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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Will The GOP Stand Up To Our Lying Leader?

Here's the Nonsense:  The GOP won't stand for Obama's threats.

Here's the Horse Sense:  We can only hope the GOP will stand up to Obama, but don't hold your breath

Once again the Liar-in-Chief is trying to bully the GOP.  The Daily Caller is reporting that he will shut down the government over any budget bill the GOP submits to him that doesn't give him the funding for his amnesty program for criminal immigrant invaders.  It didn't take him long to make his threat once it was confirmed that the GOP has the power to stop him using their constitutionally given authority to control government spending.  Will the GOP fall for the bullying tactics?  I suspect they will.

With GOP leadership already having made it clear that they do not want confrontation with Obama, even though voters and conservatives in the House and Senate want them to stand up to the president, this is their moment to decide their future.  Over and over again during the past 6 years the GOP have buckled and given in to Obama.  They've allowed him to define the argument every time and accepted blame for government shutdown and lack of movement in government to help America.  Now Obama is at it again and people are thinking the GOP will stop him this time.  Will they? 

As I wrote recently, the chances are very low, probably nonexistent.  The GOP leadership are establishment Republicans that are afraid to stand up.  This is their opportunity to take control of government now and in the future, but their past actions do not inspire confidence.

Last night Megyn Kelly had Congressman Bob Goodlatte on her Fox News show to talk about stopping Obama.  She questioned him about whether the GOP would stand up and Goodlatte (bless his confused little heart) said that a lot of Republicans in government are really upset about amnesty and that he believed they would stop Obama.  I'm not holding my breath.

If the GOP were to actually stand up to Obama and hold him accountable now and for the rest of his term, they'd not only get a wave of support from voters, they'd win in 2016 and control the entire government as long as they stood strong.  But they have expressed all too often that they don't want to be blamed again for shutting down the government.

Wow, they're afraid of sending 17% of government workers home while they argue with the president.  That's right, the last shutdown only sent 17% of workers home, the rest of the government continued working, all our bills were paid, no veterans or seniors were shorted of their benefits, and America did just fine.  But the GOP leadership are afraid of being blamed for that!

And of course we have to remember that the establishment GOP was not against amnesty, they just wanted credit for it.  This isn't about them agreeing with the majority of Americans.  They agree with Obama on amnesty, they just think that if they get credit for it that all those criminal immigrant invaders will become loyal Republicans.  Talk about stupid thinking!

This is a telltale moment.  The GOP's handling of the amnesty issue will determine their future.  I really hope I'm wrong, but their past performance does not instill confidence.

This is what proves that conservatives must take back the Republican Party.  If they don't, there is no hope for America.