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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Republicans Have Lost The Lead, Now Polls Show Democrats Will Hold Senate Majority

Here's the Nonsense:  Republicans clearly will sweep the midterm elections in less than 50 days.  They have nothing to worry about.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Republicans have squandered their lead in the polls and without an immediate and significant change in the way they handle things, they will lose again and keep this out of control government in Obama's hands.

Should any of us be surprised to learn that even though polls a few months ago showed Republicans having an 80% chance of taking control of the Senate, they have now successfully shot themselves in the foot again and are now looking to remain in the minority?  Of course not.  Why?  Because the Republicans are in desperate need of a spine and leadership (both of which, by the way, go hand in hand).  New polls, as reported by the Washington Post, now show the Democrats have a 51% chance of retaining control of the Senate.  Something no one should be surprised about.  

Even though the Republicans are now behind in the polls after having been so far ahead, the fact is that they still have enough time to turn it around.  The real questions are how can they do it and will they do it.  The answer to how they do it is quite simple.  They need to take a stand regardless of what their consultants tell them.  Here are some things they need to do:

  • They need to stand up to the left and tell Americans that they have been wrong for not holding this administration accountable and they will change their ways and start doing so.  
  • They need to tell Americans that the only hope for America is a strong America where our military is seen as the most powerful force on earth and no one dares to challenge us.  
  • They need to tell Americans that even though it may not be popular, that they stand for going after threats like ISIS with everything we've got and put an end to the risk that the terrorists will come to America.  
  • They need to stand up against the nonsense of political correctness and demand that America focus on the real threats against our nation.
  • They need to stand up and tell Americans that they will see to it that the border is sealed and our nation is protected.
  • They need to tell Americans that they will stand strong with our allies and stand just as strong against those who do not stand with us.
  • They need to tell Americans that they stand for good jobs and low unemployment with a strong economy so they will push to open oil and gas drilling throughout our nation without the restrictions put on by the EPA.
  • They need to tell Americans that they will do the peoples will and use their power to defund Obamacare and other laws that the American people are clearly against.
  • They need to tell Americans they will stand with them and support the Constitution and Americans rights to free speech and religion as given in the First Amendment (and all other rights guaranteed by the other amendments, too).
  • They need to tell Americans that they will no longer put up with the racial division in our country that is manufactured by radical leftists and supported by this administration.  They will work with anyone who wants to better America and bring us all together, but stand against those who are determined to divide us.

Those are some of the things that would quickly turn Americans to the Republican party in the upcoming election and turn the tables on the Democrats.  

Americans are searching for leadership, and we certainly have none in this administration and very little in the Republicans party.  Taking a stand to defund such things as Obamacare is not only what the American people want, controlling the purse strings in Washington is exactly what the Constitution requires of the House of Representatives.  

If Republicans want to win, they have to be willing to be strong in spite of what anyone says about them.  That kind of strength is what's needed to win Americans over to the Republican party.  The wishy washy way they act now does nothing but cause them to lose.

American voters are attracted to strength.  When someone finally stands up and is strong, they will win elections easily over the worthless people controlling Washington today.  It's that simple.

But will the Republicans do it?  Probably not.  Most likely they will continue to live in fear of their own shadows and what little power they do have will dwindle away.  The only hope for getting them to stand up is for the voters to let them know that they will settle for nothing less than strong leadership.  For politicians, the thought of losing their positions of power is their greatest fear.  That must be used against the Republicans or there is no way they will ever stand up and no way we will retain our freedoms.

UPDATE 09-23-14:  Other factors are starting to show Democrat strength in the midterm races.  For example, in North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan's campaign has moved into a stronger position putting in a better position to retain her seat in the Senate.  In Colorado Sen. Mark Udall, who at one point was under heavy pressure from Congressman Cory Gardner's challenge is pulling away from Gardner by using harsh attacks against Gardner as being against women's rights, a tactic the Democrats are also using effectively in other races across the country.  (Could it be that Colorado's pot legalization has created so much smokey haze to blind the voters from rationality?) 

A few other things are also pointing to problems for the Republicans including:

  • It's being reported that a Princeton professor who designed a computer program to get a statistical snapshot of what is happening in the polls says that as of last week his analysis shows the Democrats have a 70% chance of holding the Senate. 
  • Fox's Bob Beckel has said there will be an October surprise that will swing the elections to the Democrats.
  • There have even been rumors that the administration will deport a large number of illegals in October, which could swing some Americans back to support Democrats.

None of these are good signs for the Republicans.