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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

For Those Who Think Obama's In Over His Head, Think Again

Here's the Nonsense:  President Obama hasn't handled many things well because he just wasn't qualified for the job of president.  It's not that he isn't trying, he's just in over his head.

Here's the Horse Sense:  President Obama knows exactly what he's doing.  What seems like poor management to some is actually him just following the plan he's been assigned to follow.

Over the past 5 years that President Obama has occupied the presidency there have been many who have watched how things are going in our country that conclude the president is in over his head.  Some feel he just isn't equipped to do the job.  His lack of experience, sky-high ego, and unwillingness to accept criticism, advice, or guidance have caused many to feel he's just not capable of handling the job.  I don't agree.  If you think Obama's not able to handle the job, then you've missed who he is and what he is doing.  And here's another example that proves it's not about his ability.  

Obama is working on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that would drastically impact our jobs, businesses, and economy… and not for the better.  Now before anyone quickly runs off to blame this whole idea on Obama, let me state that the negotiations began with George W. Bush and Obama is continuing them.  I have said many times that Bush's economic policies were not good for this nation and this, once again, goes to prove it.  But Obama, instead of stopping it has continued it and is nearing completion.  It is expected that he'll try to railroad it through Congress by year-end at the latest.

So, what is the TPP?  According to the New York Times, the TPP is called a free trade agreement, but it is far more than a trade agreement.  Among the things it includes are subjection of U.S. to jurisdiction of foreign tribunals controlled by the United Nations and also the World Bank.  Even our Supreme Court could not override them.  

This is another step towards a one-world economy.  Even U.S. Trade Representative Mike Froman has said TPP is about “integrating our economies.”  

Of course we'll be told it's to make our economy better, but experience shows us these things do not do that.  An example of one of the problems in it is that the TPP would ban "buy American" policies that make sure important military equipment is made in the United States.  President Obama has already shown the kind of trade deals he makes.  His agreement with South Korea in March of last year, according to, has already caused:

  • A 10 percent decline of U.S. exports to Korea
  • The U.S. trade deficit with Korea has climbed 37 percent
  • U.S. auto industry has been crippled
  • Loss of U.S. control where international trade, banking and finance is concerned
  • A projected 159,000 jobs will be lost

The TPP is bad for America.  But that won't stop Obama.  The president has a slick way to get the TPP approved.  

President Obama is again seeking to get around the Constitution and we have no reason to believe that Congress will stand in his way.  After all, they haven't stopped him when he's ignored the Constitution in the past.  We've seen him do such things as make unconstitutional recess appointments, block and stall on scandals like Benghazi, the NSA, Fast and Furious, and the scandals at the IRS all showing his disregard for the check and balance system of our 3 branches of government.  This time he wants Congress to give him Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority, thereby ignoring the constitutional requirement that foreign trade deals must be approved by Congress.  While they'd still have a yes or no vote on any deal the president may make with foreign nations, they would have no power or input over the actual agreements the president would make.

What's Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority have to do with the TPP?  President Obama wants it so he can finish the TPP.  It would give him authority to move ahead with TPP without Congressional oversight or intervention.  This will do nothing but damage our economy, businesses, and jobs.  

With the goal of integrating our economy with others in the world, and giving power to the World Bank and United Nations over our laws that even surpasses the power of our Supreme Court, this would do far more damage than other trade agreements have in the past.  Even last year's Korean agreement will look mild in comparison to this one, and look at the damage that one has already done!

These are not the actions of someone who is in over their head.  These are the actions of someone with a plan to fundamentally transform our nation.

When people say that Obama is following a plan to destroy America as we know it, people scoff and brush it off as just a conspiracy theory from a radical thinker.  But now that we've seen event after event occur under this president that show he consistently is pushing the country a certain direction, then we have to take notice that something is amiss.  That something is more than just being in over your head.   That is evidence that he is following a plan to fundamentally transform America, and in this case it's about tearing down our capitalist system by overburdening it.  Then he and the progressives can replace it with their progressive socialist system.  If that happens, you can bet it will be a system that Karl Marx would be applauding if he were still alive.