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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Obama Again Reveals His True Plans, But Do Americans See It?

Here's the Nonsense:  President Obama is right when he says that we should embrace a new economic system that fixes the unfairness caused by the wealthy and businesses in our economy.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The president simply wants to take down America's economic system to replace it with a system that will leave us with an economy and prosperity level of Soviet-era communist countries.  Americans have to make a choice about the future of America.

Breitbart is reporting that, in his Saturday address, President Obama said:
"When some companies cherrypick their taxes, it damages the country's finances," adding, "It adds to the deficit.  It makes it harder to invest in the things that will keep America strong, and it sticks you with the tab for what they stash offshore." 
"...they're renouncing their citizenship and declaring that they're based somewhere else, just to avoid paying their fair share."
"...let's embrace an economic patriotism that says we rise or fall together, as one nation, and as one people."

The message is huge.  Obama is revealing once again what his true plans are for America.  But most Americans will miss it.  

What Obama is saying is that Americans need to accept the idea that the government has the right to steal, in this case from businesses. And he is also trying to get people to think it is evil for companies to seek what is in their best interest, their bottom line.  

Obama has spent his entire career, first as a community organizer and then as an elected politician, vilifying business as evil.  This creates an "us versus them" mentality among his listeners that is ripe for the progressive message that things are not fair and something needs to be done to make them fair.

With that mindset people are ready to be led down a path of destruction as they listen to the progressive "solution" that only government under their leadership can make things right.  This gets people thinking that they will be taken care of and never have to worry again.  It's a faux message of security that people grab onto, especially in times of economic difficulty, hoping that the government will save them... but it won't.  It can't.

It is a message that gets people thinking that the government will take care of them and they will never have to worry again.  They don't have to be responsible.  They can just ride along and have their desires met by somebody else.  No responsibility, just leisure and an easy lifestyle.

This mindset doesn't understand that businesses are what drive our economy, not the government.  Government can only make it easy or hard to do business.  They cannot make the economy good.  In fact, unless kept on a strict leash, they can and will make the economy bad, as we see happening today.

Businesses are, by nature, intended to make money so they can grow and prosper.  And that prosperity is passed on as they hire more workers, buy more supplies, and invest their profits.  Businesses are in business to make money, and when they do the economy thrives.  

Let's go back and look carefully at what Obama is saying:
  • Obama says that companies seeking legal ways to protect themselves from paying too much in taxes damages the country's finances.  In other words, he can't spend as much because the big, bad businesses have the nerve to not give him more money. 
  • He says it adds to the deficit.  That means that the country has to borrow more money to keep spending like drunken sailors instead of being responsible and living within a budget that we can afford. (My apologies to drunken sailors, I know that you're more responsible than our government!)
  • He says it makes it harder to invest in things that will keep America strong.  Once again, he believes that strength comes from spending (his definition of "investing" can only be described as outrageous, uncontrolled spending).  And that spending is to be on social programs that have been proven not to work.  
  • Then he adds that it sticks the citizens with the tab, when in reality the tab we are being stuck with is that of rampant, irresponsible spending that is so out of control that we are the largest debtor nation in the history of the world.
  • He goes on to blame his inability to get his hands on more of the corporate money on the very companies that provide jobs and create a successful economy for our nation.  He does this instead of taking responsibility for increasing our spending and debt more than the mind can comprehend.  
Obama's goal in saying these things was to once again try to get the American people to support his ridiculous idea that fairness is what he determines it is and that if things aren't fair, then only the government can make them right.  Once again, this helps create discontent, which is part of the progressive plan, so that as things continue to get worse people will become more receptive to progressive politicians who promise fairness.

They try to get voters to think that their lives aren't fair and that the government has the answers to fix it.  

They tout the idea that "social justice" is the answer, but it is really just taking what someone has earned as a result of their own hard work and giving it to someone else.  And no, it's not a fun story like Robin Hood.  It's about taking YOUR hard-earned resources and giving them to someone else because the government determines that you don't have the right to the fruits of your labors.

I've got news for them.  Life is not fair.  Period.  And government is the worst answer to problems.  Another period.

The prosperity that we have lived with and enjoy in modern America has come about because of our free market system that has allowed people to prosper as a result of their hard work.  Doing things the progressive way allows the government to decide at any given moment whether you should keep what you've earned or whether it should be taken and given to someone the government says deserves it more.

But this is not just who Barack Obama is, it's who the progressives are.  They have taken control of the Democrat Party and infiltrated our government to collapse it and replace it with their socialist/marxist style-system.  They have indoctrinated Americans over the decades to think that marxist ideology is no longer a threat, but it is alive and well and living under the name of progressivism.  If you don't believe it, just do a little honest study and it's easy to see there really is no difference.  So, unless we understand that the only option is to defeat the Democrat Party, we will lose this nation.

Barack Obama has never hidden what he is doing.  All the citizens had to do was pay attention.  But this time, just as before, I doubt that Americans are seeing it.  There is no longer much critical thinking done by Americans.  There is just a blind following of their narcissistic desires with no thought or care for the future that our children and grandchildren face.

Those selfish desires have brought our nation to its knees.  So now that we are humiliated from allowing this to happen, we need to ask if we are willing to respond in a whirlwind of fury to fight with everything we have to save this great republic that is the last hope of liberty for the world.  Or, do we stay down on our knees like a prisoner about to be executed and allow them to finish us off and let the great America we have known go into the dustbin of history?

It's your choice.