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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Correct Response To Obama's Prayer Breakfast Speech

Here's the Nonsense:  Americans should be shocked at President Obama's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.  This is not how we expect him to speak.

Here's the Horse Sense:  No one should be shocked or waste time asking why the president said what he did.  This is who he is.  What we should be upset about is the reaction of those in attendance.

President Obama's Prayer Breakfast speech has drawn response from many.  Most of the responses state some facts and make emotional appeals to Americans to be upset about what he did.  But the fact is that it really doesn't matter.  His actions should surprise no one.  In fact, if you didn't expect him to do something along these lines, then you haven't been paying attention to who he is or what he is doing.  But the real issue isn't what he did, it's what the response should have been.

I've avoided commenting on Obama's Prayer Breakfast speech because of all the wasted time people have spent asking why he'd do such a thing and why he doesn't stand up for Christians and Christianity since the vast majority of Americans profess connection to the Christian faith.  As I've discussed frequently, this man does not love America and has no respect for Christianity.  It's that simple.  Talking about why he did it or why he doesn't stand up for Christianity is just a waste of time.

Dennis Prager, whose talk show everyone should listen to (if you can't listen live, you can listen for free 24/7 at his website,, gives a level of intellectual discussion to topics that is rarely found on shows.  While I don't always agree with him, I do appreciate and respect his analysis about many issues.  The reason I bring Mr. Prager's show up here is that he's written a good analysis of and response to Obama's speech here.  In my mind the best point made in his entire column is that the president had to go back 500 to 1000 years to come up with an example where this kind of evil was done in the name of Christ.  But as good as that is, nothing Prager says should be new to any American.  Unfortunately, though, it will be because Americans for the most part not only don't know or understand history, they are not capable of critical thinking anymore. 

The media and our school systems have successfully dumbed down the majority of our populace to the point of ignorance.  But if you want to understand how it's happened, go to this link and download the FREE ebook that tells the whole story of how it was planned for our school systems to do this to our society.

All that said, the bottom line is that the correct response to the president's speech had to be given by the audience in attendance, not by the rest of us who heard about it after the fact.  And that response should have been that everyone in attendance, regardless of their religious persuasion, should have gotten up from their chairs and walked out. 

Yes, I know that to walk out on the president is considered the ultimate in improper behavior, but that is wrong, too.  He works for the taxpayers.  A president of the United States is to be the ultimate servant of the people.  He is not to be shown special treatment.  He is not special.  He's a hired servant and when a hired servant misbehaves you treat him accordingly.  He does not deserve an audience and those in attendance should have walked out immediately and left him standing there speechless.

The message would be clear.  It would say that his message is unacceptable and won't be listened to.  But instead, we allow him to use his office as a bully pulpit.  It's our fault and it must stop.  No one who is elected to office is any more than a hired servant.  They need to understand that and until and unless they do, America can't correct it's political problems.