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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Pot (Boehner) Calls The Kettle (Obama) Black

Here's the Nonsense:  John Boehner really said it right when he talked about the incompetence of Obama.  The GOP will really fix this president with their lawsuit.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Boehner is afraid of his own shadow, at least that's what his actions seem to show.  He's all talk and no action.  The only way to save America is if the citizens do it.

In an interview this weekend on a North Dakota radio station, Speaker of the House John Boehner said that Obama wasn't prepared for the job of president.  Newsmax reports Boehner saying, "When you look at this White House you see incompetence at many levels."    He then went on to say that part of the problem with Obama is that he won't admit that his policies are not working.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!  Someone get this guy a mirror so he can see what hypocrisy looks like.  No wonder the GOP is in such a mess. We can't rely on them to save America.

Now, I realize that using the old idiom that what someone said is like the pot calling the kettle black risks me being called a racist, especially when one of those people is black themselves.  After all, using the word "black" in such a way is considered by the politically correct as a heinous act worthy of being labeled a racist statement.  But I'll risk it.  If people are too stupid to understand something this simple, then their criticism isn't worth consideration.

America is in crisis.  Our future is questionable at best.  On one hand we have one party, the Democrats, running rampantly over Americans' rights with their lawless president leading them down a path of destruction tearing down every vestige of constitutional authority left in the country.  

On the other hand, we have another party, the Republicans, doing everything they can to ignore the very powers and responsibility given to them by the Constitution so that they don't have to stand for anything.  (I think they were the inspiration for the saying that if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.)  This is a party that has seen that conservative principles work, yet they refuse to employ them.

Boehner used his time in this interview trying to justify the lawsuit he's bringing against the president.  I'm not an attorney and I am not going to try to determine the legal ramifications of such a suit.  But the fact is that solid constitutional lawyers have already raised issues as to whether there is standing for the suit.  Regardless, though, the real issue is that Boehner isn't willing to use the power of his office to reign in control of an out-of-control president.  The Constitution gives the House the power of the purse.  That means that the House can withhold funding to stop a president from acting like Obama does.   

But they don't do it.  They won't do it.   They avoid doing it to stop things like Obamacare, which has been rejected wholesale by the American public both before and since it was forced down our throats as it became law.  The House could defund it and stop it dead in its tracks.  But they won't.  

I can only think of two reasons why Boehner won't use this kind of power.  Either he is afraid of the confrontation with Obama and the Democrats (he'd be called a racist for that... but then the left already refers to Republicans as racists, but if it isn't true why should you worry about it), or he fears that if the Republican-controlled House uses that power, then later when the Democrats regain power in the House (and they inevitably will at some point because a pendulum swings both ways), that they will retaliate using that same power against a Republican president.  Or maybe it's actually a combination of both.

Regardless, we need leadership in Washington and neither party is providing any.  The Democrats are so far from acting morally that they cannot even be considered reasonable anymore.  The Republicans, who are controlled by the establishment GOP, are so unwilling to take a stand and use their power that they turn to the third branch of government, the Judicial Branch, to try to bring suit against the president.  That is essentially expecting the courts to do their job.  I won't be surprised if the courts throw it back at them and tell them they won't touch it.  You can't expect someone else to do your job, but that's exactly what the establishment Republicans want.

We have evil people on the left trying to destroy our government so they can replace our system with a progressive one.  At the same moment we have spineless people in control of the other party.  And we're supposed to get hope from where?

Actually there is an answer.  We get hope from God and our efforts.  We cannot rely on corrupt and weak politicians to stand up and do anything.  We must turn to God for guidance and then work harder than ever before.  We are in a war and it demands everything.  

As a friend of mine said in a speech to a conservative group recently, there is no time for rest, relaxation, vacation, hobbies, or even family events.  We are at war and we must sacrifice for the next few years if there is to be a chance to save this nation.  If we don't, the nation won't be left to fight for.  Our freedoms will be gone.  

It's time to turn off Facebook, quit thinking about vacations and other leisure activities, and get busy to win this war.  Some say we only have two election cycles left before this country is so far gone that it won't be salvageable.  Personally I'm not sure we have that many.  Our time is very limited and if we're not willing to give up everything, we don't deserve anything.  It really is true that people get the government they deserve.   After all, wars are not won by fighting part time.