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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, August 12, 2013

The President's Answer To Some Good Questions

Here's the Nonsense:  President Obama clearly doesn't understand what he's doing to America.  Maybe we could talk some sense into him.

Here's the Horse Sense:  President Obama and the progressives fully understand what they're doing to America.  Most Americans don't realize that they think differently about who America is than they do.

There's a good ol' cowboy in Idaho named Zeb Bell who is a good friend of mine.  He hosts a radio show and puts out a newsletter that raised some interesting questions this past week. (You can read his newsletter by clicking here.)  He was asking a series of questions that he would like to pose to our president.  The questions are great.  The feeling and thought behind them is pure, honest, and filled with deep meaning from a heart that deeply loves America.  The questions are the kind that any American who loves this country should hear and answer with a desire for America's good in their response.  But as good as the questions are, they are not questions that will affect this president, or any other progressive for that matter, to get them to change their thinking about or understanding of America.  The progressives have a plan and anyone who does not understand that does not understand them at all.  

Zeb said that he'd like to show the president the fields of food production in rural America that feed our nation and much of the world.  He said that as he'd point out the hard work that our nation's farmers and ranchers do that result in productivity beyond the dreams of any other nation, he'd ask why the president is trying to take this away from America.  He'd point out, while asking that question, that the efforts to change America to a socialist system would be changing it to a system that has proven a failure everywhere it's been tried.  He said he'd point out that the attempts at green energy have shown poor results and have not produced anything that could provide the power needed for the food production in America.  He'd point out that the families cannot handle the increasing taxes, addition of more regulations, and the increasing debt the politicians are piling on America.  

Zeb's whole series of questions are ones that any patriot would answer in agreement with him.  Patriots would agree that we are being overburdened and smothered with taxes, regulations, and an entire system as brought forth by this government that needs to stop.  Patriots would agree that socialism has failed all over the world and that following it is a path to guaranteed destruction.

But sadly, our president and the other progressives in our government wouldn't agree with Zeb.  And this may be the single biggest issue facing Americans.  No, not the move towards socialism or any other ism.  The biggest issue is that Americans don't recognize that we are facing something in this president and the other progressives that is far different than Americans have recognized before.  Sure, progressives have been slowly working their way into our political system for decades, but we haven't noticed.  And yet this movement is the most dangerous thing that America has ever faced.  These people don't see America in its greatness.  These people see America as an evil country that has taken all of it's merits and wealth from others (they actually believe that we're prosperous because our nation has stolen our wealth from other nations and on the backs of the poor through unfairness and capitalism not paying workers a livable wage). 

People like Mr. Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other progressives all have the same goal for America, and it's not good.  The problems we face are not because of Barack Obama.  He is only the vehicle being used. He is the one leading the way in the current step to change America.  But if it wasn't him, it'd be another progressive.  If Hillary Clinton runs and is elected in 2016 we will face the very same thing we face now.  These people are all the same.  They do not love America the way you and I love America.  

There are many in Washington who are avowed progressives. Click here to see a list.  But there are also many others who hold views so similar or in agreement with the progressives that they are helping them achieve their goals.  People like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner and others are ones like that.

If the president were to honestly respond to Zeb's questions he'd probably say something like: 

"I understand your views and that you just aren't knowledgable enough to see what really needs to be done.  America was started by rich white men who built their wealth on the backs of slaves and the poor.  And don't accuse me of racism because my mother was white so I can see things from a multi-racial perspective that you can't.  I'm willing to face the demons of that part of my ancestry.  All of America needs to do that.

"The real issue is fairness.  Our current system is not fair. Our current system allows a few people to control the prosperity of the country.  There hasn't been a fair distribution of what America produces.  When a businessman makes his fortune he is doing it by paying low wages to workers who deserve more.  The businessman should not be allowed to keep all that for himself because he didn't do it by himself.  After all, without those workers he wouldn't have been able to make that money.  In fact, it's not just his workers that he owes, it's all workers because people are all contributing to the success that is America.  

"Since everyone contributes, then everyone should reap the rewards of the success.  The people who built the roads that allowed delivery trucks to get to the man's business are important.  If those roads weren't built, there'd be no way to get to that business.  If the trucks weren't built there'd be no way to get products to and from market.  If people didn't build the building that the business is in then it couldn't function.  Each and everything we have is the result of our entire society working together.  And we should play as a team where we all win together.  That's why it's important for that man who owns that company to understand that he owes Americans the profits he makes.  It's really not his, it's ours.  

"The only way to make sure that it is fairly distributed is for the government to take control of that money and those resources.  Only a limited few of us are smart enough to understand this and we need to be the ones to decide what's fair.  Only government doesn't have a motive for profit.  Only government is truly pure in its ideals.  Therefore, it's important for us to change America so that all those people who have been shortchanged for all these generations can be finally brought to a fair level of reward for their work."

That, I'm afraid, is about how the answer would sound.  They don't respond to the questions the way we do because they don't see America the way we do.  This isn't about an intellectual disagreement.  No, it's about an ideological disagreement.  They believe so strongly in their ideology that they won't hear reason.  And until Americans wake up to the fact that we have a huge number of them in our government that have to be replaced with true patriots there will be no hope for America.  

The progressives have been working for decades to change America (most experts would say since Woodrow Wilson, but some start as late as FDR or even LBJ).  They have steadily made progress and now are at a crucial point in their process that is resulting in the devastating impact on America.  If they are allowed to continue, our entire nation will look like Detroit before it's over.

2014 is just around the corner.  Are you working to get the kind of people into office that we need, or are you just going to vote for the people who are already there?  This isn't about political parties.  It's about political ideology and many people in both parties hold to views that are not good for America.