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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Election Results May Be Most Dangerous For America

Here's the Nonsense:  The midterm elections prove that Americans have stopped Obama and given a mandate to the Republicans

Here's the Horse Sense:  The election results may be good overall, but it's not what people think. It's time to stay alert because we are now in great danger.

There's a lot of joy among those on the right in America this morning.  After yesterday's midterm elections that put Republicans in control of the Senate and many governor's offices across the country people are feeling good.  But beware, the news is not as good as a lot of people are saying and we are now at our most vulnerable time in at least a century.  Electing Republicans was NOT a voice of blind support for the Republican agenda nor was it a wing-clipping for President Obama.  It should cause all conservatives to be on guard.

Claiming a mandate from the American people, Republicans are celebrating their victories in yesterday's elections.  But what I feared would happen appears to be happening.  Most people on the right are not realizing that we are now in a very dangerous position.  

President Obama has shown himself to be an ego-maniac far beyond that of most people with huge egos.  It's been said since he first took office that he doesn't listen to advisors because he considers himself the smartest guy in the room.  His actions have been everything from outrageous to lawless as he's seen himself as the king ruling America and not as an elected president who is put in office to serve the American people.  And when a person like that feels he's losing control he's like a wild animal that's been injured and cornered.  Never is he more dangerous.  Now everyone within his reach will pay the price as he lashes out trying to control the situation.

That's what we now face with this administration.  They will now spend the next 2 years doing everything they can to force their agenda upon us.  And the next 2 months before the new Congress goes into session will show us exactly where we're headed.  Look forward to Obama using the current Congress to force through things he knows will be more difficult after the new Congress comes into session.  And as he's done all along, it won't matter what the American people want, only what they (the progressives) want.  

The American people did not elect Republicans because they are so enamored with what they have to offer.  The Republicans have given them nothing to look to as an example of their leadership.  For example, even though the American people have been against Obamacare since before it was enacted into law, very few Republicans have stood up and demanded repeal of the law.  In fact, when Ted Cruz led the charge to end Obamacare the Republican Party not only distanced itself from him, many high profile Republicans like John McCain attacked him, even though Cruz was doing what the American people wanted.

And the victories weren't as widespread as many are claiming.  I heard one talk show host this morning say that the Republican wave was so big that any Republican running, even for dog catcher, was swept into office.  Clearly that wasn't true.  While there were wonderful examples of American voters waking up and making important change, such as in North Carolina where Thom Tillis won over Kay Hagan, there were also losses or still undecided races that were very important.

In Colorado, a critical state in this election because of how successful the Democrats were in turning it blue not too many years ago, the news isn't so good.  While Gardner took the Senate seat from Udall, definitely good news, the governor's race is still up for grabs.  As of this morning at 7:17AM it is still undecided with incumbent governor John Hickenlooper holding 48% of the vote and his opponent Bob Beauprez holding 47%.  That's with 93% of the vote counted and it comes out to less than 22,500 vote difference between the two candidates.  With Colorado's vote fraud problems it's pretty likely that Hickenlooper will be declared the winner, keeping the state's governor's office in control of the progressive Democrats who are destroying America.  

UPDATE:  As of 7:59AM the governor's race in Colorado has been decided with Democrat John Hickenlooper holding his governorship winning over Bob Beauprez by only 22,264 votes.

UPDATE #2: Earlier reports said that Hickenlooper had won in Colorado but now, as of 12:50PM it turns out that while the media have projected a win for Hickenlooper and he has claimed victory, Bob Beauprez has not conceded defeat at this time.  While I personally hope he waits until every vote is counted, and probably seeks a recount, deep down inside I still believe that shenanigans will win the day for Hickenlooper.

UPDATE #3:  At 4:00PM today (Wed., Nov. 5th) it was reported that Beauprez had conceded defeat saying there weren't enough options to try to hold on for a win.

But that's not enough.  While people may not care what happens in Colorado because they don't live there, the fact is that it represents a lot for America and the fight we're in to save our nation. Two of Colorado's state senate seats went through a recall in the past couple years because of the hardline push for gun control and changes in laws to reflect that.  Two key Democrats were recalled and replaced by Republicans, which was an important sign that the people of the state were not going to accept what the progressives wanted.  However, yesterday those same two seats were once again filled by Democrats.  Colorado is not anywhere near turned to the right.  At best this election will show it as purple.  And that's exactly what can happen anywhere in the country.

Another example is California.  Jerry Brown won a record 4th term as governor.  If Californians, with all of the problems their state has due to the Democrat control for so long, haven't woken up to the need for change, it says a lot about America.  Sure, you may think that it's just "those crazy Californians" but the fact is that California isn't as different from other states as people think.  Much of what happens in America starts in California.

The real issue now is whether the Republicans will step up to the plate and hold the Obama administration accountable.  Ted Cruz is already demanding that they do, but don't hold your breath.  They will need constant pressure from the voters to keep them heading in the right direction.  And that won't just come through threats of politicians losing their jobs.  Threats only work for so long.  What we also need to do is let the politicians know that we will stand behind them if they do the right thing.  If they are sure we have their back they will be less likely to abandon the will of the people.  Remember, Republican politicians in Washington are for the most part very cowardly.  They have to know we will stand behind them no matter how badly they are attacked by the left and the media.

Obama has already promised an Executive Order for amnesty for criminal immigrant invaders before Christmas (note that's while the current Congress is still in session).  The Republican leadership is in support of amnesty, they just don't want it through executive order.  I would guess that Obama will get amnesty, but whether it will come through executive order or the Republicans giving in and passing it in Congress is yet to be seen.  Either way it won't be what Americans want.

The Republicans have an opportunity but if they blow it they will blow their chance not just in 2016, but for the future.  If they do stand up and hold Obama accountable the American people will rally behind them.  Their past record doesn't show this happening.  It's up to us to give them the support they need so that they will do their jobs.