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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our Petty And Small President

Here's the Nonsense:  The government shutdown is killing the country.  The Republicans are out of control and must be stopped.  We cannot afford to wait any longer.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The government shutdown is entirely the result of our childish president and his party.  To them this is about using the situation for political gain, not about what's good for America.  It's about time the Republicans take a stand.

President Obama's vindictive and spiteful attitude is on full display for the world to see.  America has gone from having elected officials who are great thinkers and leaders to having the worst example of an immature, childish fool who acts like the child on the playground throwing a tantrum and saying, "If you won't play my way, then I'm taking my toys and going home!"  There is nothing presidential about this president and the fact that that isn't being pointed out and reported by the media shows how they put their ideology ahead of their job as journalists to protect our society by reporting unvarnished truth.  Their blindness to his actions only proves their lack of objectivity.  And any American citizen that doesn't see what he is are themselves an example of why our country is in so much trouble.

The government shutdown is nothing but a joke.  We have a president and Democrat Party who refuse to negotiate at all on anything and they are blaming Republicans for the shutdown, just as they have for all the other problems we are having.  Yet they continually break the law by violating the constitution and ignoring laws they are required to keep.   This is not to say that the Republicans are without blame.  No one in Washington is willing to hold any of them accountable, especially the president.  The man continually thumbs his nose at our laws and no action is taken, even though our government is set up with a check and balance system that allows them to do so. 

Sure, some would say that since the Republicans only control the House of Representatives they really can't do anything, but the fact is that they should do what is right regardless of the outcome.  If bringing action against this administration only goes as far as the House and the Senate does not follow through it doesn't matter.  It sends the message to the citizens so they can vote accordingly and make changes in their elected officials.  When the House impeached Bill Clinton the Senate didn't convict him, but it still sent a message to voters that Clinton had broken the law by committing perjury.  To any moral and ethical American that should have been enough for them to know how they'd vote in their Senatorial elections.

We have a president who is so spiteful and childish that he has chosen to have barricades put up at memorials to keep people out, even though those monuments are open all the time and have not been closed in the past, even during shutdowns.  Barricades were erected around the World War II memorial in Washington, keeping veterans from paying their respects and causing House Republicans to go there and personally move the barricades and walk the veterans through so they could be there.  But the barricades were re-erected and other things were closed that have caused problems all over the country. 

The arrogance of this president is so great that it's reported that he even had Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington closed, even though it is privately owned.  Barricades were erected to block off parking areas that are owned by the federal government.  Since when does a parking lot need to be closed just  because a government agency is closed?  How often do people park in government lots on weekends when government offices are closed?  This is just a way for the president to make people feel pain that is unnecessary and foolish.

But if Mount Vernon isn't enough, the New York Post reports that he's had cemeteries closed around the world where our soldiers who fought and died are laid to rest.  Places like Normandy are closed to the public.  NBC reported that the City Tavern in Philadelphia, a place that has been in business since the American Revolution and was frequented by our founding fathers, has been closed even though it is privately owned.  Because it's in leased space in a federally owned building, the government has forced the closure of the private restaurant. 

Bloomberg is reporting that Federal Aviation Administration safety inspectors are not working, grocery stores on our Army bases are closed, yet the golf course the president uses at Andrews Air Force Base is open.  The hypocrisy is mind-numbing.  Sadly, the closure of most of these things is unique as they have not been closed during past shutdowns.  But like the closing of White House tours was done "because of the sequestration," it is all a game to try to make a point when, in reality, it is just petty and vindictive.

While people may blame both sides, the fact that the left are resorting to name calling, which is their usual fallback position, shows that they have no substance to their arguments.  The old idea that if you're over the target you get the most flack holds true here.  The left (both politicians and mainstream media) say the Republicans are on a track that's doomed to fail.  If that were true, then they wouldn't be doing the things they are doing, they'd just let them fail.  If the Republicans weren't on the right path, the Democrats wouldn't be screaming so loudly.  And that's not to say that the Republicans are necessarily suggesting the best options, but at least they are making moves that would have some impact on helping our country.

There is no justifiable cause for these actions on the part of the left.  They are only proof of how out of control things are in Washington.  It's time for Americans to wake up and demand change in Washington.  It's time to reject these politicans who support these actions.