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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cantor Primary Loss Is Not As Much Good News As Conservatives Think

Here's the Nonsense:  Eric Cantor's defeat is proof that Congress will return to the control of conservatives in the midterms this fall.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Eric Cantor's defeat is good news, but there are a lot of signs that it is minor compared to the work we have left to do to save America.

Eric Cantor, the second most powerful Republican in the House GOP leadership, lost his primary election in Virginia yesterday.  The left is screaming that the extremist Tea Partiers have impacted the GOP.  The establishment GOP are worried about the undermining of their control and power.  Conservatives are excited and enthusiastic about the future, but they need to be careful and realize that this is not the victory they're thinking it is.

Certainly it's very good news that Eric Cantor has lost his primary.  The major reason was his stand on immigration amnesty, but it's also due to voter frustration with the establishment GOP having sold them out for power.  Voters in Virginia had the wisdom to do their homework and throw Cantor out, something the rest of the nation should learn from.  Voters that are paying attention, which are few in number, are fed up with Washington and both the Democrats and establishment Republicans.  If they'd band together and educate the majority of voters, this could happen across the nation.

A perfect example of what didn't happen in this year's primaries (but should have) is Senator Lindsey Graham's win.  Conservatives across the nation have come to despise the positions that Lindsey Graham and his buddy John McCain have taken over the years.  They have sided more with Democrats than the voting base.  But somehow the voters in Graham's district keep electing him. It's hard to believe in a strongly red state like South Carolina.  

And that's the problem we need to be aware of while we bask in the glow of conservative victory against Cantor.  If Graham can still win in a state that brought us Jim DeMint (a sad loss to the Senate when he retired) and Trey Gowdy, then we have to be very careful not to get overconfident when someone like Eric Cantor is defeated in Virginia.  

Cantor's defeat is reason for celebration, no doubt.  But the fact that Graham can still win says that we've got a very long road to take this country back.  We should use the Cantor defeat to inspire us to dig in our heels and work even harder to try to save America.  

There are many bad things happening in our country and little will be done to hold this administration accountable.  But the key to victory against the progressives in both the Democrat party and the establishment Republicans is educating our fellow voters.  Few American voters really know what's happening in our country.  If we don't educate them they will continue to reelect the Lindsey Graham's to office.  The fact that we haven't done that already and establishment GOP candidates did extremely well in the primaries this year may already have doomed our chances.  

But we must continue the fight, which means putting such pressure on the establishment GOP that they move to the right and embrace the conservative values to which Americans hold.  You can bet the establishment GOP will be doing everything in their power to see that Tea Partiers are defeated in November, even though it would mean more control by the Democrats.

The chances of saving America hinge on two issues this year.  The first will be yet this month when the Supreme Court rules on religious freedom in the Hobby Lobby case.  America was founded by the people whose families came here fleeing religious persecution and seeking freedom and opportunity.  It's the cornerstone of our nation.  If it fails, our freedoms are doomed.

If it does fail, the only chance to save it will be dependent on the results of the midterm elections this fall.  If we don't get control of Congress back in the hands of the people, there will be no stopping whoever is president now or in 2016.  We have 5 months before those elections.  If religious liberty fails in the Supreme Court this month, only a successful takeover of Congress can bring it back.  And if it's not brought back by the Congress elected in November, it will be too late to get it back in the future.