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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, December 1, 2014

More Proof America Is Doomed

Here's the Nonsense:  America is doing fine.  A little more debt will allow us to get out of the hole and move the country forward.

Here's the Horse Sense:  America is doomed.  Our spending habits are one of the 3 core issues we are failing and not turning things around.

With Americans thinking about the holidays this time of year, it's easy to set aside thoughts of where America is headed.  Americans have already proven that they aren't willing to get involved to save their nation.  In fact, they live either in ignorance or denial about the state of things in America.  Yet it doesn't take much effort to look around and see that Americans just keep making the situation worse.  Our government, whether it is city, county, state, or federal, is failing us but what can we expect when they're only doing what too many Americans do in their personal lives?

Contrary to the government lies, employment is way down in America.  Unemployment is between 20% and 25% according to, a site that measures economic numbers correctly and not the way the government manipulates the numbers today to make people think things are better than they really are.  

Add to that the fact that middle management jobs are down and the majority of jobs created under this administration have been entry-level jobs and you can see that people aren't able to move ahead in their careers these days, even if they can find a job.  In fact, the jobs people find are often well below career positions they've held for years.

Americans are personally deep in debt with no real hope of every paying it off, many of them continually going further in debt.  Our federal government has put us so far in debt that if everything in America were sold there wouldn't be enough money to pay off all the debt.  Many have gone through bankruptcies and foreclosures.  And don't forget that many states, counties, and cities are also deep in debt.  It's not uncommon to read in the news about some of them also going bankrupt.

With all that news you'd think that everyone, from citizens to government officials, would be going on a strict budget to cut spending to the absolute minimum and get out of debt.  But do they?  Of course not.  Instead, they keep on spending.  They actually believe that you can borrow your way to prosperity.  And that's a sign that we're on a path to destruction that we will not be able to pull out of.

California is the perfect example.  It's a state in severe financial crisis and do they cut spending?  No.  Instead, they increase spending. And the most recent example may be one of the stupidest yet. 

CNS News is reporting that there is a push in California to expand healthcare coverage to more of the immigrant population, mostly due to Obama's recent amnesty given to criminal immigrant invaders. 

By any measure California is bankrupt, but they don't just keep spending, they increase it.  And before you make comments about "that's California and not other states" you should think twice.  They are not unlike other states or the federal government in the way they operate.  As California does in most things, they are leading the way for the rest of the nation.  And historically the nation follows.

We cannot survive if we don't stop spending.  And all the spending plays right into Obama's use of the Cloward and Piven Strategy to overload our economic system so it can be replaced. 

America is doomed and how we handle debt is a perfect example of why.  You can't borrow your way to prosperity.  It only comes through hard work and strictly controlled spending, and we're not seeing that in America these days.