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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Obama Gives Republicans Chance To Go Back To Hard Line

Here's the Nonsense Obama's rejection of the Republican leadership's offer to give in to virtually everything he wants means that Republicans are now in a corner and must give in to even more before the U. S. defaults on it's debt because of the debt ceiling deadline this week.

Here's the Horse Sense:  By rejecting the Republicans offer the president has just given the Republicans a chance to come back with tougher terms, whether he likes it or not. Default is not the threat the left wants people to believe. And now it's time for voters to take action to stop Boehner and company from giving away even more.

In spite of the Republican leadership trying to give away everything, thankfully President Obama is so stubborn that he rejected their offer thereby potentially saving the Republicans from once again undermining themselves.  The offer the Republicans made to the president was a total sell-out, but still not a big enough sell-out for the president to accept it.  While there is little hope the Republicans will wake up, take a stand and move back to a hard line position that would benefit America (the position the conservatives in the party have stood for all along) this does give Americans one last chance to put extreme pressure on the Republicans to do the right thing.

Politico reported Saturday morning that John Boehner reported to House Republicans that the president had rejected their offer at a deal on the debt ceiling and government shutdown.  In their report they either ignorantly or with absolute disregard for the truth reported that the debt ceiling must be raised by Thursday (a lie that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has been spouting continually).  This, they seem to feel, puts pressure on Republicans to do something (in other words, give in to the president's demands).

Let's start by getting something straight that the mainstream media won't report.  Even Fox News, who sometimes gets things right, misses the boat on this one as they repeat the oft-touted line that if we don't raise the debt ceiling our government will go into default.  The media even jumped on board when, this past week, foreign governments like China seemingly warned the U. S. against possible default.  The media screamed it from the rooftops as though it was a real threat.  The fact is that, to use one of this administration's favorite terms, we're too big to fail.  They can't afford to let the U. S. fail and have backed themselves into a corner by lending us so much money.  They have to keep us afloat if they ever hope to get anything that they are owed.  We are still too strong militarily for them to try to foreclose, so they have to carry on at least until we have been weakened to the point of no longer being so powerful.  (By the way, does anyone wonder if Obama might have made a deal with the Chinese behind the scenes to squeal about this issue so the media would pick up the story?  After all, he was caught on a hot mic telling Russia's Medvedev to tell Putin he'd have more ability to reduce our nukes after his reelection.)

But the fact is that their supposed threats are unimportant.  We will not default and cannot default for some very simple reasons.  Not only do the best constitutional scholars see Article 14 of the Constitution as requiring us to pay our debts, but there is plenty of money to do so.  Our nation's revenue is around 60% - 70% of our expenses.  We bring in about $180 billion per month.  Our interest on the debt is about $25 billion per month.  That means there is plenty of money to pay lots of things, including the interest on the debt, which is just a small portion of our overall expenses.  Our debt would have to be far higher for us to be in a position where we literally could not afford to pay the interest due.  So default is just a scare tactic.

What would happen if we couldn't increase the debt ceiling would be a cessation of more borrowing.  We would have to cut expenses.  Anyone knows that if your income drops one-third it hurts.  You have to make hard decisions, but at least you still have two-thirds of your income and you still have money to pay the things that are of the highest priority.

The only way we would default would be if President Obama chose to default and there is ample legal basis to bring impeachment charges against him if he did.  It is agreed by many legal scholars that a president cannot choose to quit paying the interest on our debt.  Of course given his history of disregarding the Constitution, it is possible he would go ahead and not make the interest payments knowing that Congress would not hold him accountable, but then Congress would face the wrath of the voters because of the disaster.

People don't want to believe it, but the goal of the progressives, as I outlined in my book, No Tomorrows, is to overload our economic system to the point of collapse.  They do this by continually adding government programs, spending and increasing our debt.  Then people will no longer be able to afford to keep their homes warm in the winter (Notice their use of the EPA to wage war on energy sources like coal and oil so that prices are driven higher and higher?) and will have a hard time being able to afford to feed their families, those cold and hungry people will be willing to accept anything to make things better.  And at that point when our system collapses the progressives can replace our capitalist system with a progressive socialist system that would make Karl Marx proud.

So the arrogance of the president has caused him to reject the giveaway the Republicans have offered.  What now?  

What Americans need to do is ring the phones off the hook in Washington and fill their email inboxes and their snail mailboxes with mail demanding that the Republicans stand strong and abandon what they've offered.  While the Republican leadership would say that they can't back away from what they've already offered, the fact is that they can.  I've been in business over 39 years and one of the key things any good negotiator learns is that an offer you put on the table is null and void when the other side either rejects it or makes a counter offer.  

I remember years ago being in a negotiation with a company that wanted to buy from me.  They wanted a deal that was a money-loser and I countered with an offer that was very good, but not what they wanted.  Once I'd made the offer I wished I hadn't because I realized it would not be as good for my company as I had hoped when I thought it up.  They didn't like it and countered with another unacceptable offer.  I rejected their offer and countered with an offer that was more costly to them than the previous offer I'd made.  They were shocked.  They said I couldn't do that.  I told them I could because their counter-offer had made my offer null and void.  If they hadn't taken my offer when it was on the table it was their loss.  They challenged me and threatened legal action to make me honor it.  I told them to go ahead and go to court.  Their attorney's recommended they drop it because they knew I was right, but they insisted and the case was pursued.  Finally they got a lesson when the judge told them I was right, that their counter-offer cancelled out my previous offer and I had no obligation to honor it.  They ended up settling for the last offer I made, which was much better for my company (and still a good deal for them, even though they wanted better).

The Republicans can do the very same thing.  Now that Obama has rejected it they don't have to honor it.  They need to quit negotiating with themselves by continually coming up with new offers every time he rejects them.  They need to stop and say to Obama that they have made their offers and now the ball is in his court.  The Politico article I cited earlier implied that it was now the Republicans' responsibility to come back with yet again another offer for the President.  No, it's not.  They need to tell Obama that they will await an offer from him and then shut up and wait.

By continually returning with new offers the Republicans only weaken their position.  The president knows that if he waits long enough they will cave in (and most likely they will because they have a track record of failure in things like this).  They need to give him a taste of his own medicine.  Make him feel the heat.  And when the media try to blame them they need to expose the lies that the administration and Democrats in Congress continue to tell.  They need to grow a spine and take a stand.

And that's why it's up to us as voters to make it clear to them that if they don't get back to defunding Obamacare, instead of giving away everything, that we will vote them out of office.  We can and should replace them.  A recent poll says that 60% of Americans believe that every member of Congress should be replaced.  While there are a couple dozen, maybe even a few dozen worth keeping between both houses of Congress, even if we lost them we'd be better off because we would be rid of the 400-500 that are worthless and destroying our country.

This is our chance to make them feel the heat.  Obama has given us a short time to take advantage of the situation.  It will only take hours or a couple days when they reconvene Monday evening for them to get on track to giving even more away.  Don't let them do it!  Start calling and emailing immediately them immediately!