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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Judge: Christians Don't Have Same Rights As Other Americans

Here's the Nonsense:  Christians should have their rights withheld because they are the worst of all who discriminate.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The stories of discrimination on the part of Christian business owners are not only being inaccurately reported, they miss the real point, which is the loss of First Amendment rights for ALL Americans.

After ruling against a Christian business owner and having his ruling upheld, a Denver judge has said that only Christians should be required to violate their beliefs while other groups should not be subjected to the same requirements.  This is an explicit violation of the religious freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment, yet the message is clear:  Christians are to be treated as a lower class in America and will not be allowed to have the same freedoms as other citizens.  

Anyone with the IQ of a small soap dish should understand that if Christians are targeted to lose their freedoms today, it will be another group tomorrow, and another one the day after that.  It isn't IF you will lose your freedoms, it's when.  This isn't just about Christians, it's about freedom for every American.  This is the single most important issue we face for the future of our nation.

On Friday the Colorado Civil Rights Division upheld a judge's ruling that Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakes, must make wedding cakes for gay customers.  But the story isn't being reported honestly in the media who claim that it is about discrimination against two men who are gay.  

A homosexual couple had gotten married in Massachusetts (where gay marriage is legal) and wanted to celebrate their wedding in Colorado (where gay marriage is not legal).  They went into Phillips' business and asked that a cake be made to celebrate their wedding.  Phillips, a devout Christian, will not use his artistic ability to celebrate, promote, or give any form of support to things that go against his faith.  His business declined to make the cake decorated the way that was requested, but he was willing to sell them anything else they wanted.  He was willing to sell them a cake with no wedding decoration on it.  He was even willing to help them find a baker who would make what they wanted.  But that wasn't good enough.  The couple filed suit, with the help of the ACLU, claiming discrimination.

Sadly, many people can't see this as anything other than discrimination.  They try to liken it to when blacks were refused service at restaurants decades ago.  But there's a difference.  Phillips didn't refuse to do business with the homosexual couple.  He just asked that he not be put in the position of violating his conscience, which is the conscience of a man of Christian faith.  If he'd have refused to do business with the couple because they were homosexual that would be discrimination.  That's different than saying you'll do business with someone but won't violate your conscience if their request would mean you'd have to do something against your principles.

I am reminded of a call I received in my consulting business a few years ago.  A man wanted me to build a marketing program for a new business.  He showed me his business plan and all the details.  It would have been something I could have easily built to a success.  The contract was worth considerable money to my business.  But I declined the opportunity because it violated my conscience.  The business owner was stunned and asked me to tell him why.  I explained that his business was something that, while legal and an idea that certainly could be very successful, was something that I couldn't support.  He wanted to open a business that would give people a unique way to borrow money, even with poor credit, but at extremely high interest rates.

I don't believe that debt is good.  In fact, I take the Biblical position that teaches we are to owe no man anything and that a borrower is a slave to the lender.  I don't believe that just because something is legal that it is moral.  I do believe that taking advantage of people with obscenely high interest rates on loans is immoral.  As a result, I could not be a part of it.  

The business owner reminded me that it was his business and it wasn't the same as me owning it.  I politely told him that if I helped build his business I was, in essence, supporting a business concept that immorally took advantage of people.  He was very polite and thanked me for my time and then closed our conversation by saying that he was really impressed that someone would walk away from such a large amount of money based on principle.  But that's the point.  If you have principles, it's never about money.  It's about something much bigger to you.

Refusing to make a cake to celebrate a gay wedding is not the only thing Jack Phillips won't do.  He also doesn't believe in celebrating Halloween, which many Christians see as a Satanic holiday, but he'll be happy to make you a cake celebrating autumn or harvest time.  He won't make an erotic or sexually suggestive cake.  He won't make anything that conflicts with what he believes.  In other words, he's a man of character and conscience whose principles come first.

Yet Jack Phillips will make anyone anything else they'd like.  He'll happily use his talent to make you a special treat that is very unique.  But that's not good enough anymore in America.  Even though he will do business with anyone, because he stands on his principles he has now been targeted as a hater, a bigot, an evil man.  From everything I've heard he's anything but what he's accused of being.

Earlier Judge Robert Spencer in Denver had ruled against Phillips threatening him with fines and jail time if he did not make wedding cakes for gay customers.

WND reports:
"Spencer’s ruling said Phillips’ constitutional rights are secondary, because otherwise the 'cost to society' isn’t considered. He granted homosexuals a special standard.

"But the ACLU, which is representing the duo [the gay couple who brought suit], said the same standard should not be used in other circumstances, such as asking a Muslim baker to make a cake criticizing his faith or asking a black cake maker to make a cake for the KKK.

"Those bakers, because of their beliefs, would be allowed to refuse service, Spencer said.

Spencer bluntly offered cake makers an alternative: 'They can quit.'"

(note: The quote above refers to a Muslim baker being asked to make a cake criticizing his faith. This is no different than what Jack Phillips was asked to do because making a cake celebrating a gay wedding goes against the teachings of his religion, which in essence would be criticizing his own faith.)

So, if you profess to be a Christian, you've just lost your First Amendment rights.  You no longer have the same rights as others in America.  Other religious persons, such as Muslims, have those rights even though their beliefs are not in agreement with the left either.  If Christians don't like it, they can give up their business.  But Muslims are allowed to stay in business and believe and do as they choose. 

But why should a Muslim baker be given different rights than a Christian?  Christians have been painted as bigots and evil, but Muslims aren't seen that way.  Both religions teach that homosexuality is wrong, although how they deal with it is dramatically different.  

Muslims believe that homosexuals should be put to death.  While there are no cases I know of in America where this has happened, in countries that are controlled by Islamic law, the laws demand death for a homosexual.  In fact, as I wrote in a recent post, the Beverly Hills Hotel has been under boycott because it's owner is the Sultan of Brunei and he instituted a penal code in his country that designates numerous things as crimes, including homosexuality, and gives the death penalty for them.  This is not uncommon in countries under Islamic law.
Muslims, believe that they must kill someone who is gay because it goes against the teachings they believe are from Allah (Allah is their God and, contrary to the people who think otherwise, it is not the same God as the God that Christians believe in).  Muslims believe they are to take the action of killing the person. 

Christians, on the other hand, are simply refusing to do work that would cause them to violate their conscience.  That's quite different than calling for the death of homosexuals.  Christians believe that sinners who have not repented from their sins and been forgiven through faith in Jesus do not go to heaven, but go to hell.  It doesn't matter what the sin is.  Yes, Christians see homosexuality as a sin as spelled out by God in the Bible. But any sin, not just homosexuality, will keep you from heaven.  Christians are not the ones keeping someone from heaven.  That person's sin is.  And Christians simply believe that God makes the rules by which we must live to enter heaven and that God does not leave those rules open for debate.  

Christianity teaches that God deals with the person and that it is not Christians who are to be killing people.  In fact, Christians are commanded to love people.  But we must also understand that loving someone does not mean they have to accept or condone every action that person takes.  If you're a parent and your child makes a choice you disagree with that doesn't mean you don't love them.  For example, if a child decides to take drugs or move in with their girlfriend or boyfriend outside of marriage it would be very common for a parent to disapprove.  That doesn't mean the parent doesn't love the child.  In fact, it is an act of love to tell someone that you believe what they are doing is wrong.  That may be the only time they hear someone challenge them to reconsider their actions.     

Christianity doesn't teach what Islam does when it comes to how to deal with homosexuality. Christians are to warn people that their actions, homosexuality or any other thing that the Bible teaches is sin, will keep them from heaven.  Christianity teaches that if you repent of your sins and embrace faith in Jesus that you can, through God's grace, be redeemed.  Redemption is at the core of Christianity.

Muslims don't believe in grace and redemption.  They believe you submit to Islam or die.  And that death is to be at the hand of Muslims.

So, Christians are actually far more tolerant than Muslims, but yet Christians are seen as the intolerant ones and their rights are taken away while Muslims are allowed to continue in their views unchallenged.  

In America we've reached the point where our court system can now act totally irrationally by putting political correctness over logic.  To say that a Muslim would not be required to do what they are requiring Mr. Phillips to do makes absolutely no rational sense.  Yet this judge actually is foolish enough to think it is logical.  His ruling is devoid of common sense.  Virtually any first grader would see the inconsistency in what's happening.  But political correctness requires an abandonment of all common sense.

You might not think much about this issue, but the fact is that it's the single most important issue that will determine the future of America.  First Amendment rights trump everything else.  If you find yourself feeling that the most important issue for America's future is one of these:

  • NSA spying
  • the IRS scandal
  • the blatant law-breaking of President Obama (and if those 76 aren't enough, click here for a new one from last week when President Obama illegally traded 5 terrorists in Gitmo for an American prisoner held by the Taliban)
  • Second Amendment rights
  • Agenda 21
  • pro-life issues
  • healthcare
  • Common Core
  • or anything else

then you don't understand the importance of the First Amendment.  

If you lose the right to speak, think and believe as you choose, then all other rights are already gone.

Freedom for Christians is over in this world.  Christianity is the most persecuted religion on the planet.  Those same freedoms will be taken away from people of other beliefs in the future.  They're just making Christians the first target.  And I promise you, whether you want to believe it or not, you're next.