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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SOTU Wasn't Important, But This Is

Here's the Nonsense:  The president's State of the Union message was an important one for all Americans to hear.  It unveils to us where he plans to take the country.
Here's the Horse Sense: The SOTU was not important and Americans focusing on it are missing the most important point.
Last night many Americans chose to watch the president's State of the Union (SOTU) address.  Many more did not.  Those who did not watch it mostly don't pay attention or care about what's going on in American politics.  They see it as unimportant.  Those who chose to watch it were either diehard ideologues supporting the president's agenda (yes, many of those were Republicans whether you want to believe it or not), or staunch conservatives worried about the future of our country.  Those conservatives feel they need to stay on top of every little thing this president says so they can counter it by showing how he's guilty of unconstitutional behavior and anti-American intentions.  While I am a conservative, I don't believe that the SOTU was important and, therefore, didn't watch it.  There are more important things for us to be watching right now.
Yes, I don't think that the president's message last night was important in and of itself.  Why?  Because it's the same old stuff.  The same old convoluted views and plans that we've been seeing now for over 5 years.  He told us nothing new, only confirmed once again that he is following through on his plan to transform America into, at least, a socialist society or, at worst, a Marxist regime.  This is nothing new and didn't deserve our time.  I'm sure anyone truly paying attention could have written the same speech he gave knowing what he's been working towards his entire time in the White House.

Rather than think about that stuff again, which I am usually consumed with almost 24/7, I chose to look at other things we need to be aware of that people may not know yet.  I've sat, like a relatively small group of other conservatives, as a watchman on the wall for years now warning America what was going to happen and where we are headed.  Most of the time people don't listen or get caught up on the small things.  They argue that we need to stand up against the changes occurring in our society and when they see small changes happen (such as when a business isn't allowed to put a sign up supporting our troops or other such things) they get enraged and say we should all be standing up against these things.  But they miss the big point that far bigger things are happening and need to be stopped. 

Those little things they react to are just symptoms of much bigger problems that are far more serious.  They blame this president for all of it not realizing that this has been a long time in coming and this president is just one more step in the total destruction of America.  The core problems underlying what's happening in America have been in process for decades, but we've been asleep.  We haven't paid attention.  And so now, when this president gives a message that is the same old stuff that we should have known all along, I'm not wasting my time listening to it.  Everything he said has been clearly in process all along.  As I wrote back on January 21, it's the ideology we need to be fighting if we want to save America. 

A good example of how America is being torn down and it's been in process for some time came up in a recent report by the Washington Free Beacon.  In it, they not only talk about a new weapon that China is working on, but state that U. S. military leaders are concerned because "... Chinese military advances will overtake those of the United States in as few as five years..."  

Within 5 years the Chinese will have the technological capability to defeat America.  That's unbelievable considering that we used to be so far ahead of everyone else that they didn't appear to have a chance at catching up to us.  But you can't blame this on Obama.  This goes back much more than his term in office. 

The success of Chinese advancement in technology, especially military and space technology, has come about suddenly in the recent past.  Just two decades ago they were considered formidable because of the sheer size of their military, but not their technology.  Then, thanks to a previous progressive president, they were able to leap forward virtually overnight to the point that they just put a robotic rover on the moon, have developed submarine and ship technology that is comparable to ours, now have stealth jets like we do, have developed a satellite killer that can shoot our satellites out of the sky, and even more.

In May of 1999 the New York Times reported, "The Clinton Administration notified Congress today that it had approved the export of technology to China to permit the launching of a communications satellite aboard a Chinese rocket next month."  This is an example of how President Clinton allowed the Chinese to get technology that allowed them to significantly leap forward in their technology. 

And this wasn't the only time Clinton allowed them to get our technology.  Far earlier in his presidency, Clinton allowed the Chinese to get technology that was a danger to our national security.  The details were reported by a few people, but ignored by most, including most of our congressional representatives.  Clinton got away with it and it has damaged America forever.  For more information about what happened you can read here and here.  Clinton even allowed the Chinese access to our nuclear technology as reported by CNN in 1997.

People don't think of Bill Clinton as a progressive, but he is every bit as much one as Barack Obama.  And, as I showed in my book, No Tomorrows, he's not the first one we've had in key elected offices like the presidency.  His wife, Hillary Clinton, is a devout progressive and follower of Saul Alinsky's teachings.  Should Hillary be elected in 2016 it will only continue the path they've had us on for some time.

Most Americans, including conservatives, are missing the point.  Things like the president's SOTU address are just being given to his supporters.  He's not speaking to the rest of us.  We are fighting an ideology, not a man.  That is what we should be talking about and that is what we should be working to counter.  If we don't, there will be no tomorrow for America as we know it.