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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Conservative's Diatribes On TV & Radio Leading The Downfall Of America?

Here's the Nonsense:  Conservatives on TV and radio are doing a lot to save America as they get their listeners involved in diatribes about what's wrong with America's politicians and government.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Conservatives who report the news are doing a good job,  but those who are only commenting on the news and getting their listeners/viewers agitated may be taking the focus off of where it needs to be if we're to save America from collapse.

Most of us have thought that the only hope in the media are the few conservatives who are reporting or commenting on the news of the day.  But after thinking about this I am not so sure this is fully the case.  In fact, while conservative journalists who are reporting the news are doing an excellent job of informing us what's happening, conservative commentators may be doing more damage than good.  Whether it's on TV or radio. those conservatives who have shows that simply report the news, such as Fox's Bret Baier, and those who work reporting news stories, such as Fox's Catherine Herridge, do an excellent job ferreting out the details and truth often covered up, ignored, or missed by others.  But most conservative commentators on talk radio and TV are a different story and may be doing more damage than good.

Whether you listen to national, regional, or local talk radio or watch conservative TV commentary it's almost always the same.  Have you noticed that the vast majority of these shows simply complain, grumble, get angry, do some fist-shaking while rattling off some diatribe, and overall get people riled up over what's happening in the news?  And to add to their riling of the masses, the hosts get guests on who just pump up the anger even more by only talking about what's wrong and rarely offer solid solutions that can save our nation from collapse.

A good example is the current mess on our southern border.  Illegal invaders keep coming over the border in wave after wave and nothing is being done on a federal level to stop it.  The shows I'm talking about rant and rave about it.  Their guests do the same.  They keep asking why Obama won't do anything, which is a ridiculous question on this type of issue, as I pointed out in my last post.  The hosts and their guests rant that we should put troops on the border, build fences, use technology, and on and on.  Their listeners get riled up, many of them calling in to shows where they rant along with the hosts and guests.

But this serves no purpose if we really want to save America.  All it does is get people riled up, but it doesn't solve problems.  The reason it's successful in the ratings is that people would rather complain than solve our problems.  And that will be the downfall in the efforts to save our country.  We don't deal with the problems, but we'll complain loud and long.  And when we can get together with others and do it together we are even more satisfied with ourselves.  In the meantime, the country continues down the tubes because we've done nothing to fix the problem except grumble and say we won't let this happen.

Do we wonder why most Americans aren't involved in their government?  Do we wonder how to reach them?  A recent survey by Rasmussen shows that 37% of voters don't even know which party controls the House or the Senate.  Congress has a terribly low approval rating (CNN reports it at 14%, and that's high compared to some other surveys.  I've heard it reported as low as 7%.) and yet most incumbents won their primaries for the upcoming midterm elections.  If America was informed and involved they would have all been thrown out in the primaries.  Let's face it, most Republican incumbents have proven themselves worthless at holding this administration accountable or standing up for the Constitution.  Now the only choice we're left with in the midterms is whether to reelect the incumbent worthless Republican or give up entirely and elect the Democrat running against them.

Americans are not involved and the ranting and raving going on by conservatives fixes nothing.  Those who have the platform to reach an audience, such as the TV and radio hosts I've been talking about, should be offering solutions.  But few do, whether they have national, regional, or local audiences.  

On a national level, Mark Levin is a rare exception who not only offers solutions, but uses his expertise and does research to produce books to show America what is happening AND how to solve it.  His book, The Liberty Amendments, gives the clear constitutional solution for fixing our problems that our founders designed into our system of government.  But that solution takes a lot of work in every individual state and that can only happen if people are involved making that happen.

Every host that truly cares about the future of our country should be promoting Levin's book and leading meetings for their listeners to get together and pursue the actions he recommends.  They can lead the meetings and/or coordinate meetings with Tea Party and other liberty groups.  This is most important for local and regional hosts.  For it's the local and regional shows that can get those local audience members involved to move things forward in their states.  And that is what is needed to win this fight to save our nation.

That's just one idea of what hosts should do.  If they don't know what to do, they should be having meetings with their listeners to brainstorm solutions.  Few do these kinds of things.  The public needs leadership to do these things and only these hosts have the platform to quickly and effectively bring people together to take action.

The diatribes must stop.  This past week I was on numerous shows discussing my last post about the foolishness of calling Obama incompetent instead of recognizing that we're fighting an ideology.  On each show I was on the hosts agreed I was right.  However, these shows like to spend some time talking with me about issues in the news and after we discussed my last post and moved on to other issues, it was sad to see that a number of those hosts, after having just agreed with me, go right back to attacking Obama as incompetent.  Yes, listeners should be educated about what's happening in the news, but to follow that up with rantings either as monologues or as back-and-forth discussions with guests and listeners who call in just takes things down a path that focuses on grumbling and not on solutions.

It's a hard habit to break.  We like to complain.  We find it easy to attack Obama and the progressives as though they have the same goals as we do for our nation, but they don't and calling them incompetent serves no purpose and makes no sense.

In business it's been proven through study after study that when a customer is dissatisfied they will spread their unhappy message to an average of 300 people.  When they are happy they only let an average of 13 people know.  Why?  Because we like to complain.  But when it comes to saving our nation, complaining won't do.  We must seek solutions and be proactive in making those solutions happen.

I've said it before, and it wasn't received very well but needs to be said again.  Our nation is in grave danger and there is no time for rest, relaxation, vacations, hobbies, or even family events.  Turn off the TV, get off of Facebook (actually, you'd be best to close your Facebook account altogether, but that's a different topic for a different day), and understand that it's time for sacrifice of our personal interests if we are to have any chance at turning this nation around.

We don't win wars by fighting part time.  We are a society addicted to leisure and that is killing us.  We must choose if we're willing to pay the price to save our nation or give up and fall into the 1000 years of darkness Ronald Reagan warned us about.  Of course most won't notice until it's too late.  They're either too busy ranting and raving instead of finding solutions or still too focused on their leisure activities.