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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Voters Must Change Or America Can't Be Fixed

Here's the Nonsense:  Sometimes we could choose better people for elected office, but for the most part we do okay.  After all, a person's private life isn't any reflection of what kind of leader they'll be.

Here's the Horse Sense:  What a person is in private shows exactly what they will be in public life.  You cannot separate the two, but the American voter pays no attention to these details when they elect people.

People don't want to face the facts.  America doesn't now how to choose leaders.

As I wrote a few years ago in my book, No Tomorrows, there are 3 core reasons why America faces imminent collapse.  One of those is our debt.  Debt drives our economy and with over $135 trillion in national debt and unfunded liabilities we cannot keep spending, but must cut WAY back in order to have a chance at surviving.

Another reason, which I have spoken a lot about lately, is the moral depravity of our society.  America has abandoned God and the moral responsibility that goes along with faith.  We justify behavior that is nothing short of ungodly and refuse to consider that unless we change, there is no hope for saving this country.

The other problem is who we pick to be our leaders.  It's not the leader's fault, it's ours.  We pick them with no thought as to the kind of people we're choosing.  As I talked about in my book, The Leadership Secret, the kind of people we choose to lead must be people of utmost integrity.  Out of the 537 people we elect to run our country (president, vice president, House members, and members of the Senate) I would bet that it would be hard to find a few dozen that have real integrity.  Certainly if God were to look in our government for righteous people He would find it is much like Sodom and Gomorrah, where He found only Lot and his family.  

It's not just about the man (or woman) we need to be concerned, but also about their family.  A person's family will tell you a lot about what kind of leader they will be.  

That's why God is so firm on the fact that a man cannot serve in a leadership role of a church if his family is not living the right kind of lives.  How his family lives reflects his leadership ability.  If he fails there, then he is not fit for leading in God's church.  It doesn't mean he can't usefully serve, but leadership is not a place where he is to be allowed.

While the Bible doesn't specifically give us a standard for elected leaders, it seems that a standard like the one God requires might be a good guideline for us to use when selecting people for public office.  

But America chooses people of low moral character and terrible disposition.  The position of president, for example, has come to be treated like royalty when, in fact, the president of our nation should be the highest level servant in the country.  And that means that they should be more of a servant than anyone else.

What I mean by that can best be described by the typical business organizational chart.  You've probably seen them.  They look like a pyramid with the CEO or owner at the top of the peak and everyone else in the organization under them.  

As a business consultant when I look at an organization the first thing I do is turn the chart upside down.  That's how a leader should see it.  The person who is CEO or owner should be at the bottom supporting all the people who work for them.  Their main job is to facilitate the success of their people and they do this through service.  The higher you go, the more you should be a servant whose main priority is making sure the organization runs smoothly.  This is done by making sure people have no obstacles blocking them from success in the performance of their jobs.  

Turning that idea to politics, that is exactly what our elected officials should see their jobs as.  They are servants, with the person who is president being the one whose life is one of service more than any other.  If they don't see themselves in that role, then they are not cut out to be a leader.  In fact, they prove they are not a true leader.  The current occupant of the White House is a perfect example.  He and his wife act like they are royalty and have total power over the nation, which is not what a true leader does.  And sadly, the American people allow it.

Much of the detail of the lives of elected leaders is kept quiet.  The media doesn't report much of these kinds of things and certainly the Secret Service and other government employees abide by an unspoken code to keep things quiet.  But in doing so they are doing a disservice to America.  We should know what these people are like in private because nothing will tell you more about someone than their personal, private life.  In fact, the old saying that who a person is really comes out when they are in private is really true.

But not everything is secret or kept under wraps.  A lot of this stuff can be found if a person is minimally diligent.  And we all should be as we look at the people we elect to office.

Recently Ronald Kessler was speaking at the Freedom Center's Wednesday Morning Club about his new book, The First Family Detail, which talks about what the Secret Service agents assigned to the first family deal with in their jobs.  He also gives some insights into what these elected officials are like in real life.  

Take a look at the following examples of the lives of the people we've elected in recent decades:

Barack Obama - We all know that the president spent 20 years listening to Rev. Jeremiah Wright's anti-white, anti-America, anti-Israel preaching.  Good people would walk out of such a place.  But Obama not only stayed, he had his entire family there listening with him.  And, from what we hear, Michelle was even more attracted to Wright's teachings.  Of course we also have heard Obama say he didn't hear those teachings, which is clearly an outright lie.  

The fact that he stayed there for so long, exposed his family to these things, and then lies about it should have told us quite a bit about him.  

However, we also should know that agents say that he and Michelle treat them with respect and are considerate to them.  But that is small consolation when they've heard Michelle urge Barry to attack Republicans more aggressively and side with blacks in racial controversies as opposed to trying to see things through a neutral lens.  As Kessler said at the Freedom Center, "I think that certainly has contributed to the violence and rioting.  Because he's essentially sanctioning the idea that we're all racists.  And of course, that goes back to Reverend Wright.  That was exactly his mindset.  And we're seeing it now with President Obama."

George W. Bush - One of the key problems Bush inherited when he entered the presidency was the lack of communication between governmental agencies, especially security agencies. The FBI and CIA were notorious for not communicating or sharing important information that would allow for better protection of America.  Bush changed that and made it such that if they didn't cooperate they were in trouble.  Under Clinton's Attorney General (Janet Reno), there was a wall that said that the agencies couldn't talk to each other.

Bush created the Counterterrorism Center where CIA and FBI sit side-by-side, 24/7, analyzing information.  They talk to each other all day, every day.  This was essential in the Bush administration's ability to keep us from another terrorist attack.  

George and Laura Bush also were very considerate of the agents who protected them.  That's why, for example, they waited until the day after Christmas to leave Washington.  They wanted the agents to be able to spend the holiday with their families.    

Bill Clinton - His constant skirt chasing is only too well known not just in America, but around the world.  That disgusting behavior along with his reputation for lying, but getting away with it because he was just a good ol' boy, shows how far we've fallen as a nation.  If the American people still had a moral base, they never would have let him get away with it.  The fact is that if a man will cheat on his wife, he can't be trusted in anything.  You cannot separate personal life from public behavior.  

And Bill's marriage to Hillary, which is clearly not anything more than a marriage of convenience that allows each of them to benefit from it, while ignoring the true commitment involved in a real marriage, also shows us a lot about him.  He does things, even something as sacred as marriage, for political power and personal gain, not because the institution of marriage means anything to him.

His unfaithful behavior has had such an impact on his family that before she got married, Chelsea called her mother for comfort worried about the possibility of it happening to her in her own marriage.  The damage that Bill's behavior has caused will carry on for generations in that family.

But we can't forget about Hillary, too.  Not just because she's Bill's wife, or was the First Lady, or was  a Senator, or was the Secretary of State (any of these alone would be enough reason to consider her behavior when thinking of leadership qualifications), but also because there's a lot of talk of her running for president again.

Secret Service agents tell stories of how miserable she makes life for them.  She explodes at them and makes them feel they can never do anything right.  She even complains when her limo goes over a bump in the road.  Being assigned to her detail is considered the worst assignment in the Secret Service, it commonly being considered as punishment.  

These are people who will give their lives to protect her, but she treats them terribly.  Kessler said, "Should we elect someone who treats other people in such a shabby way, who at the same time claims to be compassionate, to care about the little people?  She's going to be a champion of the middle class?  And yet, she cannot treat agents who are there to protect her, and even take a bullet for her, with decency."

And her behavior has been watched and copied by her chief of staff, Huma Abedin (wife of Anthony Weiner), who is known to be just as nasty.  When she doesn't have proper ID with her she gets indignant and asks, "Do you know who I am?" showing her arrogance and disdain for the agents.  

Nasty people beget nasty people. 

And one last thing about the Clintons.  Should a person like Hillary be considered qualified for elected office when she'll overlook all of Bill's behavior, act the way she does with people who are there to protect and serve her, and even put up with her staff acting the same way?  Her behavior exposes her lack of leadership qualifications.

George H. W. Bush - When he was Vice President the naval stewards at the Naval Observatory, which is the VP's residence, would make pastries and cookies.  They would hide them to keep the nighttime agents from taking them.  One morning at 3:00AM one of the agents was looking for the cookies and heard the vice president behind him ask, "Where are the cookies?"  They ended up looking for the cookies and together had them with milk.

Barbara Bush would offer to do the laundry of agents when they were at the Bush's Kennebunkport home.  She'd make sure the agents were dressed warmly and would insist that George get his hat and give it to an agent who would need it.  They were very decent and considerate people.

Ronald Reagan - Kessler says that Reagan was just as genuine and gracious in real life as he seemed to be on TV.  He greeted the pilots and copilots in the cockpit of Air Force One whenever he boarded the plane. (Jimmy Carter only did that one time in four years in office.)  

Nancy was more cold and difficult to deal with because of her loyalty to her husband.  It's also quite possible that the assassination attempt on Ron's life early in his presidency made her even more protective.  She would even give him instructions to wear his hat and gloves.

After he left office, before he got Alzheimer's disease, he would go out to spend time talking with the agents.  He remembered the names of each agent, too.

Jimmy Carter - Kessler says that Carter pretended to be a jolly peanut farmer and man of the people, but behind the scenes he was nasty to Secret Service agents.  He told them not to say hello to him in the morning.  He pretended to carry his own luggage for the press, but the suitcases were empty and as soon as the cameras were gone he stopped carrying them.  

He'd show up at the Oval Office at 5:00AM and tell the Press Office to tell the media that he was there working at 5:00AM, but then he'd sleep on the couch in the Oval Office. 

Certainly these are only a small snippet of examples that have been given here.  But they are enough to make the point that what a person is in their personal life affects their public life.

Who we choose for leadership is a major factor in determining where the country is going.  Unfortunately voters have not paid attention or held our elected officials accountable.  The result is two parties that are out of touch with the majority of the American people.  In fact, they are not just out of touch, they ignore the America people, which has been already seen by the actions of the GOP since the midterm elections.  The voters sent a clear message they wanted to stop what was happening in Washington and the GOP leadership has ignored it.  Yet I've heard that Mitch McConnell, the new majority leader of the Senate, has even said that it's more important to get along with the Democrats than it is to stand up against Obama's illegal actions.

America doesn't just elect a few bad leaders, we mostly elect bad leaders.  The few exceptions are rare.  It's going to take a lot of work from now until the elections in 2016 for us to even stand a chance at turning this country around.  It's the last chance we have, and things are not looking good.  A new CNN poll of Republicans and Independents who lean Republican has Jeb Bush in the lead for the 2016 nomination and Chris Christie in second place.  

With those kind of poll results it should tell us how out of touch MOST Americans are with what's wrong with our country and what needs to be done to fix it.