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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Obama Doesn’t Think Like You Think He Thinks

Here's the Nonsense:  Obama just doesn't get it.  He and the Democrats don't understand what America needs.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Obama and the progressives don't think like we do.  We can't stand up against something when we don't understand how they think.  We must put ourselves in their heads to understand what we are up against.

Many Americans are upset at the actions (or inactions) of President Obama.  It's common for conservative Americans to express frustration and ask why the president doesn't stand up to our enemies, support our allies, approve legislation that will improve our economy and add jobs for Americans, or even work to bring Americans together instead of divide them resulting in riots and unrest in our streets.  They refuse to recognize the real problem in America and instead only focus on symptoms.  Addressing those symptoms won't solve our problems.

Americans have to stop thinking about what should have been done in any given situation or what should be done in each situation that comes up.  Every week, no matter where you turn, you can hear conservatives saying things like: 

  • "We should send our military in to deal with ISIS and let them do whatever is necessary to eliminate their jihadist threat." 
  • "We'd have more jobs if Obama would approve the Keystone pipeline."
  • "We need to quit allowing Russia to walk all over us." 
  • "Obama should admit that Obamacare is a disaster and agree to repeal it." 
  • "We need to support our allies like Israel and stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons." 

And the list goes on and on.  But those thoughts and discussions won't solve anything.  We can sit around and all agree about what's happening and how it should be handled, but that doesn't fix the problem in Washington or turn America around to stop our nation's decline.  

The problem is harder to deal with than the symptom.  It's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback and say what should be done.  If the problem is the quarterback, the coaching staff, and the team ownership, you don't fix it by focusing on how a play should have been run, let alone how it should have been called by the ref.

A year ago I wrote in this blog that we need to realize that we're fighting an ideology, not incompetence, (and incompetence is often wrongly blamed on why Obama does things that damage America).  But let me go a little further here.  The ideology that the progressive Democrats embrace causes them to think very differently than we do.

Here are some differences between what conservative Americans think and progressives like Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and others think (I should note that in this discussion I am using the term "progressive," "Marxist," and "communist" interchangeably.  While there are some nuanced differences, they are essentially the same and therefore I am using them synonymously.):

1.)  As Americans we were raised in a society founded upon Judeo-Christian values, which has caused most Americans, whether they realize it or not, to hold to conservative values.  We believe in equality of opportunity.  But progressives like Obama believe in equality of outcomes.  Those are quite different.  We believe that everyone should be given the same opportunity in their lives and that those who take advantage of it can greatly improve their chances at success in life.

But progressives believe that's not fair.  They believe that outcomes should be fair regardless of effort or other circumstances, and that is accomplished by taking from those who have more and giving to those who have less.  So, no matter how hard you work or what risk you take, whatever you make isn't yours, it's theirs to divide as they see fit to accomplish fair outcomes.

Progressives like Obama want to replace inequality in wealth with equality in poverty.  Conservatives would say that the person who takes risk and works hard should reap the rewards of their success. And they believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be successful.  But progressives don't want some to do better than others.  They would rather have everyone equally poor than allow some to achieve a better life through their own hard work and efforts.

2.)  Obama and the progressives believe that a society of "fairness" where an elite few determine fair outcomes is inevitable.  They believe that a utopian society will come to be as man evolves to that level and that it is their job to facilitate the process that will lead us to that society.  (This is classic Marxist thinking.)  

Because they believe it is inevitable, they believe there is never any reason to compromise.  In fact, Marxism defines compromise as a solution that is equally unacceptable to all parties involved.  Therefore, since their fair society is inevitable, they shouldn't and don't need to compromise.

This is why Obama and the Democrats continually say the Republicans won't work with them.  They believe that the Republicans represent childish thoughts and ideas and that the only reasonable solution is for those who disagree with them to change to accept their progressive position.

Over and over again we've heard Obama claim the Republicans won't work with him and that he's waiting and willing to work with them.  With the progressive mindset what this means is that he doesn't plan to compromise at all.  He expects anyone who disagrees with him to accept his position.  To him, compromise is when those who disagree with him change their position to agree with his.  But he uses his claim that Republicans won't work with him as a way to paint an image to the public that he is the only one willing to compromise, when in reality he won't move an inch (and the Republicans have over and over again compromised but been blamed for not doing so).  Don't ever think that progressives like Obama define words such as "compromise" the same way we do.

Marxism is a cause, an ideology that cannot be compromised because it goes against their idea that not only is their "fair" society right, but it is inevitable as man will evolve to it.  Therefore, in their minds there is nothing to negotiate.  

3.)  Progressives like Obama believe that their ultimate fair society is a social utopia that man is evolving to and that they must do whatever is necessary to get to that utopia.  That includes elimination of those who disagree with them.  This is exactly what communist Russia's leaders believed.  Trotsky called it social hygiene.  He said that all the extremes that the Bolsheviks had to go through, including mass murder, were actually social hygiene.  Anything is acceptable if it furthers the goal to their utopian society and eliminating those who disagree with them will advance that goal.  It doesn't matter that communists like Stalin killed 50 million people.  That's justified because it facilitates their goal of their utopian society.

4.)  Progressives believe that change comes about through conflict.  While earlier communists believed in a violent rebellion and overthrow of the system, Saul Alinksy looked at it and developed ways to undermine the system through conflict and subversive tactics and thereby create a situation where takeover is possible without violent revolution.  (That doesn't mean he was against conflict and violence in limited situations such as the Ferguson, MO mess we just went through.  He just wanted to avoid a national war for takeover like Russia went through because that was too obvious and Americans would fight against that kind of action.)  He gave instructions how to do it in his well-known book Rules for Radicals (if you're serious about stopping them, this is a must-read for conservatives).

5.)  Obama is a Marxist who sees his place in history as a key milestone in the transformation of the world to a Marxist society.  He is undeterred because he sees his place as much more important than any current conflict or issue that may try to detract from their goals.  He honestly sees himself on a mission to achieve the utopian society.

You should also be aware that John Bachtell, national party chair of the Communist Party USA, wrote a very informative article for their People's World publication.  In the article he articulates his reasons for the need for a 3rd political party in America, but it would be a radical leftist party.  He makes the point that it's too early for them to break from the Democrat Party, which he sees as being too tied to Wall Street (he also sees the Republican Party as having the same types of "evil" ties to Wall Street), and discusses why they must continue to work through the Democrats until the time is right to break away and start this radical 3rd party.  He says, "First, we are part of building the broadest anti-ultra right alliance possible, uniting the widest array of class (including a section of monopoly), social and democratic forces.  This necessarily means working with the Democratic Party."  If you doubt that communists are using the Democrat Party, there's the proof.

They understand the need to not splinter, which is something conservatives don't see.  Conservatives are so upset with the Republican Party that they are walking out and registering as Independents.  Many are considering starting a 3rd party, but that will only weaken the potential of success.  The communists are in a similar situation but are willing to stay aligned with the Democrat Party to achieve their goals (something that conservatives could learn from when considering a 3rd party).

Now, given the understanding of the progressives that I've shared above, you should be able to see that discussions of how to deal with individual situations and issues like I mentioned at the beginning of this post are really a waste of time.  The only solution to stop these people is education and unity.  The majority of Americans have no idea what is happening to our country.  Through education we have the chance to wake up the people and get them involved to stop what's happening.  And if we stay unified we have a chance at being successful. But if we are divided into many factions and parties, we will fail.

It may be hard to fully comprehend where our country is headed if these people are not stopped.  If you didn't know it before, spend a few minutes talking to or reading what people who have lived under a communist regime went through in those countries as they fell to communism and you will hear exactly what is happening in America.  These people know what the harsh living conditions are.  They know what the hopelessness is that citizens in those countries have for their futures.  They know exactly how their countries fell to communism and the fact that once they are taken over by it they can never be defeated.  The only way to get rid of communism once it's taken hold is for it to self-destruct.  It is isn't overthrown.

If you'd like a good overview of Marxism click here to read an excellent article that will give you a good understanding.

The only solution for America is for us to stay unified and educate our fellow citizens and get them involved.  Then we must take action NOW to replace the politicians in Washington from both parties who don't have the same goals for America that we do. (And that's the vast majority of the politicians from BOTH parties.)  In case you hadn't figured it out yet, there is no such thing as a good Democrat (if they were, they'd be former Democrats) and most Republicans are not our friends.