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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Most Conservatives Are Missing The Most Important Story This Week

Here's the Nonsense:  There are a lot of important stories in the news. Raising awareness about any of them is good enough.  We just need to make sure people are educated.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Many stories in the news are important and need to be brought to the public's attention.  But there is one this week that overrides them all and is not getting the attention it needs.  There are only a few days left to do anything about it.

There are big headlines this week that should be addressed, but the most important one is not being given the priority it needs to have.  Today as I write this it is Sunday, June 15.  On June 19 the vote on a replacement for Majority Leader Eric Cantor's replacement will be held.  The person who gets this position is a huge determiner of where the Republicans in Congress are headed.  With so few days to build support for a conservative candidate, every conservative media source should be hammering home the importance of the pressures that need to be put on our representatives to vote the right way.  But instead, I see very little being written or spoken about it.  The conservative media are too focused on other stories that, while important, are not near as urgent as this one because this one only has a few days to succeed or die.  And if it dies, it will be another blow to conservatism and the elimination of one of the last chance's to get Congress under control.

The important stories in today's news are mind-boggling in both content and number.  Just a sample of those vying for the position of most important include:  

1.)  A little reported story in Iraq that Americans were evacuated except for about 100 American contractors.  They were left to fight off the terrorist insurgents of ISIS who had surrounded the air base outside of Baghdad where they were trapped.  American flights getting our people out had ceased at the end of last week and those 100 remained fighting to keep ISIS from taking over.  Obama wouldn't commit to even sending air strikes to help them while they get out.  Sound familiar?  Leaving Americans behind, whether it's in Benghazi, Libya or Iraq doesn't seem to matter to this administration. The only ones he shows any worry to get out of harm's way are those that appear to be deserters (pronounced "Bergdahl").  Certainly this is an important story, especially given the urgency those people are facing.  But it should be a no-brainer that we should always, ALWAYS go back for our own and use any means necessary to get them out.

2.)  Certainly another important story is the bigger story of Iraq's fall to ISIS overall.  The Guardian reports that even Iran has sent in troops to help Iraq.  Iraq and Iran have asked the U. S. for help, but we have a president who says he'll think about it, and then gives some poppycock story about needing to get a commitment from Iraq as to their willingness to be open to political negotiations before he'll do anything.  Then he heads to a golfing weekend.  

We shouldn't have left Iraq when we did or how we did.  Even if we made a mistake going to war there doesn't mean that you leave people without help who clearly are not able to help themselves.  I heard K. T. McFarland say last week that Bush shouldn't have gone into Iraq and Obama shouldn't have left Iraq.  I think those are some pretty accurate words.

3.)  If those stories aren't enough, the Daily Mail is reporting that the IRS is now saying that those two years of Lois Lerner's emails that the House had subpoenaed have been lost due to a computer problem.  Isn't that convenient?  As the bloodhounds get closer and closer to the truth, the key email evidence in the investigation are suddenly lost.  

Hey, I've got an idea.  Why doesn't the investigating committee just subpoena them from the NSA?  No matter what they tell us, we all know they have them (and every other electronic communication of any kind from every American).  Privacy is non-existent in America anymore, so let's at least use this wicked system the government has set up to spy on all of us to get information we need to ferret out some real crime.

And the list of stories goes on and on.  

But as important as they are, they pale in comparison to Idaho Republican Raul Labrador choosing to run against Kevin McCarthy for the Majority Leader position in the House of Representatives.  Most people won't even read this until tomorrow, June 16.  That means they have only 3 days to make an impact that will push the election Labrador's way.  As liberal as Cantor's establishment Republican views are, McCarthy is much further to the left.  That will only enable John Boehner and his buddies to continue to give in to this administration and sell America out.  Getting someone like Labrador into a high leadership position like Cantor has held gives conservatives a voice in leadership and a chance to push back to get control of our nation again.

The establishment GOP won't easily give up their power and their ill-conceived notions of where to take America.  Eric Cantor's loss in his primary election this past week was good news for conservatives.  But it's not enough.  

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele is now suggesting that Cantor should get his old job as head of the RNC.  That would ensure an ongoing stranglehold by the establishment on the RNC.  With Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy being pushed into Cantor's old job as Majority Leader, the establishment shows it has learned nothing and intends on business as usual, which is a death sentence for America.

With so little time left before this soon to be held election, it's imperative that EVERYONE is contacting their representatives and putting pressure on them to vote for Labrador.  The primary elections this spring have not gone very well for conservatives.  If we miss this chance, we've just given up one of our last hopes at successfully turning America around.

So, if you're in the media you should be writing and talking about this over any other story for the next few days.  Conservative citizens should be putting pressure on their representatives and talking to everyone they know and meet to do the same.  Until June 19th, nothing else matters.