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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, September 29, 2014

If You Think We'll Have A Dictator First, You Don't Understand

Here's the Nonsense:  America has problems, but it's not like we've got a dictator at our door about to take over.  It's extremism to think that we won't work through these problems just like we've worked through others in the past.

Here's the Horse Sense:  America is on the verge of entering the 1000 years of darkness Ronald Regan warned us about.  It is coming fast, and most people don't even recognize it.

Americans really are responsible for the mess our country is in.  That's because most Americans are not only uninvolved in our government, they don't believe America is in real danger.  They don't believe we're in danger because their expectations of what would happen if America fails are different than what is actually happening.  They think a dictator would have to come to power for us to lose our freedoms.  They believe that autocratic rule would only come after an overthrow of our government, most likely in a military form or through loss of war.  And since America, even though we're weaker than we once were, still has the strongest military in the world, they don't think it will happen.  They're missing the point because they don't recognize how it is happening.

When a nation falls, it's not always the same way as other nations fell.  World history has seen nation after nation fall during war to other nations.  Or sometimes a coup happens and a nation's government is overthrown, only to be taken over by some tyrant (or group of tyrants) either forcing themselves on their citizens or being ushered into power through the blissful cheers of uninformed followers who believe their false promises and rhetoric. 

But that's not the only way nations fall.  Look at the Roman Empire.  After attaining world power beyond anything ever seen in history up until that time, the Roman Empire failed not by internal overthrow or losing a war.  It basically just crumbled to pieces and dwindled away.

Today America is going through problems never before seen in our history. Having grown to become the worlds most powerful and influential nation, those of us alive today are used to America being in an unquestionable position of world leadership, prosperity, safety and stability.  But few Americans realize that's not who we are anymore.  Today this is what America looks like:

  • We no longer have leadership (let's face it, Obama, Reid, McConnell, Pelosi, Boehner and their cohorts are not leaders, they're self-serving politicians who are not out for the best interest of America).  My book, The Leadership Secret, addresses the character traits of true leaders and I would argue that only a couple dozen members of the House and Senate could qualify as true leaders.  Pretty pathetic when they're supposed to be the ones we've put in office to make and keep America great. 
  • We are no longer prosperous.  We throw money at things not even thinking that every time we spend more, we're borrowing the money to do so.  We have more debt than any nation in history and are not making any effort to cut back our spending to match our income, let alone to pay down our debt.  The old reference to drunken sailors being irresponsible with money isn't strong enough to describe America today.
  • We are no longer safe.  Russia is getting aggressive and even threatening retaliation against America.  China has grown in military strength and technology (thanks to Bill Clinton and the Democrats) to the point of now being able to seriously challenge America with weaponry of similar technology to America and Russia.  We also have terrorist threats to our country.  They want to attack us, but when they do, our law enforcement deny it and call it anything other than terror.  Things like Nidal Hassan's attack on Ft. Hood that was called workplace violence, even though he was open about his radical Islamic views and has even requested to join the Islamic State in recent months. Or this past week's attack in Oklahoma City where a person was beheaded by a man who'd become a radical Muslim, but once again this was called workplace violence, not terrorism.  We are not safe and clearly the terrorists are here (some of them are even Americans).
  • And we are not stable.  We have an administration dividing our people with racial activism, union activism, and causing division throughout our society.  America is very unstable.  Without leadership, economic strength, and safety there is no way anyone can honestly claim America is stable.  We are in terrible trouble and balancing on the edge over which we may very soon slip into the 1000 years of darkness that Ronald Reagan warned us about.
In my book, No Tomorrows, I wrote about the 3 core problems that are leading to the imminent collapse of America.  Those are:

  1. Our economy, which is driven by our debt.  A debt, I must add, that if calculated properly to include our unfunded liabilities, is well over $130 trillion ($17.7 trillion national debt + $116.3 trillion unfunded liabilities), which can never be paid off unless we make major changes in our nation.  For example, we need to shut down the radical environmentalists and allow drilling for our gas and oil resources.  That would provide a robust economy of jobs and prosperity for Americans like never seen before.  It would make us the worlds largest exporter of energy, make us self-sufficient without need of foreign energy sources, and give us a chance to pay off our debt.
  2. Our inability to choose the right kind of people to lead us.  My book, The Leadership Secret, shows exactly what is required to be a true leader and this should be the guideline to use when we elect people to lead us.  The Democrat Party is not the Democrats of old. They have been taken over by the progressives, who espouse an ideology that is nothing short of communism.  About 1/3 of Republicans have bought into the progressive ideology, too, and another 1/3 just agree with everyone so they can get along and not have conflict in Washington.  These people are not true leaders, they are destroying America.
  3. Our moral failure as a nation.  This is the single most important issue we face and nothing can be fixed long term without fixing this.  We have given up our morality as a nation and a people by doing such things as: 
    • We've gone from Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" to drugs to today where states like Colorado have legalized marijuana and promote it.  They only see it as a tax revenue item, ignoring the costs and problems that legalization brings into society. 
    • We're seeing it commonly accepted for people to live together outside of marriage, even having families while doing so. 
    • We're seeing immoral decisions made by people in leadership positions who put political correctness over what is really correct.  One simple example was reported by The Daily Caller.  It said that the Connecticut governor's Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, had recently studied what happened in the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School a few years ago when more than 2 dozen people were killed, most of whom were little children.  Their conclusion was that there needed to be more government control in homeschooling.  This despite the fact that the perpetrator, 20 year old Adam Lanza, has spent his life in public and Catholic schools until he was 16.  At that point his mother took him out and home schooled him for less than a year, then he passed his GED and went on to public college.  Yet since he spent less than a year in homeschooling that's what they focus on because it's politically correct to do so.  That is immoral because it avoids the truth and leaves people in more danger by not admitting and dealing with the problems in our society. 
All of these problems are the result of an abandonment of morality.  And unless we return to faith in God and living moral lives we have no hope of fixing our nation, even if we correct all the other problems. 
America is coming apart at the seams.  By slowly tearing us apart and destroying what makes us strong, we have been set up for overthrow.  It won't come, at least initially, in the form of a military coup or loss of a war.  It is already well under way.  The faithless, immoral lifestyles we embrace and the things the Democrats who control our government are doing are what is destroying us.  People scoff at the idea that our own president and leaders who support the progressive agenda are working to destroy us, but answer a question prove me otherwise:  If someone were to infiltrate our government to destabilize and overthrow America, what would they do differently than we are seeing our leaders do today?  They would do exactly the things we are seeing done to our country.

At best, we only have the midterm elections in about 6 weeks and the presidential election in 2016 left to elect solid conservatives to power to halt America's imminent collapse.  

Those elections, though, are not enough.  Americans have to make a decision to turn from their wicked ways and seek God's forgiveness and then live lives of faith and morality or any efforts to stop our downfall will be for nothing. 

Our founders said that the American government was designed for a moral and godly people.  It won't work for any other.  We can choose to change or, if we don't, we are choosing to lose our freedoms. 

Without change, we will end up living under tyranny, but it will be welcomed by a people who've been convinced there is no threat because it's arriving in a form they didn't expect.