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Monday, November 3, 2014

The Election Results Don't Matter Much... Unless

Here's the Nonsense:  Tomorrow's midterm elections will clearly show whether Americans want the Democrats or the moderate establishment GOP to run this country.

Here's the Horse Sense:  These elections are not about the Democrats vs. establishment GOP.  They are about Obama and the Democrats policies and whether Americans want those changed.  Barring too much election fraud that will cloud the results, it should be clear that Americans want change, even though the type of change isn't what Washington is currently offering.

It's Monday, Nov. 3rd and chatter is everywhere about the expected big Republican win in the midterm elections tomorrow.  While polls may be looking in that direction, I still am not holding my breath regarding anything.  Some races are simply too close to call and, more importantly, election fraud is rampant and could easily sway the results to the Democrats favor.  I wouldn't count on anything yet.  But there is a much more important point about the results of this election no mater what that outcome is.  

No matter whether the Democrats retain control of the Senate or the Republicans take control, it is important to understand that in either case little will change in Washington.  I heard a clip of Mitch McConnell this morning talking about changing things if the Republicans win.  Don't count on it.  That's like counting on Barack Obama to take a stand against terrorism.  

The Republican Party is controlled by the establishment Republicans, not conservatives.  The establishment Republicans are big government people who don't want a lot of change in Washington.  They just want you to be happy they're in power and then they'll continue down a similar path to the one we're currently on.

Here's an example of how they operate.  We all know that the majority of Americans have been against Obamacare since before it was voted into law.  Even though the American people are against it, those governing over us forced it upon us.  Now I understand that no Republican voted for it, but that misses the real point.  Remember, the majority of the Repubilcans in Washington are establishment Republicans.  These are the same people that often change their votes when they're sure things are going their way and a change in their vote won't affect the outcome.  They do this so that they can say to their constituents that they voted a certain way.  It's not because they believe in what they vote for.  They only believe in their power, nothing else.  So, when a vote is sure to go the way they want, then they change their vote so that it will look good to their constituents back home.

But back to the point.  The real issue isn't whether they originally voted for Obamacare.  It's whether they have been fighting to have it repealed.  With the exception of a few conservative members of the Senate and House, the majority of Republicans have shunned the idea of repealing Obamacare because, in fact, they don't want to repeal it.  They are content to leave it alone, as long as they're not blamed for it.  After all, Obamacare gives the government more control over Americans' lives and that's really what they want, just like the Democrats.

While I've heard claims of everything from an election wave for Republicans represents "a mandate for the Republican Party" to "This will solidify once and for all that Americans want moderate Republicans over anyone else to lead them," the fact is that a Republican win will represent two things and two things only.  Those are:

1.)  Total rejection of the policies of disaster of Barack Obama and the Democrats.
2.)  Acceptance that even though the Republicans have given no reason for confidence by the voters (they have yet to stand up to Obama and hold him accountable as required by the Constitution), they are worth trying over the Democrats to try to stop the abysmal mess the current government has created.

In fact, the establishment GOP has successfully countered Tea Party candidates this election season to the point that they are fully entrenched and cannot be unseated this election cycle.  We missed out on that chance in the primaries.  (And for those who don't realize it, the Tea Party represents the core of the conservative movement in this country.)  A new story by Politico reports that inside sources in the Republican Party are saying that if they win control of the Senate it will not be the biggest thing to celebrate.  Rather, they are planning bigger celebrations for the defeat of the Tea Party than the defeat of the Democrats over control of the Senate.

Conservatives have supported the GOP in spite of their vitriol against them.  The spineless leaders of both the House and Senate, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, have been committed to the destruction of the conservative movement for some time.  Remember last spring when the Washington Times reported that McConnell vowed to crush Tea Party candidates?  And later in the spring Chuck Baldwin wrote about why John Boehner, and other establishment Republicans, hate the Tea Party?  There's no doubt that they hate conservatives because conservatives represent government by the people, not control by a ruling class, which is what the establishment GOP and the Democrats want.

The establishment GOP's last loser presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, this weekend said that if the GOP takes the Senate that they would pass amnesty for criminal immigrant invaders.  Mitt simply represents what the establishment in the GOP want, too.  And it's NOT what Americans want.  It's a perfect example of how they are headed in the same direction as the Democrats.

If you want a good idea how the establishment GOP differs from conservatives, click here for a great little article National Journal put out last year that I'd highly recommend reading.

So, whether the Republicans win or lose, this election has to be the beginning of the fight to get our country back.  People think we can wait until well after the primaries, until just about two months before an election to do anything, but that won't work.  The only hope for our nation is to elect more and more conservatives to office.  When the Republicans put forth establishment candidates they rarely win.  

Yes, George W. Bush won, but considering that the country was filled with Clinton fatigue and Al Gore, not just having been Clinton's VP, but also being more boring than a department store mannequin, was not an exciting choice.  And yes, Bush won a 2nd term, but that is common for wartime presidents.  It was not about anything he did as much as it was about not making a change at a critical time.

George W. Bush was the exception, not the rule.  His father won his first election because he was Reagan's VP, but as soon as Americans saw his real colors come out by raising taxes when he said he wouldn't, he lost when he tried to get re-elected.  Between then and now the establishment has lost with Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.  Reagan won because he was a true conservative offering a true alternative to the Democrats.  We haven't run a true conservative candidate since Reagan.  That's what's needed to turn America around.  And that's what's needed to attract Americans regardless of party affiliation.

If you study the Progressives (who control the Democrat Party these days and control about ⅓ of the Republicans and influence another ⅓ of the Republicans), you will learn that their plan for decades has been to make both parties so similar in their goals that if the voters got fed up with one party and threw them out, it would not stop the progress towards achieving their overall goals for America.  That's what's happened.  The only hope is to take back the Republican Party with more conservatives and turn it back to its roots.

Rememnber, when David Brat beat Eric Cantor this year in his primary election?  Brat won simply by taking the Republican Party platform and running on it.  He said that he stood for the conservative values that the party was founded upon and the voters loved it.  Cantor couldn't fight it because he, like other establishment GOPers, doesn't really stand for the party platform anymore.  That's all it takes to win.  Hold them accountable to the platform they supposedly represent and replace them if they won't stick to it.

This election is a mandate, but not for what the GOP is offering.  It is a mandate by Americans to change the way our country is governed.  That is a mandate for conservatives to take action and work hard from now until the 2016 election.  It's time to start now, not 2 months before the next election.  If we do that we have a chance to save this country.