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Monday, April 28, 2014

Romney or Bush for 2016?

Here's the Nonsense:  People now see the error of their ways in the 2012 election.  If Mitt Romney would run again he'd be a sure win and get America back on track.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Mitt Romney is just a hedge on the establishment GOP's bet for 2016. They are hoping that Jeb Bush will run, but in case he doesn't they want to be able to fall back on Romney so that a conservative won't get the nomination and wrest control from them.

The Washington Post is reporting that on Sunday morning, Bob Scheiffer of CBS said of the 2016 presidential election, "I have a source that told me that if Jeb Bush decides not to run, that Mitt Romney may actually try it again."  If you hadn't figured it out yet, this should prove to you that the establishment GOP is determined to have another loser candidate run for office in 2016.  Why would they do that?  Because they fear conservatives and the control of the citizens over their government more than they fear the loss of our nation.  Yes, they do have a chance at getting an establishment GOP candidate elected, just like they did in 2000 when George W. Bush ran against Al Gore, but that's not really what's going on here. 

(For ease of writing we'll call the establishment GOP the "eGOP" for the rest of this post.  Besides, it makes them sound like they're on the cutting edge of technology instead of referring to the actual reality that they're on the cutting edge of America's destruction.")

If you want to understand Washington politics, then you have to understand that the eGOP and the Democrats are really on the same path.  The difference is that they are headed toward the same goal, but at a different pace.  The Democrats are on a jet and the eGOP are on a train, but both are headed for the ruin of America.  They are more interested in their power and control than they are in helping our country.

When I was studying the progressive movement while writing my book, No Tomorrows, I found they have spent over a century working towards the takeover of our constitutional republic.  While the Democrats openly embrace the progressive movement and outwardly call themselves by that name, the eGOP aren't as open about it.  But they all have the same big government plans for America.  The progressives decided long ago that if they could successfully control both parties, then when the voters get upset with what's happening in government and voted one party out of power and the other into power it would still result in the progressive movement staying on track with their plans.  As a result, when the nation finds itself very tired of the policies of Barack Obama by 2016, they may choose to vote out the Democrats from power and replace them with Republicans.  And, if the eGOP is successful and controls who the candidate is, then the progressive movement maintains its power while the public are fooled into believing they've made a change.

That exact thing is what happened after the Clinton-fatigue that was brought upon the nation in the 1990s.  With a Democrat candidate that has less personality than a small soap dish, Al Gore was saddled with both the legacy of being part of the Clinton administration along with no personality to excite voters.  The eGOP successfully pushed George W. Bush on the public and, while many will disagree with me, they were able to move their progressive agenda forward by the faulty policies and actions Bush took on our economy.  Yes, there were some things Bush did that were good and I believe he is a good person, but I never felt he was conservative or had solid policies when it came to economics.  And history has certainly proven that out (remember, Bush is the one who said "I have to abandon free-market principles to save the free-market system" and then implemented TARP).

So, whether the public continues to fall for the Democrat line of "Let us take care of you," or if they want change and choose an eGOP candidate like Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney, the results will be the same.  No real change.  No real cuts in spending.  Nothing other than appeasement to keep America on the same track.  If the voters are upset enough and do elect an eGOP candidate, then some things will change a little to temporarily make voters feel better.  Things like more support for our military and our national defenses would improve, but no real efforts at meaningful change will be made.  

The best way to illustrate what I'm saying is to use the price of gasoline.  Have you ever noticed that the cost will go up and up and up until the public is crying and then they back off a bit for a while?  Then after things calm down they start raising the price again and again and again and then the public cry out and they reduce the price again, but not as low as it was before, even though the cost per barrel is about the same as it was before.  They incrementally increase the prices by moving it 3 steps up and then 2 steps back and then 3 steps up and then 2 steps back and so on.  Each time they don't go as low as before and the price continues to increase.  This is exactly what progressives do... on BOTH sides of the aisle.  They incrementally move things toward their goal and when the public gets uneasy they back off a little and once things calm down they start in again.  I'm sure that's what we'll see with healthcare, for example   Even if Obamacare were to get repealed, the eGOP will work with the Democrats to come up with something similar to put into place to replace it and keep us tied into a government controlled system that will never end.

So, watch and see what happens but I think it's interesting that the eGOP is aligning their possible candidates for 2016 in case they can't get Jeb Bush to run.  He is their favorite, but since they have no answers, just the same old "solutions," they will line up some others to be ready to step in just in case Jeb doesn't work out.  (Their original plan was to have Chris Christie as backup to Jeb, but Christie's problems in New Jersey have made him less desirable to them.  Yes, I know that Christie was showing interest in a 2016 run before Jeb talked about it, but I'm sure that was part of the eGOP plan to test the waters before more openly pushing Jeb to run.)

This is another reason why taking back Congress THIS YEAR in the midterm elections is critical.  If we do that, it won't matter who the president is because we'd have a Congress that would hold the Executive branch accountable. But if we don't, it still won't matter who wins in 2016 because things will be too far gone to stop America's destruction.