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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Which Liar Do We Believe?

Here's the Nonsense:  Washington and Iran have cut a deal that finally puts us on a track for a peaceful relationship with Iran.  We should be thankful this holiday season that our leaders have us headed in a good direction.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The deal struck between Washington and Iran should cause all Americans to shudder in fear.  We are headed down a path of great danger for our world while being led by nothing less than an administration of liars.

By now any American who pays even the slightest bit of attention to the news has seen that the White House has cut a deal with Iran regarding their nuclear program.  The White House has released their version of events but the Washington Free Beacon is reporting that Iran is now saying that it is not true.  Who should we believe?

The fact is that neither the Iranian regime nor the White House are known for telling the truth.  In fact, it would be far better to say that everything they say should be met with skepticism.  From the beginning our president has been known for telling lies starting with claiming he'd have the most transparent administration to you can keep your health plan and doctor if you like them.  And certainly the Iranians are not known for their honesty either.  The bottom line is, which liar do we believe?

Sad to say, but I think we are probably getting more accurate information from the Iranian officials about this past weekend's agreement than we are from the White House.  Consistently the White House tells the American public what they want us to hear, not the truth.  They decide what lies will be met with the best response in the polls and the result is the public hearing anything but the clear, unvarnished truth.  So, when they tell us what's in the deal with Iran we should only wonder what the real truth is.

On the other hand, why would Iran release a statement saying the terms the White House is publicizing aren't true?  Well, they may have ideas that this could benefit them, but there seems to be far less the Iranians have to win by lying than the White House does.  I doubt either can be believed, but I will say that the Iranians statements that the White House's publicized version is false should be enough to confirm, once again, that our president is not being forthright with us.

The real wisdom on this comes from a report by Newsbusters quoting Charles Krauthammer as saying:

"And what is the result of this agreement? Iran retains the right to enrich. It continues to enrich during the six months. It is promised a final deal in which we’re going to work out the details of its enrichment. And remember, enrichment is the dam against all proliferation. Once a country anywhere can start to enrich there is no containing its nuclear capacity. So it undermines the entire idea of nonproliferation, and it grants Iran a right it’s been lusting for for a decade. That’s why there was so much jubilation in Tehran over this.
"Second, there’s a relaxation of sanctions which have really caused the Iranians to hurt, to worry about the stability of the regime, and to come and negotiate. What happens on sanctions? There’s going to be a huge infusion of cash which can reduce the inflation, can alleviate the shortages. Already the rial, the currency, jumped three percent instantly as a result of this agreement. This is a huge relief for the Iranians, and it can only increase over time.
"What do we get in return? I just heard the Secretary of State say we’re going to get a destruction of the 20 percent uranium. That is simply untrue. What’s going to happen is the 20 percent enriched uranium is going to be turned into an oxide so it’s inoperative. That process is completely chemically reversible, which means Iran holds on to its 20 percent uranium and can turn it into active stuff any time it wants."

This deal is not good for America.  It's not good for the world.  And once again our leadership is lying to us about it.  Pray for America.  Our country needs it now more than ever.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Obamacare Is About Slavery vs. Freedom, Nothing Else

Here's the Nonsense:  Obamacare is a bit of a mess right now, but thanks to President Obama giving another year to keep your health plan, it will all work out and we'll be better off for it.

Here's the Horse Sense:  This is about slavery, nothing less.  President Obama is not interested in what's best for Americans.  He's once again showing he's more interested in power and control.

While Washington, DC is engaged in a back and forth about Obamacare, with the Progressives trying to save it and the Conservatives trying to abolish it (and everyone else, both establishment Republicans and Democrats up for reelection in 2014, trying to escape the damage it may cause them because of the disastrous rollout of the program), they are all missing the real issue.  In fact, even most of the conservative media have missed it.  The real issue is about slavery versus freedom.

I know that using the word "slavery" throws implications into the discussion that many would feel are radical, unfair, and even extreme.  But those who feel that way are the extreme ones.  They are refusing to accept the true implications of what we are facing.  To be a slave means that you have no choice, whether you like it or not, because you are subject to an alien will.  As a slave you have no freedom, autonomy, or rights in your decision making.  Throughout history societies have seen slaves as property, not as persons.  Slaves are the possession of their owner and must obey the will of that owner without hesitation or argument or suffer harsh consequences.

Americans are being forced into submission and to accept Obamacare whether they like it or not.  When asked, the vast majority of Americans have been against it, but that didn't stop our elected officials (the ruling class, as they see themselves) from forcing this down the throats of all of us.  We have been dragged into slavery on this issue (and will be on many others if this is allowed to continue).  We have no choice.  We must submit to it or suffer harsh consequences.  This is the plan of the Progressives that we are seeing unfold.  Healthcare is just one of the first areas in which they are forcing their will upon us.

People have focused on whether President Obama lied about keeping your health plan if you like it.  While it is quite clear he did lie (a couple dozen video recordings of him making the promise should be enough proof for anyone), what is being debated by the most foolish and gullible among us is whether he intended to do so.  The sheer number of times he made that claim should tell us that it was intentional.  

But if that's not enough proof, now we have reporting that Senator Rand Paul dropped a bombshell at a luncheon in Charleston, SC on November 11th saying,  “I’m still learning about it. It’s 20,000 pages of regulations. The Bill was 2,000 pages and I didn’t realize this until this week, the whole idea of you losing or getting your insurance cancelled wasn’t in the original Obamacare. It was a regulation WRITTEN BY PRESIDENT OBAMA, three months later.So we had a vote, this is before I got up there [before being elected to the Senate]. The Republicans had a vote to try to cancel that regulation so you COULDN’T BE CANCELLED, to grandfather everybody in. You know what the vote was? Straight party line. EVERY DEMOCRAT VOTED TO KEEP THE RULE THAT CANCELS YOUR INSURANCE.”

Did you get that?  Not only did the president add a regulation to cancel insurance plans, but every Democrat voted for it!  Their claim now that they are trying to help Americans by extending how long you'll get to keep your health plan is, as I wrote in a previous post, just so they can keep their jobs in the 2014 midterm elections that are right around the corner.

This whole Obamacare mess has nothing to do with your healthcare, but has everything to do with controlling you.  There is no desire to make things better for Americans, just a desire to control the public so they can maintain power.  Add to this another bombshell this past week when it was reported by that Rep. Louie Gohmert, in an interview on Janet Mefferd's nationally syndicated radio show, talked about the Obamacare law and said it includes "the president's own commissioned and non-commissioned officer corps" that could be used to impose some form of medical martial law.  The report goes on to say,  "Combined with the continued DHS arms build up along with the federal agency’s hiring of armed guards with 'Top Secret' security clearances, Gohmert characterized the issue as 'very disturbing'”.

In an excellent commentary on this entire mess, Daniel Greenfield wrote for Frontpage Magazine a perfect question:  "If you don't trust Americans to choose their own health insurance, why would you trust them enough to tell them the truth that they won't be able to choose their own health insurance?"  He then goes on to write about how Progressives see Americans as "little more than apes who can sorta be trusted to drive cars, but not to pick them out" and that because of that view, Progressives believe that us citizens aren't smart enough to be told the truth.

This is an excellent way to describe exactly what's going on with Obamacare and all the other things that the Progressives are forcing down our throats.  Progressives see us as much lower than them.  They see themselves as the elite and believe they know what's best for us.  Greenfield rightly says, "That’s what this conflict is really about. That’s what the clash between Socialism and the Free Market, between slavery and freedom is about."

He puts it in a very simple and straight forward manner, but that's what may be needed to wake people up.  Progressives' contempt for truth and factual accuracy is limitless.  They see truth as only important if it is aligned with their ideological goal.  And for that reason we should all be very worried.  

The future will be controlled by them and their lies unless Americans take a stand and end this madness.  This can only happen if each one of us is actively working to fight back and take our country back.  It's about giving up our personal time and investing ourselves in the future for our children and grandchildren.  Next time you think of relaxing on the weekend, ask yourself how you'll feel years from now when your descendants are living under a regime that has taken away their rights, their freedoms, and their futures.  Is that relaxing day off worth leaving a future of slavery to our children and grandchildren?

You can brush it off.  You can talk all you want about needing a weekend off after a hard week, but when you're fighting for your life you don't get time off.  When my father would tell me of the service of his generation in World War II there was never talk of having the weekends off.  They knew that if they were to stop Hitler's Germany and their allies (the Axis Powers), they could not rest.  Not until the war was over and the world was safe from their enemy could they let up for a minute.  There's a great video on YouTube that shows how, for quite some time during that war, it seemed as though the Axis powers would never be able to be overtaken and beaten by the Allied Powers (America, Great Britain and their allies).  Click here to see it.  It took monumental hard work and non-stop effort to overcome that enemy.

That's what the fight against Progressive socialism is like.  It will be a long hard fight with limited success in the beginning, but it must be fought and it must be won.  Anything less will leave our children and grandchildren living under oppression beyond what any American has ever thought possible for our nation.  It will be slavery instead of freedom.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Motive Of Politicians Pushing A Bill To Keep Your Insurance Plan Should Be Questioned

Here's the Nonsense:  If Congress will just pass a bill to allow people to keep their insurance plan if they like it, then things will be fine.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Politicians claiming to try to help Americans by allowing them to keep their insurance plans are misleading Americans. This is about reelection, not about helping Americans.

According to Newsmax, Bill Clinton said in a recent interview:  "I personally believe, even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment that the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got."  And Clinton's comment is not the first along these lines.  Both Republicans and Democrats who are up for reelection in 2014 have started pushing the idea of a law that would allow people who like their insurance plan to be allowed to keep it.  This is nonsense.  Anyone who believes that they are doing this with the best interest of the public in mind better think twice.  This is not about doing what's right.  This is about reelection.

Many people are thinking that politicians who are pushing this idea are doing it for the good of the American people.  No, not necessarily.  Many, if not most of the politicians pushing this idea are doing it to look good to voters in next year's midterm elections.  Bill Clinton, for example, is just setting the stage for his wife's potential run for the presidency in 2016.  They have to place her far from any problems in the Obama presidency and right now Bill is the one to do it.  He ran interference for Hillary in 2008 and he'll do it again now so that he's the one criticizing the president, not her.  But when it all comes down to the campaign in 2016, if Hillary runs she'll be able to claim she stood against the mistakes people feel Obama made.  She claimed credit for things Bill did in his presidency and she'll claim credit for any stand he takes now that will make her look good.  And the American public will buy it because they see Bill and Hillary as one (remember how the two of them used to be referred to as Billary?).

But this isn't as much about Hillary's potential run in 2016 as it is about those politicians in both houses of congress that may be up for reelection next year.  Regardless of which side of the aisle they are on, they know that right now Obamacare is a hot issue that has many Americans upset.  While they have no plans to try to change or eliminate it, right now they want to distance themselves from it so they look like they're on the side of the voters. So, by offering a bill that would allow people to keep their plan if they like it, they can say that they stood with the voters... at least for now.

What people don't realize is that it doesn't matter if there's such a law.  Their plans have already been cancelled and it is no small feat for an insurer to resurrect a discontinued plan.  It isn't going to happen.  People are stuck with the current situation, but passing such a law will allow politicians to say they tried to fight for the public, when in actuality they didn't.  If they had fought for the public they would have been supporting and cheering Ted Cruz when he took his stand to defund Obamacare. 

Don't be fooled by them.  Just like we see every time there is an election and incumbents move to the right politically so that they appear to agree with their constiutents, this is just a game.  Sure, there might be a few who support a bill like this that also stood consistently against Obamacare and tried to help defund it, but most who are supporting this kind of legislation arre only doing so because they are trying to save their positions of power and get reelected.

And for those of you who think that this whole mess of Obamacare spells doom for its future, you should be listening to Rush Limbaugh these days.  Rush is right when he says that all this is doing is preparing the way for a faster move to a single-payer system and more control of our lives by the government.  The administration is not worried about how this impacts Americans, they just see it as another crisis they can use to their advantage to get more power.

Stand up America!  If there was ever a time to fight for our future, it's now.  And if you want to learn how to make a difference and impact what happens, then join us as we show you how you can help Take Back America.  Trevor Loudon, Tom DeWeese, Tami Jackson, Bill Post and I will all be leading a series of seminars in February that you are invited to attend.  We'll be cruising the islands of Hawaii, having a great time sightseeing and having fun during the day and at night while we cruise between islands we'll be giving you seminars and sessions where you can learn what you can do to help save America. 8 days and 7 nights in Hawaii in February!  It'll be the trip of a lifetime.  Check out for more information.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Obama Says You Can't Keep Your... Life

Here's the Nonsense:  President Obama's signing of another Executive Order was just to get America to deal with climate change.  We should embrace it and look forward to a better future for our planet.

Here's the Horse Sense:  President Obama's recent Executive Order is not as much about climate change (a highly questionable "scientific" claim), as it is about whether your life will be controlled by you or the government.  

Did we miss it?  Sure, some reports came out about Obama signing a new Executive Order last week, but not much was reported about it.  We only heard that it was about global warming or climate change, but no real reporting was done to tell us what it means.  Looking deeper we may find some serious things to be concerned about.

Sara Noble at posted an article about this Executive Order at her blog.  Based on her reporting, we should all be very concerned.  She points out that this recent Executive Order ties together numerous previous Executive Orders (13514; 12893; 13604; 13231; 13652; 13604; 13580; and 12898) and strips more power away from American citizens.  

As usual, it's a power grab on the part of the administration and Americans lives will never be the same if this stands.  She points out that it forms a new task force to push the federal government's climate change agenda on the states and will empower Obama to avoid not only Congress, but state legislatures in the decision making.

She writes:  "It is one more sweeping takeover by the Imperial President. It will give him control of businesses including car manufacturers, energy companies, et al. (How can we say we own property if the government controls every aspect of it?) He will control all natural resources policies within states."

This is the next step in Agenda 21, which was started by the United Nations and America was signed on to it by President George H. W. Bush.  All following presidents have pushed us further down its path to taking away private property and individual rights to bring us under control of a worldwide agenda that will wipe out the America we know and love.  It's not just about property rights either.  Social justice, redistribution of wealth, population growth, etc. are also part of it.  For an excellent description of Agenda 21 click here to read "Agenda 21 in One Easy Lesson" from the American Policy Center.

Ms. Noble goes on to say, "His order groups forest fires, Superstorm Sandy, drought, everything imaginable, as if they were all caused by global warming, aka climate change, though that is not scientifically accurate. Mr. Obama is ‘streamlining’ federal and state agencies to deal with climate change and sustainability, and who gets to decide the definitions, the means, and the manner? Since 2009, it’s been Mr. Obama and we can expect his environmental extremism, which happens to match the UN’s Agenda 21, to continue, only now it will be at breakneck speed."

The president has put into place a plan that parallels the U.N. plans and Ms. Noble correctly concludes "They [the United Nations] called for a complete overhaul of how the world’s food and water are created and distributed — something the report says is 'urgently needed' for the human race to keep feeding and hydrating itself safely. They called for global governance of the earth’s resources."

This is not just about keeping our nation, it's about keeping our lives.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

They're On The Ropes And Fighting Back Hard

Here's the Nonsense:  The last Horse Sense Blog post was ridiculous. The left has the conservatives knocked down and almost out.  

Here's the Horse Sense:  People disagreed with what I wrote, but the fact is that there continues to be proof that conservatives are in a position to win big and we need to keep on fighting to make it so.

Last week I wrote that we're winning and it's proven by how upset the Democrats and establishment Republicans have become.  Some people were skeptical saying that I was wrong and that the conservative movement was failing.  Once again I'll say that your opponent fights hardest when they know they're losing.  And the Democrats and establishment Republicans (who are essentially the same) are fighting with everything they've got.  More proof is showing up all the time.

Breitbart reported that Harry Reid, in an interview with Rachel Maddow, said of Ted Cruz, “If I didn’t care so much about our country, I would hope he would get the Republican nomination for president, because that would mean the end of the Republican Party."  Now in case you didn't pay attention during the 2012 elections, Democrats are the first ones to tell us who we should and shouldn't be running against them.  In 2012 they kept saying that the worst thing for them would be for Mitt Romney to be the Republican candidate.  Stupid as they are, the Republican establishment selected Romney as the candidate and, as usual with their candidates (think Dole, McCain, etc.), they lost the presidential election.  I guess Forrest Gump must have been talking of them when he said "Stupid is as stupid does."  If Harry Reid is making statements like that about conservatives like Ted Cruz, then we should know that conservatives are a real threat to the Democrats and their power. 

The establishment GOP also are getting in on the fight against conservatives.  A National Journal article reports of the establishment Republicans, "Tactics being discussed among Republican strategists, donors, and party leaders include running attack ads against tea-party candidates for Congress; overthrowing Ron Paul's libertarian acolytes dominating the Iowa and Minnesota state parties; promoting open primaries over nominating conventions, which can produce Republican hard-liners such as Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli and shutdown-instigator Mike Lee of Utah; and countering political juggernauts Heritage Action, the Club for Growth, and FreedomWorks that target Republican incumbents who have consorted with Democrats."

If you don't understand why the Democrats and establishment Republicans are both attacking conservatives, you are missing the point that they are one in the same.  The fact that the establishment GOP would spend more time and effort attacking conservatives than fighting Democrats should be proof enough.  While they may have cast the right votes on some issues, the real truth shows up when you look at what they're doing behind the scenes to damage conservatives and embrace their buddies in the Democrat party across the aisle.  

The fact is that this is all part of the plan the progressives have been working on for years.  In researching my upcoming book America's Twilight:  How We Can Triumph Over The Disintegration Of The World's Greatest Nation, I have found proof of the idea that the two parties need to become one for the progressives to succeed.  There has been a concerted effort to make the two parties the same.  We see proof of it from Bill Clinton's mentor Carrol Quigley, when he wrote in his book, Tragedy and Hope:

"The chief problem of American political life...has been how to make the two Congressional parties more national and international. The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy."

It's all a guise being perpetrated on the American public so that they can maintain their power.  And nothing is a greater threat to their power than the conservative movement and informed voters.  

They're upset and fighting hard because the conservatives are having an impact.  It's time to fight harder than we ever have.  A major impact in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections can move Congress back to citizen control.  The outcome of 2014 can be the turning point for America.  They're on the ropes, don't let up now!