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Monday, December 23, 2013

Ignorant Americans Think Cracker Barrel Restaurants Were Wrong

Here's the Nonsense:  Cracker Barrel has quit selling some Duck Dynasty products and should be punished for standing against the Robertson family.

Here's the Horse Sense:  People aren't paying attention. Cracker Barrel only cut off products that send profits to A & E.  They still sell products that give the Robertson's all the profit.

America is in trouble not just because of what's going on in Washington, DC.  We are in trouble because our citizens are ignorant and making no effort to be informed.  They react without complete information and thereby can cause more damage instead of making things better.  Case in point would be Cracker Barrel Restaurant's response to the controversy of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson GQ interview.  It is reported that Cracker Barrel has discontinued selling some Duck Dynasty products but continues to sell Duck Commander products.  Americans are angry at Cracker Barrel and accusing them of not standing with the Robertsons for freedom of speech and religion. What people don't realize is that what Cracker Barrel is doing is the most supportive thing they could do for the Robertsons.

People have bought out Duck Dynasty products at stores around the country thinking they are supporting the Robertsons in this situation.  What they didn't stop to think about was that Duck Dynasty products not only pay a royalty to the Robertsons, but also to A & E since it's an A & E show.  The Robertsons themselves have asked the public not to buy those products but to buy their Duck Commander products instead because that will send the profits to the Robertsons and cut out A & E. 

But the public aren't paying attention and reacting negatively against Cracker Barrel who has done exactly what will benefit the Robertsons and penalize A & E the most.  For those who love the First Amendment and support freedom of religion and speech, that is about the best thing they could have done. 

The only thing that would have been better would have been for them to pull all Duck Dynasty products.  They made the mistake of trying to walk a middle line by pulling those products with Phil Robertson's picture on them.  That still allowed some Duck Dynasty products on their shelves that give profits to A & E.

America is in trouble for many reasons, but central among them is the lack of effort Americans make to be informed on situations before they react.  Based on the reports of what they're doing Cracker Barrel should be supported and praised, not chastised. 

Cracker Barrel has received so much negative response for their actions that they have decided to put the Duck Dynasty products they had pulled from their store back in them.  While it is good they are responding to the public's concerns, it's too bad their customers didn't understand the whole story and push for them to carry only Duck Commander products and drop all remaining Duck Dynasty products so that A & E would be penalized while supporting the Robertsons.