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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Communists Take Over German State Government - And America's Next

Here's the Nonsense:  Maybe people in other countries would elect communists, but it couldn't happen in America.

Here's the Horse Sense:  For about a century there's been an ongoing effort to change our government and it's becoming more of a reality every day.  They play on people's economic struggles and lack of critical thinking.

The UK Telegraph is reporting that Germany's far-left party, with communist roots, has been elected to control the state government of the German state of Thuringia, formerly a part of East Germany.  This is an amazing success for them considering that Germany just reunited 25 years ago and ended communist control of East Germany.  How they forgot what life was like just a short 25 years ago and were sold a bill of goods to head back in that direction again is an important lesson for Americans.  America is under assault and nearing takeover, too, but few recognize the danger.  

Even though the progressives deny being communist, it doesn't take much to see that their ideology is just that.  And, when you add that to the fact that a large number of politicians in American government embrace that ideology, the future looks bleak.  

Let's look at what happened in Germany to understand the threat America faces.

The German State of Thuringia is relatively poor by German standards and suffered severe economic problems after East and West Germany were reunified in 1990.  High unemployment has continued since reunification.  This, like America today, creates a problem as people try to survive and are looking for any solution to end their misery.  

While America's government tells us our economy is doing well and puts out numbers such as a 5.8% unemployment rate, the fact is that that is a manipulated number used to lie to the public and make the government look good.  In reality, unemployment is about 23% in our country. 

Even people like Donald Trump pointed out the lie that are the Obama administration's economic numbers.  WND is reporting that Trump is speaking out about it.  Trump says the number is 18%, but WND's article goes on to report that John Williams, an economist whose website compares the numbers the government reports to the correctly calculated numbers as saying the governments are virtually meaningless anymore.

Trump is showing more clear-headed thinking than the politicians in America.  While his estimate of the Obama administration's economic numbers may be more conservative than's, he clearly sees through the lies the American people are being told. 

Trump was frustrated after supporting Romney in the 2012 elections and my guess is that he's going to run in 2016.  America needs the mindset of a businessman, not a politician, if we are to have any chance to turn our economy around.  Given that Trump is one of the world's top marketing minds, he would be able to sell his message to Americans more effectively than a politician.  And if he runs, I have no doubt he'd be the Republican nominee, even though the politicians wouldn't like it. 

The real point of this post is that the economic numbers show us why so many Americans are suffering and desperate for relief.  This is exactly what has happened in Germany's Thuringia.  People are desperate and when they are, they become open to the false promises of communism's socialist economic model.  Sadly they don't see through it and pay attention to the fact that socialist economics have never succeeded anywhere.  Instead they are desperate and when someone promises hope and change, they fall for it.

You'd think a country like Germany would remember how terrible things were under communism just 25 short years ago, but their desperation causes memories to fade.  Add to that the fact that young people often reject the advice of their elders and bring upon themselves the same problems their parents suffered through because they refuse to learn from the mistakes of the past.  Instead, they fall for the lies all over again.

My father always told me that a smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.  Few people, especially young people, learn from their mistakes.  And it is extremely rare that they learn from the mistakes of others.

With a recent history to look to, Germans should reject communist ideas without hesitation.  They should remember that after World War II the Soviets took control of eastern Europe.  With this came the split of Germany into east and west.  Those in West Germany lived under a democratic government with freedoms common in other western European countries, but East Germany was in bondage under communism.  

Initially the Soviet troops murdered, raped, and pillaged all throughout that part of Europe.  Eventually things settle in to East Germany having their own government called the GDR (German Democratic Republic) and life started to stabilize, but for citizens it was only at a very low level.  Freedoms were gone and opportunity and basic necessities were hard to come by.

East Germany was like the other Soviet controlled countries.  Shortages of goods were constant problems.  Even when goods were in stock, there was little variety of them.  Often there was only one type of a given product or one flavor of a type of food.  While citizens could purchase cars and appliances, to purchase them required long waiting periods.  

Waiting in lines was a part of daily life and shopping was an ordeal.  Women would go from store to store on a daily basis to get items and averaged 2 hours waiting in line daily, 7 days per week.  

Because the government controlled employment, most people had jobs, but wages were low and an old joke from that era was:  "They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work."  Most industrial workers belonged to labor unions, although the unions were run by the government and used to help factory managers achieve their production goals required by the government.  They were not there to benefit workers.

Housing was always in short supply. It was common for 2 or 3 generations of a family to live in a three-room apartment. Newlyweds often waited years for a small apartment of their own. 

Universal public health systems, known as "socialized medicine," was typical in Soviet countries and covered everyone. The government and state-owned businesses paid the costs of doctors, health clinics, and hospitals.  But the quality of healthcare was far below that in free market healthcare systems like America had.  Care would be limited.  Rationing care was how they controlled cost and, just like we see today in countries like Britain and Canada, the ability to get needed care was limited.  Those who wanted to travel to seek care elsewhere, as many British and Canadians of financial means do today, could not do so both due to cost and to government restrictions on travel.

The government provided all education for free and controlled the curriculum.  The goal was more about indoctrinating young people to be good citizens of the state.  Few citizens were allowed to move out of East Germany, with the exception of retirees.  Since the state provided a retirement pension for all citizens that, along with the other "benefits" the government provided created a financial burden on the government that they could not sustain.  In order to reduce costs, they allowed some retirees to move to West Germany thereby reducing their financial obligations.  (Another proof of the folly of the socialist system of economics.)

While some people think these things sound pretty good, we have to also remember that under the communist system of government it was the government that determined what was in the best interest of the people.  They believed that the interests of the society as a whole outweighed the interest of the individual, and as a result individual rights really didn't exist.  

While many people don't like to hear it, this is exactly the ideology promoted by Hollywood in such shows as Star Trek where it was common to hear the characters say "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."  The difference between Hollywood's version and real life is that Hollywood has a controlled storyline that makes everything look good because they control the script and, therefore, the outcomes.  But under a communist regime the government harshly suppresses human rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly.  (Those are our basic First Amendment rights in America, but we have many American politicians trying to abolish the First Amendment these days as they work towards the progressive goals of controlling the lives of citizens.)

The government also licensed newspapers and other media, and even churches so that they could control them. The practice of religion was discouraged.  In fact, those who practiced religion that the government found unacceptable were often persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, and even killed.

The German Democratic Republic's State Security Service (called the Stasi) was probably the most terrifying secret police organization in Eastern Europe, actually making Hitler's Nazis look mild in many ways.  Remember, Hitler only retained control for 12 years, but the Stasi controlled East Germany for 40 years, far more time to "fine tune" and "perfect" their methods and schemes of terror on the citizens.  

The Stasi kept files on an estimated 6 million people. Considering that the population of East Germany was 19 million in 1949 and 16 million by 1990, that's a huge portion of the population.  That would be equivalent of about 100 million Americans having files kept on them by the government.  Stasi agents used phone taps, bugging devices, and cameras to spy on citizens. They used a huge number of informers to get information and rumors about neighbors, co-workers, and relatives.  Even church ministers were known to inform on members of their congregations. This caused a state of fear among the citizens as they knew they could trust no one.

Those are some tidbits from history to remind all of us what the people of East Germany were subject to as recently as 25 years ago.  And yet they still have decided to put communists in control of their state!  

So, why would they do it?

It's quite simple.  When people are hungry and poor, they will turn to any source to try to alleviate that misery from their lives.  And at that point they are very susceptible to the lies of communism that promise to make things fair and equal.  It sounds so good to them when they hear some politician say that things are better for everyone when those at the top have to share more of what they've earned.  (Hmmm.... sounds like our president when he was originally running for office.)  

That is the lie of progressivism, socialism, and communism.  And don't miss it, they are all the same. Socialism is the economic model of communism.  Progressivism is the new name they are calling themselves because they don't want people to know who they really are.

People in America today are constantly crying out that things aren't fair.  Anyone with half a brain should know that life isn't fair and that you shouldn't want it to be fair.  Why?  Because that means that someone has to decide what is fair.  And how do you know that you will always have the right person in charge to make that decision?  

Progressives promise fair outcomes.  But that won't work because that cannot be guaranteed.  The only thing they are truly guaranteeing is that they will decide what is fair and that's what you'll receive, whether you agree with their definition of fairness or not.

The only fair system is one where people are given equal opportunity and they can achieve based on their own work and no one else's.  If you have equal opportunity then the outcome is primarily determined by your effort, not by someone else's determination of what you should get.

East Germany didn't have freedom, they had fairness based on what the government determined.  They got rid of it 25 years ago and already people have forgotten what life was like before.  So, they've elected people who are communists to bring back that "fairness" without even thinking of the consequences they face in doing so.

Do you think it can happen in America?  Of course it can.  Americans have already elected these same kinds of people and we're in danger that those people have just about eliminated any competition for political office.  With limited exception, they are becoming our only choice in elections anymore.  As an example, here's the membership list of the Congressional Progressive Caucus:

The Democrat Party is controlled by them.  The establishment Republicans like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are heavily influenced by them.  And Americans are in danger of losing their choice of solid conservatives to run our country.  The conservatives are in the minority.  And with Americans hurting economically, the chances are greater and greater all the time that Americans will continue to vote for people and programs that will abandon our free market system and replace it with a system of promised "fair" outcomes.  And I guarantee that citizens will, in the end, not like those outcomes.  But by then it will be too late.