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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Putin and Obama: Twin Sons Of Different Mothers

(apologies to Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg for the title of this post)

Here's the Nonsense:  President Obama has let Vladimir Putin know that we mean business and there are consequences for their actions with Crimea and the Ukraine.  Putin won't push back now that he knows that Obama means business.
Here's the Horse Sense:  Obama should look in the mirror and learn from his own actions.  Putin knows Obama's weak just as Obama knows the GOP is weak.  
Has anyone noticed that what’s going on between Putin and Obama is the same as what goes on between Obama and the Republicans?  Their behavior is like they're twin sons of different mothers.  
Think about it.  Putin pushes Obama but does what he wants because he knows that no one will stand up to him.  Like any bully he knows that he can get away with his behavior as long as no one pushes back.  
The leftists and mainstream media (okay, I know, they're the same thing) who think Obama’s doing a great job don’t understand why Obama’s stand regarding the Ukraine hasn’t resulted in stopping Putin.  Putin just keeps doing what he pleases and Obama sits around threatening meaningless sanctions while sabre rattling.  Well, okay, Obama doesn’t rattle sabres.  He actually is more likely to look down at his shoes while shuffling his feet as he announces those sanctions (boy, that oughta strike fear in Putin's heart!).  And Putin is not deterred because he knows that nothing of any consequence will come of it.
What's amazing is that Obama can't see why his actions aren't working.  (Instead of facing his failed actions and trying something different, he's too busy trying to convince everyone how effective he is.)  If he'd look in the mirror he'd see that what Putin does to him is exactly what he does to the GOP.  
Just as Putin does whatever he wants on the international stage, Obama does what he wants when it comes to U. S. laws and the GOP does nothing to hold him accountable or take a stand.  House Speaker John Boehner responds to gross violations of law with comments like, “Is this a joke?” instead of by taking action to hold the Executive Branch accountable, as our Constitution has set up Congress to do.    
We have saddled ourselves with a government out of control.  It’s no one’s fault but our own.  We voted these people into office and have allowed them not just to stay, but to build what boils down to an oligarchy instead of the accountable constitutional republic designed by our founders. 
This problem isn't just on the left, the establishment GOP are guilty, too, of much the same thing.  This past Thursday one of the GOP’s biggest financial backers, Sheldon Adelson, sponsored a meeting in his airplane hangar in Las Vegas with Jeb Bush as guest.  The hangar was filled with establishment GOP influentials who are trying to convince Jeb to run for president in 2016.  They believe he is the only man who can win for the Republicans.  They call themselves conservatives (they are not) but actually believe in their hearts that true conservatives are dangerous and destroying the party.  Hmmm… sounds a lot like how they thought about Ronald Reagan in 1976.  
But it’s not time for 1976, it’s time for 1980.  In 1980 grassroots Americans pushed back hard and forced Reagan on the establishment to be the nominee.  The result is history that any clear-headed person should be able to see.  Prosperity, strength, and growth for Americans unlike any they had seen in a long time. Since then all we’ve had are establishment candidates who guarantee us a loss at the ballot box.  Sure, George H. W. Bush won his first election by riding the coattails of Reagan's presidency, but when he reverted to his establishment ways he lost the support of Americans and lost his reelection bid.  
When George H. W. Bush's son, George W. Bush, won it was more due to Clinton fatigue than to the GOP having an exceptional candidate, which was proven out over the years with his poor handling of economic issues.  
We need another 1980.  We need to make the establishment bow to the grassroots and a solid conservative candidate.  But it won’t be easy.  
Americans need principled leaders, not ones who are bullies or don't know how to take a stand.  Only conservatives offer those kinds of people as candidates.  But they can't win it alone.  We must be working to spread the message to those around us.
If you're reading this then you need to educate those around you. Not those who also keep on top of politics, but those who are your neighbors, friends, coworkers, family members and people you meet every day that really don't understand what's going on in America.  They need to be educated and get involved.  
We need another 1980.  What are you doing to get us there?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Public Attitude May Be The Achilles Heel That Keeps Us From Saving America

Here’s the Nonsense:  America has had problems before and we’ve always been able to rally ourselves to meet the task and save the day.  We’ll do it again.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  There is a dangerous despair in America that may very well keep us from rising to this occasion.  This will take more than just positive thinking and motivational speeches.  This will take a concerted commitment and effort if we are to save this republic.

Hopelessness, gloom, discouragement, desperation, despondency, misery, anguish.  Those are all words that describe the attitude of a large portion of the American public these days.  Certainly America has a history of pulling itself out of tough places, but this time it’s different.  Never before has America been in the trouble we’re in.  Never before have we faced the challenges we face today.  And, unlike the ridiculous rah-rah speeches we see in movies to rally people to victory, this time there is no good-feeling speech that could be enough to save us.  This time our despair may cost us our republic.

A lot of friends of mine are cringing as they read these words.  These are solid American patriots who believe we can overcome anything.  But I beg to disagree.  There comes a point when too many have lost hope and no matter how hard you fight to win a battle you cannot win.  When discouragement overcomes too many, it becomes impossible to win.  

What adds to the peoples' discouragement is when others refuse to face the real problems and just say they "know" that good will win.  They are the types who think sheer willpower and positive thinking is all it will take to win.  They aren't being realistic by facing the problems and finding solutions.  They want to fight, but they offer no proven solutions.  They are like the military leader who would go to battle without a plan to win.  

Many people might say that people who are feeling so hopeless should focus on positive things.  But positive thinking never was the sole solution to fix anything.  No human can will their way to success, contrary to the claims made by the charlatans and snake oil salesmen who’ve polluted the minds of too many throughout history.  The fact is that there really are quite a few good reasons for people to be depressed.  Let me share a small list here:

  • According to the U. S. Census, median household income has dropped for 5 years in a row.  
  • Enrollment in the food stamp program has risen from 32 million when Obama took office to 47 million.  
  • Pew Research has reported that 53% of Americans in 2008 considered themselves to be part of the "middle class".  Only 44% of Americans in 2014 consider themselves to be part of the “middle class".  
  • 25% of all Americans between 18 amd 29 years of age in 2008 considered themselves to be part of the "lower class".  But 49% of that same age group in 2014 consider themselves part of the “lower class.”  
  • As the New York Times reported, “In 2012, the top 5 percent of earners were responsible for 38 percent of domestic consumption, up from 28 percent in 1995, the researchers found.”  This article shows the decline in the middle class as our economy drives more people down economically.  
  • According to Rasmussen Reports, only 19% of Americans believe that the job market is better than it was a year ago.  
  • According to the Social Security Administration, 53% of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year in wages.  
  • According to, total personal debt in the U.S. is now over $16.4 trillion.  The national debt, as reported to us by the government, is over $17.5 trillion.  When you add unfunded liabilities, the reported numbers add over $128.3 trillion, but as I addressed in a previous post, the “other” numbers that the government doesn’t make as public show us with even higher debt.  It has risen to a level where the chances of ever paying it off are almost impossible.  

Those are just a small number of the things happening in our country that certainly would depress any thinking person.  Hope for the future keeps dwindling, and for good reason.  I believe that as more and more people feel the hopelessness that our situation has brought us to, they are seeing that the chances of being able to pull ourselves out of this mess are slim.  As a result I think they are voting more and more for increased government thinking that government is the only thing big enough to save us.  And those who realize that government can’t save us, but are also feeling despondent, vote for more government as a way to delay the ultimate failure of our economic system.
The hopelessness felt by so many Americans may very well be the Achilles heel that keeps us from saving America.  This is why it is important for us to educate those around us.  It is why people need to understand that returning to the constitutional republic that our country was founded to be is the only way that this economic mess can be turned around.  But most Americans, including politicians, think we’re a democracy instead of a republic and that only puts us on a path to destruction.  
When the Constitutional Convention of 1787 ended a lady identified as Mrs. Powel asked Ben Franklin a question.  She said, "Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?"  Franklin responded by saying, "A republic, if you can keep it."
It’s about time we realize that those were words of warning that predicted how difficult it would be to retain our freedoms.  While technically we are still a constitutional republic, in reality we've already lost our republic.  Now the question is whether we have the courage to do what it will take to get it back.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Why Should Israel Exist?

Here's the Nonsense:  Peace in the Middle East is more important than Israel.  John Kerry and Barack Obama are right to push them to meet the Palestinian demands.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Israel is not only America's strongest ally in the Middle East, it has a right to exist.  Israel has done more good for the world than most Americans realize and proven its worth to the world community more than the Palestinians ever have.

Senior Palestinian Authority official Abbas Zaki is Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ commissioner for dialogue with the Arab world and China.  WND is reporting that this past week he told Palestinian Authority TV, “I believe that Allah will gather [the Jews] so we can kill them.”  Then, Israel Today reported that last Thursday, U. S. Secretary of State John “I served in Viet Nam” Kerry said that Israel should drop their insistence that the Palestinians must recognize the Jewish state, even though Palestinians like Zaki have expressed desire that Israel be destroyed and the Jews killed.  The Obama administration doesn’t care about Israel’s interests, but it’s time the rest of us wake up to just what Israel represents to the world.

Israel certainly has a right to exist.  Anyone who doubts that is on the level of Hitler and not worth debating with about the issue.  But many don't think in terms of Israel being put out of existence.  They listen to the rhetoric from the left and find themselves agreeing without doing any critical thinking.

I could go on here and talk about Israel being a strong ally, and our only solid one in the Middle East.  I could talk about the injustice done against the Jewish people throughout both ancient and modern world history, most recently being the Holocaust in World War II.  There are many things like that that I could talk about.  But I think I’d rather share with you a list of some things that Israel has provided to the world for you to consider.  The list is far from comprehensive, it’s just representative of a few of the great things with which our Israeli friends have blessed the world.  Here are some of the things they've invented and developed:

1.)  Development of reverse osmosis desalination process that is now the worldwide standard.  Note:  Israel has just entered into an agreement to help California with their drought problems through use of Israel’s advanced water technologies.

2.)  The PillCam, used for visualizing and detecting disorders of the GI tract.  This device allows the user to swallow a pill that takes a small camera through the gastrointestinal tract so that doctors can see problems and plan solutions.

3.)  Amniocentesis came about when cells were examined that were drawn from amniotic fluid to diagnose potential genetic abnormalities or prenatal infections in developing fetuses. 

4.)  Anti-bacterial fabrics developed to prevent bacterial growth that will dramatically reduce hospital infection rates.

5.)  EWA Technologies Ltd. produces a clean, green system that harvests water from the humidity in the air. The technology benefits residents of desert areas, farmers and municipalities around the world. Each device has the potential to provide two average American families with their entire year’s supply of water without contributing to pollution.

6.)  Wiring of a European-designed artificial hand to arm of a human amputee. In addition to conducting complicated activities including handwriting, the human subject is able to feel their fingers. Achieving sensation is a breakthrough in the evolution of artificial limbs.

7.)  Greeneng Solutions launches an ozone-based water purification system that is designed for commercial, industrial and domestic applications. They use ozone-infused water to eliminate germs on kitchen equipment, household surfaces, swimming pools and more. Purifying with ozone is faster and more effective than the global-standard tap water additive chlorine, and ozone produces none of the harmful side effects of chlorine such as asthma and contaminated runoff.
8.)  VisionCare Opthalmic Technologies debuts the CentraSight device, a telescopic implant that addresses age-related macular degeneration (AMD). CentraSight is the first and only treatment for AMD, a retinal condition that is the most common cause of blindness among “first-world” seniors.
9.)  ReWalk, a bionic exoskeleton developed by Argo Technologies allows paraplegics to stand, walk and climb stairs.

10.) IceCure Medical produces the IceSense 3, a device that destroys benign breast tumors by infusing them with ice. The procedure is quick, painless, affordable and is conducted on an outpatient basis. Trials have begun to study the efficacy of the treatment on malignant breast tumors.
11.) Spine Assist surgical robots transform spine surgery from freehand to highly accurate operations with less need for radiation.

12.) Creation of mice with fully functioning human immune systems. Described from an immunological perspective as “humans with fur,” the mice have provided for the first time a real-world arena in which to study human ailments and represent a major step forward in the search for a cure for AIDS, hepatitis A and B, and other infectious diseases.

13.) Growing lab-bred blood cells in a laboratory dish was first done by those in Israel. This breakthrough lead to the development of a therapy that increases the production of crucial white blood cells in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.
14.) Modern drip irrigation was developed by Netafim.
15.) The world’s first color hologram, which led to the development of “heads up” displays for pilots, doctors and other virtual reality systems.
16.) BabySense, a device designed to prevent crib death.  It monitors a baby’s breathing and movements through the mattress during sleep.

17.) Affinity chromatography developed for separating biological or biochemical materials — can be used to detoxify human blood. The work lead to the development of present-day technologies, employed around the world, that are used to remove poison from a patient’s blood.
18.) Food storage system to help farmers in developing food-poor and resource-poor areas to keep their crops from spoiling after harvest. The system evolved into GrainPro Cocoons, water- and air-tight containers used around the world to prevent the damaging effects of spoilage and parasites without the use of pesticides.

19.) Development of Gleevec, a drug now provided to CML (leukemia) patients around the world. 
20.) M-Systems introduced the flash drive in the U. S. Smaller, faster and more reliable than floppy disks or CD-ROMs, the flash drive went on to replace those technologies worldwide.

21.) Iron Dome, a short-range missile defense system developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, shoots down a Grad rocket fired at Israel from Gaza. It marks the first time that a short-range missile has been intercepted, opening up new possibilities for military, civil and border defense in the world’s conflict zones.
22.) 100% biodegradable food packaging material is produced by Tiva.  The company produces materials for drink pouches, snack bars, yogurt and other foods – all of which provide a minimum of six months of shelf life, will completely decompose in a landfill, and can be composted industrially and domestically.

23.) Like-A-Fish air supply systems extract air from water, which eliminates scuba divers and submarines from needing air tanks.

Those are just a small number of things Israel has provided to the world to make it a better place.  So, here’s my question:  Can anyone think of anything the Palestinians have done to help the world?

Note:  To learn more about the interesting things Israel has developed read Marcella Rosen’s fascinating book, Tiny Dynamo.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Is Everyone Missing The Real Story About Lois Lerner’s IRS Testimony?

Here’s the Nonsense:  Lois Lerner's botched assertion of Fifth Amendment rights cancelled out her right to claim the Fifth again before the same committee.  Since she didn’t testify before the congressional committee this past week, but claimed the Fifth Amendment again, she should be held in contempt.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  While Lerner probably should be held in contempt, there’s a bigger issue overshadowing this that no one is talking about and might very well spell doom for America’s future.

This past week a great deal of talk emerged again about Lois Lerner testifying before a Congressional committee regarding her involvement in the IRS scandal.  The focus of everyone seems to be on the fact that she claimed the Fifth Amendment again and not on something else, much more subtle, but far more important.  And missing that point is yet another reason why we are doomed because we too often focus on symptoms and not the cause of problems when dealing with the problems in our government.

Most people are focusing on the fact that when Lerner was recalled to testify she invoked the Fifth Amendment again (even though her botched appearance the first time before the committee nullified her right to claim the Fifth) and that may be grounds to be cited for contempt.  But that’s not the point.   As quoted by the Daily Caller, Bill Taylor, Lois Lerner’s attorney, said in a letter to Committee Chairman Darrel Issa, “I advised the staff that calling Ms. Lerner knowing that she will assert her rights was not only improper but dangerous. Ms. Lerner has been the subject of numerous threats on her life and safety, and on the life and safety of her family. I left with the staff recent evidence of those threats.”  

So while everyone is focused on possible contempt charges and frustration at her lack of testimony, which most likely will result in the entire scandal eventually dying with no one being held accountable, the most important point has been brought out and is being ignored.  That point is that her attorney has told Issa that Lerner and her family’s lives have been threatened.  That’s the biggest claim anyone could make.

Someone is trying to silence Lerner and they are doing it through threats against her and her family.  That might sound like just some fanatics making threats, but we’ve heard it before in other situations.  Remember how people were threatened about bringing out the truth of the Benghazi scandal (read here to learn more)?  

The progressive left is tied too closely to Chicago mob-style politics.  After all, Saul Alinsky, a key role model for them, boasted of his close friendship with Frank Nitti, Al Capone’s number two man.  Alinsky admired how the mob worked and took pride in using their methods.  And, as I pointed out in my book, No Tomorrows, Alinsky was a personal mentor to Hillary Clinton and Obama was not only trained by an Alinsky organization, he was so effective at Alinsky principles and tactics that he was used to teach them to others.

Whether you want to accept it or not, such articles as you’ll read here and here should tell you quite a bit about Alinsky and what drives Obama and the left’s politics.  They use mob tactics like intimidation to shut people up.  And, like I said, it’s not just Obama.  It’s been seen with the Clintons, too, as you can read here.  You can also read here about the possible intimidation of the Clintons by the Obama campaign during the 2008 campaign.  

Even lesser known sites have made lists of questionable deaths around Obama.  While some people may say such sites are questionable, the sheer number of examples they give have to make a person at least stop and examine them to determine if there's any accuracy to what they say.  (Don't forget, the National Enquirer, not exactly known for the most credible reporting, was the first to report the Monica Lewinsky affair with Bill Clinton and the Jon Edwards affair with Rielle Hunter.  Sometimes truth is revealed through unlikely sources.)  

These claims aren't all from the past, either.  As recently as February 2014 put out an article with a video about Obama’s past that raises serious questions.

What do we make of all of this in light of the Lerner situation?  I think a key issue that is not being investigated are the threats that have been made against Lois Lerner.  The first reaction Congress should have had to such a claim was to prove or disprove it.  If it is true, then not only should the perpetrators be brought to justice, but if the persons involved were tied in any way to the administration, then it should break every scandal wide open with Congress demanding and forcing the issues.  But instead of even investigating such claims, they focus on other issues.  

There are exceptions in Washington.  It was reported recently that Congressman Trey Gowdy posed an important question to Simon Lazarus, senior counsel to the Constitutional Accountability Center who was giving testimony to a panel called "The President's Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws."  Gowdy asked, "If the president can fail to enforce immigration laws, can the president likewise fail to enforce election laws?"

After Mr. Lazarus said that he thought the president wouldn't fail to enforce election laws, Rep. Gowdy asked him why not and then said of the president, "Well, he's not applying the ACA, and he's not applying immigration laws, and he's not applying marijuana laws, and he's not applying mandatory minimums. What's the difference with election laws?"  Gowdy sees the problems with a more analytical eye than most in Washington.  But he's one of a very small number in that corrupt city who are trying to take a stand for what's right.  The chances of those like Gowdy succeeding are very small.

The lack of ability to see the big picture and find answers regarding what is really happening shows a lack of critical thinking.  Sadly not just those in Washington, but most Americans are incapable of seeing past the immediate and obvious issues at hand and that is a major reason why we may never see things change in Washington…except to get even worse.


Monday, March 3, 2014

America the Laughingstock

Here's the Nonsense:  Sure, President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and the rest of the administration have made a few mistakes, but their belief that if we give in and give up the core values upon which our nation was founded, then the world will respect us and all nations will back down and live in peace and prosperity is a realistic goal that we need to push to attain.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Progressives like those in the administration have no clue about how to build a strong republic.  Their goals are fruitless and are based on time-tested and proven failures throughout the world designed only to destroy our nation and bring us down.  Nothing in their plans are good for America, yet unless Americans wake up and abandon their evil ways we will find that America's greatest days are behind her.

Do you remember when the Soviet Union fell?  Remember how their power dwindled as the satellite countries they controlled abandoned Russia and sought freedom?  Russia was seen as a has-been.  That's what America is today.  Our credibility in the world has dropped to an all-time low in modern history.  Other nations laugh at us.  Our military is worn out and being down-sized to a pre-World War II level.  (That's the same level that almost kept us from being able to respond to the Pearl Harbor attack.  We could not rally our industry again to do what they did for World War II because most of our heavy industry is gone.)  Yes, welcome to America the Laughingstock, the America of today and the future.

A lot of people reading this are probably already angry at me not just for calling our once-great nation a laughingstock, but for saying that that's us today and in the future.  But be angry all you want.  Send me the emails.  Criticize me and don't pay attention.  You'll be doing the same thing that's been hurting America for a long time.

America is in crisis.  It's not because of Barack Obama, he's just the current figurehead of the progressive movement that has spent over a century working towards their goal to bring America down.  And they've achieved most of it.  But the state of America is because Americans have quit caring for their country.  Some still care about it, but the caring for our country ended long ago when we sold out our future for self-indulgence and abandonment of civic responsibility.

Many Americans, especially us conservatives, are regularly found screaming about things like cutting military spending, our schools teaching history that represents progressive myths about how evil America is instead of truth about our nation's greatness, infringement on our rights, and on and on.  We cry out that we won't allow our nation to be taken from us, yet it's already gone.  The question isn't whether we can save it, but how long we have to get it back before it's lost forever.

America today is a moral cesspool.  We put up with things in the name of entertainment that just a few short years ago we understood to be disgusting and immoral.  Our culture, through music, TV and movies glorify illicit lifestyles to the point that today it's common for people to: 
  • live together outside of marriage with no shame,
  • use foul language with pride while not showing the slightest bit of embarrassment or remorse,
  • have children outside of marriage while feeling no shame,
  • and many other terrible signs of the fall of our civilization with the crowning example being the murder of the unborn. 
All the while people shake their fists at God for Him daring to set standards by which He expects us to live.

Our nation is in shambles.  Evil is spreading around the world with countries like North Korea ignoring human rights, Iran planning the total destruction of Israel, China taking aggressive actions against Japan on the seas, and now Russia moving in on Ukraine.  And we have no power to stand up and stop them anymore.  Our president will give warnings to some countries when it fits his agenda, but he is the chief embarrassment for America on the world stage.  Other countries are just laughing at us.  They know our bark is only that, it has no teeth anymore.

And most Americans do nothing.  Most Americans have gotten themselves so far in debt from living irresponsibly that they live from paycheck to paycheck while focusing only their material possessions and on their weekend time off so they can party, sit in front of the TV, or follow some other narcissistic pursuit while the swooshing sound of the country going down the drain roars in the background.

When a nation falls there is an initial period of time in which the new power is not totally solidified and it is still possible to overthrow it and take the nation back.  But after a period of time the new power becomes so entrenched that it cannot be overturned without a major war to do so.  America is still in the early stages of having lost our constitutional republic.  

We can still take it back, but it will take every ounce of strength we have and:

  • a dedication to the long term fight that will last more than most of our lifetimes,
  • a commitment to abandon leisure time and focus on the battle we face, 
  • and a personal change in the hearts of each individual in our country to fall on our faces in anguish and repentance of our evil ways and a return to honoring God in our lives.  

Without that there is no chance to take back our country and no hope for our future.  Our founders warned us that our republic was created for a religious and moral people and without that we could not survive.

I know many will read this and disregard it or write it off as crazy religious talk.  You can do just that.  But you do so at your own peril and the peril of our nation.  We are at a decision point and each American needs to decide what future they want.  The choice is ours.