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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Compassion For Illegals? How About Compassion For Black Americans?

Here's the Nonsense:  We must have compassion for those poor children coming across our border, legal or not.  It's the right thing to do to accept them into our country.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Not only is accepting them the wrong thing to do, it ignores what this mess is doing to our fellow-Americans.  Real compassion says to protect our fellow Americans from this invasion.

Has anyone noticed that the Democrats who are pushing this whole illegal immigration mess have forsaken their most loyal party members in doing so?  That's right.  By pushing illegal immigration amnesty for millions of poor and needy foreigners who have come here hoping to join in on the freebies the American government is known to give out, they are bringing in more people to take the few jobs that are available in our country.  And that will impact the black community more than any other.  Some blacks are waking up to it and speaking out, but the Democrats don't care at all about the plight of black Americans.  Blacks are being thrown under the bus by the Democrats and they don't even know it.

We now have some blacks speaking out against what's happening on our border.  Breitbart published an article telling of a woman who was on Laura Ingraham's show telling of how bad things are for her family in Baltimore.  She told how her children could not safely ride their bikes in their neighborhood and she couldn't even take out the trash without locking her door.  She raised important issues for this administration.  She asked where she could get asylum and refugee status.  She recognizes that our government is putting money (that we don't have, by the way) towards these illegal immigrants while we have people in America in desperate need.

Update (7/14/14 12:34PM ET): And now it appears that the black community in Obama's own home district of Chicago are upset with him about this issue.  Gatewaypundit is reporting that some are even saying "he will probably go down as the worst president."

These are not lone stories.  Other stories have appeared where similar questions are being raised by blacks.  And they're legitimate questions.  We do have an obligation to take care of Americans before other people.  But the Democrats don't care.  The attitude the Democrats are showing says, "Who cares about the blacks?  They'll vote for us no matter what we do, so let them suffer with high unemployment, high crime in their neighborhoods, and other injustices.  What matters is for us to get these illegal immigrants into this country and give them citizenship so we can get more Democrat voters.  Blacks will always vote for us so it doesn't matter how we treat them."

The history of the Democrat Party with the black community has been long and consistent.  They have consistently caused the terrible treatment of blacks.  Fighting to keep them from freedom, to keep them from equal rights, to keep them from having the same opportunities as other Americans.  The Democrats have falsely told the black community that the best thing for them is to let the government provide minimal needs for them.  This is nonsense. The best thing is to help them get to a higher standard of living.

And sadly the majority of the black community have bought this bill of goods the Democrats have sold them.  Like a slick, fast-talking salesman who sells snake oil, the Democrats have sold the black community the lie that they care about them.

For the most part blacks in America don't recognize that they are simply being used by the Democrat Party (I wrote about it before here).  Their best interest is something Democrats don't even think about.  They just want the black vote and will tell any lie to get it.  Few Americans know enough about America's political history to know that the Republican Party was not only the party of which Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a member, but it was the party that was built with freedom and equal rights for blacks being one of the key foundation stones.  

The illegal immigrants flooding this country with the help of the Democrats will do more damage to the black community than any other.  Sure, the diseases and crime will affect all Americans, but the additional influx of lower-skilled labor will take more jobs from blacks as their community statistically relies more on those types of jobs than other racial or ethnic groups.  The nation's highest unemployment levels are in the black community and will be exacerbated by these illegals.  Standing up against the outrageous flood of illegal immigrants is about our borders, our security, our safety, and about standing up for fellow Americans who will be the most impacted by this mess.

If Republicans want to win new voters onto their roles, the black community would be a natural place to seek those votes.  Traditionally the black community embraces more conservative values than other racial groups in America.  While the influence of the lies of liberation theology have infiltrated many of their churches and ministers (just listen to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton for examples of this fallacy they call Bible teaching), the black community on the whole still has deeper connection to churches and traditional conservative values than even they realize.

If conservative Republicans would work to get the black community back, they would have a big increase in their voting strength while helping fellow Americans who need our help now in the face of the immigration debacle.

But winning anyone to your side in an argument takes time and effort.  It's not just about helping people once or about having a good argument against their political views.  Before any of that can matter people must see that they are important and cared about by those trying to win them over. 

While I long ago left the Republican Party and became an independent, I realize that the Republican Party is the only party that has a chance at saving America, so I support conservative Republican candidates.  There is not enough time left to start a new party or build an existing third party to the strength needed to save our nation.  So while we conservatives fight to get the Republican Party back to embracing its own platform, we must also bring others in to help us.  The black community is a community that was traditionally Republican and they've been hijacked.  Fighting to help them will win us the chance to be heard and allow us to start to win them over to help in America's turnaround.

The establishment Republicans (also known as foolish Republicans) think that giving amnesty to illegals will win the GOP the Hispanic vote.  It won't.  It never has and never will.  Winning back the black community can give needed help in our efforts to save America.  

Many people incorrectly think that Barack Obama and his sort represent the black community.  He doesn't.  He, like the Jesse Jackson's and Al Sharpton's of this world, are not interested in helping the black community.  They are interested in power and their lives prove it.  So let's show people by our lives what we really believe in and win people over to our side.  

The media are crying the blues for the illegal immigrant children flooding into our country.  They tell us that we can't turn our backs on them as that would not be the compassionate thing to do.  Yet the stories we are hearing about what these children are enduring in their trek to America is horrendous.  One third of girls making the trip are being sexually assaulted.  Children are being abused at unheard-of levels.  

The compassionate thing to do is to stop the incentive for their parents to send them on that trip to America in the first place.  If we close our borders tight and send those who have made the trek back, the message will travel that you can no longer get into America unless you follow the standard legal process.  That will remove the incentive for parents to send their children on that dangerous trip.  And keeping those children from going on the trip and avoiding the danger in the first place is the truly compassionate thing to do.

And while we're speaking of compassion.  The other compassionate thing we need to do is to stand up to protect Americans from the disaster that is upon us.  Standing up for our black friends and fellow-Americans is truly an act of compassion.