the Christians being killed by the very people that the administration and politicians like John McCain and Lindsey Graham want us to align ourselves  with.  The rebels raided al-Duvair and massacred civilian residents, including women and children.  The Syrian Army, by the way, were able to intervene before they were able to slaughter the entire village.  

The Syrian rebels give Christians the following options:  

1. Renounce their Christian faith and convert immediately to Islam (to potentially have your life spared after swearing to the Syrian rebels and Islam).
2. Pay an extremely heavy tax to the Syrian rebels to potentially save your life and be able to secretly continue being a Christian (unless they decided to behead you anyway).
3. Immediately choose death, likely via beheading in the center of town to scare off your friends and family from challenging the Syrian rebel army.
4. Flee for your life and hope the Syrian rebels don’t find you or kill your family. All of your belongings left behind now belong to the Syrian rebels.

Are these the kinds of people with which we should be aligning ourselves?  Given just those facts should be enough to cause the U. S. to back away from helping these rebels.  But some of the reasons that it appears likely that Obama will attack include:

1.)  Secretary of Defense Hagel says that the president has asked him to prepare for all contingencies.  

2.)  CBS News has reported that preparations are being made for a cruise missile attack on Syria.  

3.)  U. S. officials say that UN inspections regarding the chemical weapons attack are too late to be reliable.  

4.)  The U. S. is moving warships within striking range of Syria.  

5.)  France's second largest newspaper reports that American-trained rebels have entered Sytria.  

6.)  The U. S., Britain, Canada, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, and Qatar sent military leaders to a meeting in Jordan on Sunday about coordination of attacks on Syria

And there are many more things that point to upcoming action being taken by Obama.  Remember the F-16 fighters we sent to Jordan?  The New York Times is even reporting that the air war in Kosovo is being studied as a possible blueprint for a Syrian air war.  

And don't forget this president's continual support of terrorist groups and their affiliates like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.  Aligning with the rebels in Syria is right in line with the behavior of this administration.   

Obama can do all this without putting American troops in Syria.  He'll use air power, missiles, and other nations to handle it and still claim that he sent no Americans to war.  

It doesn't really matter what you and I think because we know that the Narcissist-in-Chief will do what he chooses, not what the American people want or what's best for America.  He'll spend his time staying out of governing and instead be campaigning that he's trying to fight for the American people but the Republicans are causing things to happen that go against what the people want.  He'll reassure us over and over again that he's fighting for us but that the mean Republicans are causing any problem that may cause dissension among the populace.

Sometimes the choice is not between the lesser of two evils.  Sometimes there's a third choice, and that's to just walk away.  We don't need another war.  We can't afford another war.  We need to be above all of it and avoid this mess or we'll have another trillion dollar bill to pay with taxpayer money and countless American soldier's lives being lost.  

We need to divest ourselves from interests in the Middle East so they don't have a hold on us with their oil.  If America would build up its own oil industry in our country we wouldn't need the Middle East.  Reports have shown that we have some of the largest, if not the largest, oil and natural gas reserves in the world.  But this administration won't allow enough drilling for us to get to it.  Yet if we did more drilling here we would be free of entanglements in the Middle East and they would be left to deal with each other while we'd be exporting to the world and building our jobs and economy.

But Obama and Congress will be sure to mess this one up, too.  You and I will be left holding the bill while our children and grandchildren pay with their tax dollars and their lives as they are sent to war.