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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Putin and Obama: Twin Sons Of Different Mothers

(apologies to Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg for the title of this post)

Here's the Nonsense:  President Obama has let Vladimir Putin know that we mean business and there are consequences for their actions with Crimea and the Ukraine.  Putin won't push back now that he knows that Obama means business.
Here's the Horse Sense:  Obama should look in the mirror and learn from his own actions.  Putin knows Obama's weak just as Obama knows the GOP is weak.  
Has anyone noticed that what’s going on between Putin and Obama is the same as what goes on between Obama and the Republicans?  Their behavior is like they're twin sons of different mothers.  
Think about it.  Putin pushes Obama but does what he wants because he knows that no one will stand up to him.  Like any bully he knows that he can get away with his behavior as long as no one pushes back.  
The leftists and mainstream media (okay, I know, they're the same thing) who think Obama’s doing a great job don’t understand why Obama’s stand regarding the Ukraine hasn’t resulted in stopping Putin.  Putin just keeps doing what he pleases and Obama sits around threatening meaningless sanctions while sabre rattling.  Well, okay, Obama doesn’t rattle sabres.  He actually is more likely to look down at his shoes while shuffling his feet as he announces those sanctions (boy, that oughta strike fear in Putin's heart!).  And Putin is not deterred because he knows that nothing of any consequence will come of it.
What's amazing is that Obama can't see why his actions aren't working.  (Instead of facing his failed actions and trying something different, he's too busy trying to convince everyone how effective he is.)  If he'd look in the mirror he'd see that what Putin does to him is exactly what he does to the GOP.  
Just as Putin does whatever he wants on the international stage, Obama does what he wants when it comes to U. S. laws and the GOP does nothing to hold him accountable or take a stand.  House Speaker John Boehner responds to gross violations of law with comments like, “Is this a joke?” instead of by taking action to hold the Executive Branch accountable, as our Constitution has set up Congress to do.    
We have saddled ourselves with a government out of control.  It’s no one’s fault but our own.  We voted these people into office and have allowed them not just to stay, but to build what boils down to an oligarchy instead of the accountable constitutional republic designed by our founders. 
This problem isn't just on the left, the establishment GOP are guilty, too, of much the same thing.  This past Thursday one of the GOP’s biggest financial backers, Sheldon Adelson, sponsored a meeting in his airplane hangar in Las Vegas with Jeb Bush as guest.  The hangar was filled with establishment GOP influentials who are trying to convince Jeb to run for president in 2016.  They believe he is the only man who can win for the Republicans.  They call themselves conservatives (they are not) but actually believe in their hearts that true conservatives are dangerous and destroying the party.  Hmmm… sounds a lot like how they thought about Ronald Reagan in 1976.  
But it’s not time for 1976, it’s time for 1980.  In 1980 grassroots Americans pushed back hard and forced Reagan on the establishment to be the nominee.  The result is history that any clear-headed person should be able to see.  Prosperity, strength, and growth for Americans unlike any they had seen in a long time. Since then all we’ve had are establishment candidates who guarantee us a loss at the ballot box.  Sure, George H. W. Bush won his first election by riding the coattails of Reagan's presidency, but when he reverted to his establishment ways he lost the support of Americans and lost his reelection bid.  
When George H. W. Bush's son, George W. Bush, won it was more due to Clinton fatigue than to the GOP having an exceptional candidate, which was proven out over the years with his poor handling of economic issues.  
We need another 1980.  We need to make the establishment bow to the grassroots and a solid conservative candidate.  But it won’t be easy.  
Americans need principled leaders, not ones who are bullies or don't know how to take a stand.  Only conservatives offer those kinds of people as candidates.  But they can't win it alone.  We must be working to spread the message to those around us.
If you're reading this then you need to educate those around you. Not those who also keep on top of politics, but those who are your neighbors, friends, coworkers, family members and people you meet every day that really don't understand what's going on in America.  They need to be educated and get involved.  
We need another 1980.  What are you doing to get us there?