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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It May Be Impossible To Turn Colorado Back Into A Red State, And That's Important For The Entire Nation

Here's the Nonsense:  The citizens of Colorado are fed up and are willing to come together in spite of their differences to rid the state of the disaster that is the Democrat control of their state.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Voters are too divided to come together for a win against the Democrats in Colorado.  And now with the latest revelation of what the GOP establishment has done, any chance at victory is most likely out the window.

Most people across the nation are aware that in only 2 election cycles of this past decade that the Democrats were able to turn Colorado from a red state into a blue state.  Now they are using that same blueprint to go after other red states, Texas being the biggest target.  While they are doing that, many are fighting in hopes that they can turn Colorado back to red.  But after a revelation that just came out about actions of the establishment GOP in this year's Colorado gubernatorial primaries, it looks like there may be little chance to turn the state back to red.  This is important for the entire country because even though Colorado is a small state, it is a model being used to determine what is happening nationally.

In a Colorado GOP primary race earlier this year that had former Congressman Tom Tancredo clearly in the lead, a sudden change in the last moments of the race caused him to lose by a very close margin to former Congressman Bob Beauprez.  Tancredo is the conservative/libertarian favorite among that base in Colorado, but the establishment GOP controls the Republican Party in Colorado just like they do in the national GOP.  Tancredo saw early that things would be difficult and the establishment sent the message that should he win the nomination there may be no money from them to help his campaign.  Tancredo then asked Beauprez to enter the race knowing that if he didn't get the nomination that Beauprez would be a good alternative who, although not as solidly conservative, would stand strong on most important issues and also get the establishment GOP backing in the race.

With that much said, the story sounds like Tancredo was just out of luck against the establishment candidate and lost to Beauprez.  But something seemed fishy all along and now it appears that some information is coming out about what really happened.  And that information is such that it has a good chance of derailing any chance for the GOP to take back Colorado.

The Denver Post is reporting that "the RGA [Republican Goernors Association] contributed money to the Republican Attorneys General Association just a few days after the AG group donated to a third party that helped fund attacks against former Conressman Tom Tancredo."  

This action by the establishment-controlled Republican Governors Association and the Republican Attorneys General Association was unknown to Beauprez, according to Tancredo who says he confronted Beauprez and believed him when he said he knew nothing about it. 

Tancredo wants Beauprez to win but is livid at the actions taken by the establishment to stop his run in a way that, according to an interview with Tancredo on Denver talk radio this morning, is not just unethical but is illegal.

Recently Republican Governors Association Chairman Chris Christie (the governor of New Jersey) was in Colorado to campaign with Beauprez.  That did not sit well with the conservative/libertarian base.  

But Beauprez is doing a balancing act between honoring the establishment who supports him and the conservative/libertarian base he is trying to win over.  He wants to unite both sides so that not only he, but other GOP candidates can win and take back control of Colorado for the republicans.  

The campaigning with Christie and now the news of the Christie-led governors association's dirty dealings against Tancredo has caused a reaction by the base that is huge.  Conservatives and libertarians are in a rage over this news and their anger looks like it may be taken out on Beauprez, which in turn would keep the GOP from any chance at regaining control in the state.

While the base is rightfully angry, they are not taking their cues from Tancredo who has clearly stated he supports Beauprez and wants him to win.  He's also said he doesn't want this news to hurt Beauprez's campaign.  But instead of taking direction from Tancredo, the base is screaming for everything from write-in campaigns and another third party run for Tancredo to staying home and not voting to teach the establishment GOP a lesson.  The result of any of these will only be victory for the Democrats.

This is a perfect example of how people don't learn lessons from past experience.  Back in the 2012 presidential campaign the Ron Paul supporters took the very same attitude when Paul didn't win the GOP nomination.  They were like angry little children who took their toys and went home pouting and refused to participate.  That tantrum had a huge impact on the outcome of the election that kept Barack Obama in office for another term.

There's an old saying that is important to understand at times like this.  It says that in the primaries you should vote with your conscience and in the general election you should vote with your brain.  What it means is that in the primaries you should fight for and vote for who you believe is the best candidate.  But once the primaries are over, get over it if your candidate did not get the nomination and support the party's candidate for the general election.  Use your brain to understand that even though the party choice may not be your favorite, it's still a step in the right direction.  

Contrary to what many Ron Paul supporters said in 2012, Romney was different from Barack Obama.  And the result of their tantrum has been a disaster of such large proportions that the nation may not survive.  

In the fight for the future of America we must understand that the Democrats won Colorado by agreeing to win first and settle their internal differences in their party later.  They understand that control is important and that their differences are far less between themselves than they are with the right.  

The right needs to learn the same lesson or be doomed to continue to lose.  And it appears that because they haven't learned that lesson in Colorado that they may very well be giving up any chance of returning the state to GOP control.