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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hey Conservatives! Let's Take A Cue From The Left And Not Let This Crisis Go To Waste

Here's the Nonsense:  The GOP lost yesterday in the government shutdown and debt ceiling debate. But they fought the good fight and we'll have to try harder next time.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The GOP betrayed the American voters yesterday.  They have sold themselves out and it's time for us to take advantage of their mistake and take back America.

Yesterday's loss by the GOP on the debt ceiling and government shutdown isn't just another battle lost.  It's representative of what the GOP has become under the control of the establishment in the party.  They sell out, give away the store, and then end up trying to act like it's some kind of victory.  John Boehner even had the nerve to say "We fought the good fight" and act like it was a noble effort when they really did very little.  Then he was rewarded for the statement by applause from House Republicans.  That's nonsense.  It's a loss and should not be tolerated.  It's time for the voters to take back America!

In the past couple of weeks we've seen the few American patriots in our Congress stand up for America by trying to represent the will of the people.  When Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and their conservative colleagues stood up and demanded that settling the impasse about the government shutdown and, ultimately, the debt ceiling, had to include defunding of Obamacare, they were acting on input from the voters.  As I stated in a recent post, polls showed that anywhere from 52% to 70% of voters wanted Obamacare defunded. It was forced upon us by slick moves and a party-line vote that did not represent what Americans wanted.  Then, under what is still a cloud of mystery, the Supreme Court Chief Justice changed the legislation to make it legal and forced it to stand as law, which now will enslave America to a future of utter ruin.

But if Obamacare wasn't enough, the raising of the debt ceiling under the false claims of the administration who threatened America would default on its debt obligations, is yet another reason we are not being represented.  The lack of concern for America's future is astounding.  Being led by a president who openly admitted he doesn't understand math beyond a 7th grade level, the Democrats and establishment Republicans follow like lemmings off the cliff.

Enough is enough!  Freedoms are not just being threatened, they're being lost.  America is being stolen from its citizens.  Our government is no longer of the people, by the people, and for the people.  It's time to take it back to where it was designed to be.  2014 is just around the corner and it's a chance for us to make a HUGE impact through the elections.  This upcoming election could make the successful 2010 elections pale in comparison.  Taking back Congress could result in our check and balance system of government to be restored to working order.

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