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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Foolishness Of Thinking Obama's Incompetent In Dealing With ISIS (Or Anything Else For That Matter)

Here's the Nonsense:  Barack Obama is incompetent dealing with ISIS and other problems.  Our problem is his inability to lead and be decisive.

Here's the Horse Sense:  This is not about Obama's incompetence.  It's about a fight for our future against an ideology.  Those who hold that ideology are anything but inept.  It's time to fight for our lives.

There's a foolishness or ignorance going around that doesn't seem to let up.  From Republican leadership to political commentators (including everyone from talk show hosts to journalists and columnists) to average citizens everywhere, it seems that they all keep saying that Barack Obama is inept and incompetent.  This is nothing but foolishness and increases the chances of the Democrats continuing to hold the Senate in the upcoming midterm elections in the next 60 days.  Either people aren't learning or are too feebleminded to really understand what is going on in America.  And in either case, that bodes badly for conservatism in America's future.

It doesn't matter where you turn, it seems that most people who are in disagreement or alarm over how things are being handled by the Obama administration continually say that the president is incompetent and inept.  I hear it so often that I want to scream.  And that's because that mindset is either very uneducated or very unwilling to accept what is happening in America.  (And if they do understand what's happening and call the president incompetent anyway, then they are doing nothing less than helping Obama's agenda.)

Most Americans, regardless of what political party they claim, or don't claim, have similar values.  We want our neighborhoods to be safe, we want a good education for our children, we want our nation safe from foreign threats, we want a good economy, we want a bright future for our families, etc.  And as a result, even if they disagree on which political party to support, most Americans have similar expectations of their president.  They expect the president to make sure our nation is safe.  They expect the president to work for what they deem as a better future for our nation.  They expect our president to represent all Americans and take pride in America as the exceptional nation that history has shown it to be.  

But with Barack Obama they make a huge mistake.  When he doesn't work to achieve those kinds of goals for America they think he isn't capable or he's inept at his duties.  What they are not recognizing is that he doesn't see America the way most Americans see it.  And saying he's inept or incompetent or unable to do his job not only misses the fact that he has an entirely different view of America but he has entirely different goals for our nation.  

If they do understand that he has different views about America and different goals for our country, but they still call him incompetent, they are causing people to just be disappointed and maybe even irritated about it.  But they are not causing people to feel outrage that they made the biggest mistake in American history by electing politicians with progressive ideology.  

When that ideology was embraced by the Democrats and foisted upon America it was an effort to change this nation from a prosperous, strong, great nation into a much weaker, average nation no different than any other.  If Americans don't understand that and realize that that is what our fight is about, not about the incompetence of elected leadership, then they aren't even fighting the war we must win to save this country.

By calling Obama an inept leader they are making people feel that he isn't capable.  But the fact is that he is extremely capable at accomplishing the goals he has for America.  It's just that his goals are different than the goals most Americans have for their nations.  

If voters didn't understand that before, then they need to now.  And if people do understand it, then by telling people he's incompetent they keep people from waking up to the fact that America has elected people into power (not just Obama, but all progressives) who are trying to destroy our nation and we have little time left to turn that around and get our country back.  

If people just think the president is incompetent, then they think that things will be fine by electing someone else in 2016.  They miss the point that the problem is so much bigger than one man.  They miss the point that we are fighting an ideology, not a just a political party.  

The worst thing we can do is spread the word that this is about an incompetent president.  It's about the ideology that underlies this president and the Democrat party (which is not the Democrat party of the past, that party is long gone), and causes them to do the things they do.

Yes, right now we are seeing politicians on both sides of the aisle move to the right because an election is coming up in two months.  They do it every election.  They know that most Americans are conservative by nature so the politicians move to the right a couple months before the election knowing that Americans don't pay enough attention to what's going on to know that politicians don't live the rest of their time in office embracing those same values embraced by most Americans.  

Why do you think politicians on both sides of the aisle right now are pushing to stop ISIS?  Why do you think they have backed off of immigration reform and executive amnesty until after the election?  It's because they know that the American voters don't want them doing what they plan to do after the election.  

Sadly, Americans buy it.

When President Obama has no plan for dealing with ISIS, for example, it's not because he's incompetent.  He wants America out of the Middle East and for Iran to control that region of the world, even allowing them to develop nuclear weapons (if they don't have them already).  

He curries favor with the members of the Muslim Brotherhood that have infiltrated our government on the highest levels and wants the Muslim Brotherhood in northern Africa to control that part of the world (Egypt, Libya, etc.).  He wants America to pull back and be a regional power and remove our influence throughout the world.  

That's why he doesn't have a plan for ISIS, not because he's incompetent.  He puts the idea of not being at war anywhere above security because he doesn't believe that our security is in danger.  Progressives believe that if you just back away and leave people alone they won't bother you (tell that to the grade school bullies who chase after and harass their victims - and bullies of any age are no different).  

So yes, in the sense that that answer doesn't work in the real world, progressives are incompetent.  But in the big picture, that has nothing to do with the situation because they have different goals than the rest of us.  They believe that it is better to get out of involvement in other parts of the world and think that that will cause America to be left alone.  They don't accept the proven concept that bullies don't mess with those who are strong, therefore peace through strength is the only solution to security in an evil world.

We must abandon the talk of incompetence on the part of this president.  Those words shouldn't even be on our lips.  We must embrace efforts at educating other citizens to understand that we are fighting an ideology and if we don't win we will have no chance to turn this country around.  They have made major steps in accomplishing their goals.  In fact, right now an honest analysis of the situation puts us about where America was in the fight in World War II in 1942.  We were losing on most fronts and things looked very bad for America and our allies.  Right now conservatives are losing on most fronts and if we are honest, there is little hope.  

It is now time to rally around the truth and educate people to the mistakes that have been made, admit and accept them, and then get busy to save this country.  We have little time left to turn it around, maybe only the elections in two months and the 2016 elections.  If we don't make significant inroads by then, any prepping people have done for doomsday won't matter because there will be nowhere to run to.  America is the last hill to stand on.