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Monday, September 9, 2013

Coming To Your State

Here's the Nonsense:  What happens in other states will never happen where I live.  

Here's the Horse Sense:  What happens elsewhere is important everywhere.  Watch and get involved as you see things happen in other parts of the country from where you live.  Things that happen in one place can and do spread to other places, even places you'd never expect for it to happen.

If you haven't been paying attention, Colorado is the petri dish for the Progressives in America.  Not too many years ago they set out to turn Colorado from a red state to a blue state and did so quite effectively.  The Democrat Progressives used Colorado as a place to see if they could turn it from red to blue.  Now that it is a blue state, they are working within the state to make it bluer than blue.  No shade of purple will be allowed!  And having taken complete control of the governor's office and both houses of the state legislature, they have been moving their policies and programs into place ever since.  Their plan is to take them to other states, like the one where you live, too.

The entire plan to turn Colorado from red to blue, or right to left, was detailed for all to see.  The plan was laid out in a book called The Blueprint The plan they used was outlined in detail in the book and was also covered in an excellent article called The Colorado Model by Fred Barnes in The Weekly Standard in 2008. 

Recently a recall effort began for two of the Democrat legislators who have pushed through legislation that has not been received well by the public in Colorado.  Primarily, their stand on gun laws is the driving force and, as this is being written, the voting for a recall election is under way.  What is going to make it tough to succeed is the fact that the Progressives are being bankrolled by interests outside of Colorado.  Such people as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (now sarcastically known by conservatives as "Colorado's Mayor") have poured lots of money into Colorado to keep these legislators from being recalled.  The last I heard those wanting the recall are being outspent by about 6 to 1.  The Democrats have even gotten Bill Clinton to do a robo-call for them that is saturating the community telling people to stand against a recall.  Between money and what's happening in the voting process, there is a good chance the Progressives will win again.

Now you may think, "That would never happen in my state."  Or, "Those people in Colorado deserve what they get for allowing this to happen."  Or even, "This is all overreaction to a situation where people were elected legally through Colorado's Constitution."  The fact is that it's far more than that.  What is happening in Colorado is headed your way.  Many think states like Texas are too strong and will never fall to this stuff, but the Democrat Progressives have made it clear that Texas is on their radar and they intend to take it down and turn it into a red state, too, along with many others.  I have family and friends there who are concerned at what is currently happening in Texas.  WIth Rick Perry having announced he's not going to run for governor again, they worry about who will replace him.  Things are not as strong in Texas as you may think.  And, if they are concerned, you should be, too, regardless of where you live.

One of the changes in Colorado that is affecting this effort at a recall is a change in voting laws.  Under the laws pushed through once the Democrats took over, it is now amazingly easy to impact election results in that state.  For example, the two legislators who are up for recall are having their districts vote on the issue right now.  However, the requirements to vote are very loose.  You have to be 18 years old, a U. S. citizen, and have to have lived in Colorado for 22 days.  Oh, and don't let me forget to mention that if you don't live in the district where you want to vote, you just have to give an address within the district that you "intend" to move to and they will let you vote.  (Update:  Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute think tank stated these were the guidelines on the Peter Boyles Radio Show on KNUS in Denver.  He said he'd go to El Paso County and vote.  When he showed up at the county clerk's office he was given a ballot, wrote "void" on it and turned it in.  Now the Democrats are pushing to have him prosecuted for a felony as can be seen here.)

Did you get that?  You don't have to live there, just give an address you plan to move to and they'll let you vote!  So, as a candidate, it doesn't matter whether you get the people in the district to vote for you.  What matters is how many people you can get to come to the district and give an address within that district to which they plan to move.

This is the kind of thing you will see more and more across the country as the Progressives gain control.  They want to be able to control the outcome of elections, not have elections be a true representation of the people.  This is what you can look forward to across America as our nation falls further and further from its foundation.  Only we, the people, can change that.

FINAL UPDATE: What looked like a small chance for a recall effort win has turned into a success sending a message nationwide to legislators.  Colorado voters, in spite of the success of having had their state turned blue, have successfully recalled these two state legislators.  This tells politicians nationwide that it's not always about party politics and shows a sign of hope for Americans to retake control of their government.  And note that the typical election tampering efforts were being used in this recall election, as shown in an article you can read here.  This entire event shows that Americans can take their government back.  While Colorado is a long way from turning back to red, this is a step in the right direction.  There's a lot of work left to do and with the 2014 midterm elections coming up a big message needs to be sent at the voting booth.

Congratulations Colorado.  Let's hope and pray that this is only the beginning.