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Sunday, February 9, 2014

2014 Is The Answer To 2016

Here's the Nonsense:  The big money donors are already behind Hillary for 2016.  There's no chance conservatives can compete with that.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Big money will be behind whoever they think has a chance to win, and Hillary is the favorite in the media. But there is a way around big money.

Conservatives have a big problem:  MONEY.  Whether we like it or not, money controls politics in America.  Without money it's virtually impossible for any political candidate to have a successful campaign.  And conservatives are short on that commodity.  That, possibly even more than the ill-informed and apathetic state of the electorate, may be the underlying cause of the downfall of America.  For 2016, the big money is all lining up behind Hillary Clinton.  Can the conservatives successfully fight that?

In an article at, NBC's Andrea Mitchell is said to have informed viewers on Sunday's Meet the Press that Hillary Clinton has the big donors wooing her for 2016.  That should be no surprise to anyone.  Let's face it, the media has virtually crowned Hillary the new monarch, er, um, I mean winner of the presidency in the 2016 elections.  There is little doubt that should Hillary be the Democrat nominee in 2016, she will be the favored candidate (just like she was in 2008, at least until the media fell for Obama).  And big money does not as much follow political party as it follows power.  Whoever is seen to have power gets the big money following them.

At this point the Republicans have nothing to compete with the image that the leftist media have built for Mrs. Clinton.  Sure, the establishment GOP is trying to build a case for people like Chris Christie (although his days appear to be numbered), Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush as the best choices as candidates.  (Mark my words.  If the establishment GOP can have Jeb Bush as their candidate they will be celebrating like there is no tomorrow, all the while eliminating any chance for a GOP victory.)  And if one of those candidates shows promise, some big money will line up behind them, too.  Big money makes it a point to hedge its bets.  They always spread the money around a bit to make sure they're covered in case the other party wins.

But what most big money donors don't do very often is put money behind conservatives.  

Conservatives would like to see more support for their candidates but their chances are limited.  That doesn't mean they can't win, but they cannot rely on those big money donors to do so.  There is only one way they can mount any campaign for the presidency that will have a serious chance at victory.  It is to get so many of us average Americans behind the conservative candidate that they are pushed through to win the nomination in the primaries and then on to victory in the general election.  

We, as the grassroots, have to rally as many supporters as we can to support the conservative candidates.  But possibly even more important than that is that we must decide early on who our candidate will be and get behind him/her.  If we repeat the 2012 bloodbath between conservative candidates in the primaries and don't agree to get behind one person quickly, the primaries will do so much damage that, once again, the establishment GOP will determine who the candidate will be and, therefore, virtually guarantee a loss in the election.

What can we do about it?  Actually the answer starts this year in the 2014 midterms.  If we can be successful and overwhelm the elections with conservative victories in the House and Senate, thereby taking conservative control of both houses of congress we will cause two things to happen.  First, we will assure accountability is returned to government with a true check and balance system that will hold the Executive Branch accountable.  And second, we will create a groundswell of power for conservatives that will push the conservative candidate for the nomination in 2016 to the forefront.  

We must get the establishment GOP on the defensive, on the ropes.  And then we cannot let up and must keep driving home our message to keep the establishment GOP on the defensive and conservatives who represent the true views of most Americans will then have a chance to take back control of our nation.

The answer to 2016 is in 2014.  Without significant victories this year, 2016 won't matter.