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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

If You Vote GOP Will You Really Have A Representative?

Here's the Nonsense:  The GOP may change the rules, but it will be for the best of the party.  We should not question them.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The GOP is acting more like the tyrants we see in the Democrat Party than the party of liberty that they were founded to be.  Voters must choose their leaders carefully.

National Journal is reporting that a plan is being discussed among House Republicans to implement rules that will punish representatives who speak out against the nomination of whoever is chosen by the majority in the closed-door GOP sessions for Speaker will be severely punished.  

In other words, using John Boehner's election as Speaker as an example, if the person you elect to the House of Representatives were against the nomination of Boehner and spoke out against it or tried to present an alternative candidate for Speaker of the House, your rep would be severely punished by the GOP. 

So, if your representative stands against the power of the establishment GOP they will lose any power they have.  Or, if they go along with the establishment, you have lost your representation because they would not be doing the will of the people.  Bottom line:  the establishment GOP is acting more tyrannical and like the Democrats than acting as the party of liberty, which is what the GOP was founded to be.  

This shouldn't be news to anyone though.  Remember back in 2012 when The Hill reported that Boehner said they'd be watching how representatives vote to determine who would get committee assignments?  It was an example of things to come, for sure.  

People in America think Barack Obama is the problem and once he's out of office things will be fine again.  But they've missed the point entirely.  Yes, the Democrat party has been taken over by the progressives, who want nothing less than communism for America (but they will never use that term, they mask it in terms like "socialism" or "progressivism" and hope people just follow along like sheep to the slaughter.)  But the establishment Republicans, who are the ones who control the party, have moved so far to the left that they often end up to the left of the old Democrats of John Kennedy's day.  

NOTICE TO AMERICANS:  The GOP establishment, just like the Democrat Party, is not your friend.  They are liberal and the only reason that voting for them is better than voting Democrat is that the Democrats have become radical leftists and are no longer just liberals.  Voting establishment GOP is bad, but at least there's a chance we can move them back to the right where the party was founded.  

A good example was when Eric Cantor lost his seat in the primaries to David Brat.  How did Brat win?  He simply took the Republican Party platform and ran on it.  He told voters that is what he stood for and Cantor lost because Cantor, like the rest of the establishment GOP, no longer stood for those positions and values.  

Just as Karl Rove declared war on the Tea Party and conservatives, the establishment, which is who Rove is part of, are out to continue moving the party to the left.  They believe that by taking away power from the conservatives they can get rid of them forever.   It's a strategy that guarantees losses for the GOP in the elections, but frankly they're either too stupid or too immoral to see it.

I'm told there's an old Arab proverb that says:  "An army of lambs led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a lamb."  What does that mean to us conservatives?  It means that we don't have to have a bigger army than they do.  We need solid leadership with the courage of a lion and we can win.  

America was founded by men who represented a very small percentage of the public at that time.  Most Americans either didn't take sides in the battle with Britain or they sided with the King of England.  But America won because we had lions as leaders.  

In my book, No Tomorrows, I wrote about Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese warrior.  He wrote a book called The Art of War. This book is still used today by the finest military colleges in the world to train their leaders how to wage war. It also has many good lessons for leaders in other areas beyond the military. The early part of the book states that an army of 30,000 can defeat an army of 200,000 if the army of 30,000 is more disciplined than the army of 200,000.

We don't need a majority, we need disciplined followers of leaders who are lions and we can win back America.  We must stand firmly behind conservative leaders in the face of attacks by both the Democrats and the establishment Republicans.