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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Russians Mock Obama, But America Deserves It

Here's the Nonsense:  Russia is making a fool of themselves by mocking our president.  It is no reflection on American at all.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Russian mocking may not mean much to Americans, but it shows what our standards have devolved to when choosing our leaders.  We need to pay attention to how other nations react and respond to us if we are to understand where we are the weakest.

Some people call our president a leader.  In fact, there was a time when the U. S. president was not just considered the leader of our country, but the leader of the free world.  But we've watched that diminish to the point where America's president can't legitimately be called a leader, let alone the leader of America or the free world.  Our current president not only couldn't qualify as a leader of the night shift at a 7-11, he's become the laughingstock of the world, which was shown once again this past week when the Russian Deputy Prime Minister tweeted pictures of Putin and Obama showing Putin as masculine and Obama as weak.  And that weakness in our president is our fault.

American leadership is almost non-existent anymore.  Certainly there is no one in any leadership position held by any Democrat or Republican in Washington, DC.  In fact, the only leaders anywhere in Washington are a few on the Republican side who are not in leadership offices.  

The worst part is the man who is supposed to be the leader of our nation is no leader at all.  While he's busy with his constant efforts to take America down a few notches and make us like the rest of the world, our enemies throughout the world laugh.  

From his bowing to foreign officials to drawing a continually moving red line when he "takes a stand" we have seen nothing less than scorn for America by the world.  Our allies can no longer count on us and our enemies giggle in glee as they see opportunity to take over the world because America is no longer strong.

Russia's made moves to rebuild its military and taken an ever-increasing stance of aggressiveness in the world.  China's made huge investments in building their military and space program. (Their big advances in technology can be greatly attributed to Bill Clinton's failings as president and a continued quiet alliance that the Chinese obviously have developed with Russia.)  President Obama's weakness has encouraged them to do this.  Just this past week Yahoo News reported that the Chinese have acknowledged that they now have missiles that can reach the USA.  

All this while our president continues to reduce our military to levels that, as reported by the Washington Times, are too weak for us to maintain our defenses.  Don't forget that it was reported before the last election that President Obama told the Russians he would have more flexibility to tear down our nuclear defense capability after his reelection. 

So it should be no surprise that he is seen as weak by our enemies.  In fact, so weak that they openly make fun of him.  

The U. K. Telegraph reports that this week Russia's Deputy Prime Minister tweeted a photo of Vladimir Putin holding and petting a leopard and a picture of Barack Obama holding a poodle.  To the Russians, and much of the world, it shows Putin as strong and masculine and Obama as weak, almost feminine. 

Now personally I see nothing wrong with Obama holding a poodle in a picture.  I dont think the picture itslef makes him look unmanly.  I find enough other things he does prove his lack of manliness without having to rely on a ridiculous picture.  

But America has different views about what does and doesn't exude strength than much of the world.  To Russians and many other nations this is a clear comparison of a man versus a wimp.  Putin is known for having pictures published showing what his culture sees as strength and masculinity.    From horseback riding to hunting he has tried to promote himself as the strong, masculine leader.  And while I personally don't think those pictures are impressive, to much of the world it is quite a comparison to our president who is known for wearing mom jeans and throwing a baseball like a girl, and riding a bike looking way more feminine than any guy should. 

But those are not nearly as bad as when he shows his weakness on the world stage by bowing to foreign officials and not standing firm on issues.  These and all of our other problems stem from having a president with no true leadership traits.

You can't expect a man who is simply a puppet to show strength or have leadership traits.  Don't get me wrong.  I am not saying he is incompetent.  He is extremely competent, but not the way Americans want and expect their president to be.  We want a president who will do everything he can to uphold American values and make America strong. 

However, we must understand that Obama's values, and the values of those who control and direct his actions, clearly are from a different ideology than most Americans hold.  He does not want America to be the world's superpower.  He sees America as evil and wants us neutered so that we are just another country.  He believes that that is best for America and the world.  He believes that by weakening America he is doing great work.  And in working towards that goal, he is extremely competent, as can be seen by the success he's had at damaging our country since he took office.  

One of America's key problems is its lack of leadership.  Americans wonder how things got this bad, but it's the citizens who have not held a high standard in the people they elect to office.  There are key character traits that a person must have to be a true leader, and very few people in elected office have those traits.  They are not common.  But they are essential if you want to have a true leader in office.

In my recent book, The Leadership Secret, I detail the 16 traits of true leaders.  When we place people with these traits in leadership positions amazing things happen.  And since America has not done that, we are now receiving the trouble we've only asked for by our irresponsibility in how we've chosen our leaders.

The character of our leaders is critical to our nation surviving and succeeding.  We do not have leaders with character because true character means that you will do what's right regardless of the cost to yourself.  How many politicians will do that?  

But we must also understand that America's failure to elect people of character is because we, as a people, have lost our character.  America is an immoral nation, but no one wants to say those words.  People feel it's too offensive.  I've got news for them.  The truth is offensive.  And we should embrace it and see it as what holds us to account.  Instead we hide from it, cover it up, ignore it, deny it, and twist it to be what we are comfortable with instead of using it to correct our faults.

There is something very wrong in a nation who elects and reelects people with no character.  The problem has gone on for a long time, but it has come to culmination in Barack Obama.  We truly have gotten the government we deserve.  

The only way to correct it is for Americans to face their own failings and correct them first, and then clean house in Washington and replace the politicians of both parties that do not uphold virtue and integrity.  Until we do that there will be no chance to get America on the track it needs to be on.