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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Super Bowl Ticket Prices Say More About America Than News Headlines

Here's the Nonsense: There's nothing wrong with Super Bowl ticket prices. Regardless of the cost, it's a time for people to treat themselves to a special day because we deserve it after all we've been through.

Here's the Horse Sense: Something is seriously wrong with our society and the Super Bowl proves it.  Our priorities are so far off base that we defend them instead of being embarrassed or ashamed by them.

While ESPN is reporting that Super Bowl ticket prices are plummeting and have now reached a low of $1779 on NFL Ticket Exchange, which is $409 cheaper than at the same time before the game last year, it isn't reporting a more important point.  That is that something is dreadfully wrong in our society and this story proves it.  When a society has reached a point where record numbers of people are unemployed, on disability, and no longer even looking for work, personal debt is climbing higher and higher and savings and retirement funds are being cashed in just to pay living expenses, but people will pay $1779 for a ticket to a football game then that society has lost all semblance of sanity.

Think I'm wrong?  What logic would even consider defending this kind of expense?  The median income in the U. S. is $51,017 (as of September 2013 reporting).  That means the $1779 ticket price is 3.5% of the median income in our nation.  What kind of moron would condone that kind of spending?  Answer:  too many Americans. 

At a time when we should be not just worried, but working our tails off to try to stop the implosion of our country, people continue down a path of upside down priorities.  And you can't justify this with such stupid statements as "people deserve a break" or "they deserve relaxation" or anything else.  I'm not saying that it's wrong to go to a football game if you can afford it.  But what I am saying is that something is really wrong when the cost of a single ticket to the championship football game has risen this high because it points to a total loss of priorities in our society.

People can say they deserve to treat themselves.  But when a nation is so far in debt and in trouble, doing anything that puts the average person who attends further in debt is irresponsible.  It also shows why our nation is in the trouble it is in.  For if we cannot control our own lives, we cannot expect the government to control itself either.

This is just one signal, but it's an important one and I'm sure I'll be vilified for writing this.  I'm sure this will get a similar reaction to the post I wrote a few months ago that pointed a finger at talk radio hosts.  That one cost me a number of appearances with some hosts clearly choosing to not invite me back on their programs.  Some people don't like it when a mirror is held up, but it's about time we started holding up the mirror so we can do some self-evaluation.

Where is the outrage at the events that are so telltale in our nation?  

Was there anyone demanding that the elementary school principal in Washington state who ended up on leave for trying to do the job an educator is hired for?  When the school planned to do a play for Martin Luther King Day some of the children didn't like the use of the word negro.  The principal could see that they didn't understand the difference between the anthropological term "negro" and the n-word.  In trying to explain it she used both words (and said the actual n-word instead of saying "n-word") and that resulted in problems.  One student's parent talked to her about it and the principal tried to explain what she'd said by telling the parent exactly what wording she used.  The parent (who is a spouse in a multi-racial marriage) didn't like it and the ensuing uproar got the principal put on leave.  For what?  For trying to educate children, but even the parents don't get it.  The political correctness has run amok!  But no one is marching in the streets demanding reason to be returned to the classroom when something like this happens.

When the attorney general of our nation won't prosecute black on white crime, but will not hesitate to jump in to prosecute white on black crime, where is the outrage?  It's nowhere to be seen.  This same man has stated that we're making racial progress because a black president was elected and given approval in his appointment of a black attorney general.  That's not progress.  Progress is when everyone is treated equally regardless of race, creed, or color.  

When the recent report came in of a white man in Texas attacking an elderly black man, the white man was arrested.  The Justice Department will  probably get involved to make sure he is prosecuted to the highest degree.  HE SHOULD BE.  And we should be demanding that he is and be supporting that kind of action.  But we should not settle for just that crime to be prosecuted.  Crime is crime and it should be prosecuted regardless of who is guilty of committing it.  Justice should be blind to race.  Yet we don't see that.  Congress doesn't hold this administration accountable.  And there aren't many citizens demanding that our elected members of Congress hold this administration accountable.

  • I had thought of making a list, but it's too long to put in a post.  Whether it's:
  • the attack on religious freedoms from our government
  • the invasion of privacy by the NSA
  • the continued and unchecked spending putting our nation further and further into debt
  • the selective enforcement of laws where the president and his administration choose which laws they agree with and will enforce but ignore the others
  • the continued ignoring of immigration laws
  • the out-of-control actions of the EPA
  • the continual embracing and support of radical Islamist groups throughout the Middle East such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quaida-linked Syrian rebels
  • the abandonment of support for Israel who is our strongest ally in the Middle East
  • the members of Congress continually doing the opposite of what the citizens want in areas like Obamacare and immigration
  • or one of a myriad of other issues. 
The bottom line is that those who are speaking out are few and far between.  And when we do speak out, the mainstream media ignores it, covers it up, or simply makes fun of it.  A good example is the pro-life rally that was just held in Washington and the mainstream media virtually ignored it.  And when they didn't ignore it they tried to vilify pro-lifers as being against women's rights.  Well, I didn't see those same media standing up for the 55+ million babies that have been killed due to abortion since Roe was passed.  In fact, probably about half of those babies (probably around 27 or 28 million) were female.  Where was the media to stand up for those female's rights?  Instead they were cheering their deaths.

And why have we allowed this to happen?  Why have we allowed all these things to stray so far from the moral foundation our nation once had?  Why do we have such a loss of rational thinking that CNET reports, for example, that a man in Kansas rushed back into his burning house to save his Xbox?  I guarantee you that one of those reasons is the lack of priorities that would allow prices for tickets to a football game to rise to $1779.

Even though, as Breitbart reports, 99% don't care about the issues that Obama has set as his priority, we're still missing the point.  While Obama has set income inequality, class inequality, gun issues, and immigration as his priorities for this year, only 1% agree with him on the first 3 issues and 2% on immigration.  He's absolutely out of touch with American values.  Yet Americans do little about it.  We are too busy being entertained and thinking of our narcissistic selves to actually get out and do something about what our government has become.

Sure, you may read some conservative books, news sites, and articles.  You may listen to some conservative talk radio shows and catch one of the few shows on TV that are conservative news shows.  But what are you doing with that information?  Are you out telling everyone you know and meet about what's going on in our nation?  Are you rallying others to the cause by educating those around you?  Are you a constant bother to your elected representatives when these issues come up?  Are you attending meetings and getting involved?  The point is that most people are not and unless we do spread the word to get citizens involved we will not succeed.  Information must be spread from person-to-person, not trusting the media to do it.  We need to get the majority of Americans to make sacrifices and get involved or there is no hope for our country.  

So, you may think I'm extreme.  You may hate me because I dare speak against professional sports and our over-abundance of leisure activites.  The fact is that a nation that puts the priority of entertainment above all the things I have listed is a nation not just about to be lost, but one that is lost and only has a short time left to pull it back from the wreckage or it will never again be what our founders created it to be.