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Monday, February 16, 2015

What Will America Do When Our First Soldier Is Captured By ISIS?

Here's the Nonsense:  America is working with other nations to stop ISIS.  Our efforts are important, but this must be led by Muslims to have real impact.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The Muslim nations don't have the power or resources to end the murderous rampage by ISIS.  Only America does and it's time we put on our big-boy pants and step up to the plate and deal with this.

We've seen the reports of ISIS atrocities.  They're beheading captives, they burned the captured Jordanian pilot alive, they're slaughtering anyone who does not bow down to them and their distorted view of God and leaving a wake of death as they spread throughout the Middle East.  We read reports like 21 Christians being beheaded to ISIS parading 17 captured Kurdish fighters in cages through a town with the plan to burn them all alive, their atrocities seem to have no bounds.

We are told that ISIS is spreading beyond Syria and Iraq throughout the world and even has cells now in the U. S.  They are fighting in Iraq near where American troops are located.  And now the Colorado Springs Gazette is reporting that 4000 troops from Ft. Carson, which is in Colorado Srpings, will be heading to Kuwait and what may be a direct confrontation with ISIS.

All of this is happening and it made me think of a report by WND about Mike Huckabee being at a dinner for the Endowment for Middle East Truth and telling the story of a father who took his 11 year old daughter to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.  Yad Vashem was established in 1953 as the world's center for documenting, researching and remembering the deaths of millions during World War II.  The museum shows the horrors inflicted on the victims of the Nazis.  At the conclusion of the exhibit there was a guestbook and the little girl wrote a simple question:  

"Why didn't somebody do something?"

That's the question we all need to ask about ISIS.  Why isn't somebody doing something?

Sure, you could say that America and some other nations are doing air strikes.  You could even talk about the Kurds who are fighting so valiantly.  But in reality not much is being done when you consider the available power we have to deal with this.  In fact, the bottom line is that what is being done is not enough to stop ISIS.

Some will say it's not our problem.  That's what many said when Hitler was devastating Europe in the 1930s.  No moral human being can look the other way when injustice is being done. 

America is (or at least at one time we were) a noble nation.  We have stood up for the little guy many times in our history.  We have risked our lives to stop evil in the world because we've always known that those who are being attacked could just as easily be us.  We've also known that if you don't stop bad things like this, they will eventually happen here. 

But today Americans have become so narcissistic that we don't care what happens elsewhere.  We are no longer smart enough to understand that what happens elsewhere is just a hair's breadth away from happening here.  And it will happen here if it's not stopped elsewhere.

In fact, with the troops we now have there and the limitations we put on their ability to fight, it's only a matter of time before one of them is captured by ISIS. (Click here to read about how we've restricted our military in how they deal with the enemy, which does nothing less than put our people in greater danger.)

You can be sure that they will get the worst treatment of any captive that could be taken, with the possible exception of how an Israeli would be treated.  We will see Americans who are captured go through the worst, torturous death that can be imagined.

When I read the article about 4000 troops from Ft. Carson going to the Middle East I couldn't help but think that these people live not too far from me.  Ft. Carson is about 35 miles from where I live.  I've done business with that base and have met many of their people who've been to Afghanistan and Iraq in recent years.  It's possible that I've met some of these very people who are now heading to a possible confrontation with ISIS.  And when I realized that I couldn't help but wonder how Americans will react when an American soldier is captured, tortured, and put to a terrible death by ISIS.

Sure, the American people will be mad.  But what will our nation do?  The answer is that we will do little or nothing as a nation.  We are not willing to do what is necessary to stop this madness.  Our nation has become too politically correct.  And this is not the government's fault, it's the citizen's fault.  We've allowed this to infiltrate our nation and elected people who support it. 

The president has asked for congressional approval of his plan to deal with ISIS.  Many people, from military leaders to average citizens have voiced what they think is the solution to dealing with ISIS.  But virtually no one is facing the reality of the situation and putting forth the solution that will work.  Why?  Because even though it would be effective, it would be wildly unpopular and Americans are not willing to be unpopular.

America is no longer the tough, look 'em in the eye and make 'em back down no matter what it takes kind of country we once were.  And we never will be again. You may not want to hear that.  In fact, for some those might be fightin' words.  But reality is reality and America isn't what it used to be even a short time ago.  As I said before, we have become so self-absorbed that we don't care about others or what the future holds.  We just want to be entertained and taken care of.

The Islamic State, or what most of us call ISIS, is on a rampage throughout the Middle East.  Most say it's like nothing we've seen in about a millennia.  The U. S. government, under the leadership of President Obama, has joined with other nations to try to deal with them.  But there really hasn't been any serious damage done to them.  And now the president is talking of his new plan to deal with them and wants congressional approval to do so, even though he has all the authority he needs from previous approvals they've given him and his predecessor, George W. Bush.

This administration talks of getting the Arab countries to take on the task of defeating ISIS, just like George W. Bush talked of getting the Arab countries to take on defeating terrorism.  But the fact is that neither administration has had much success in achieving those goals.

Last year I was guest hosting a radio show and interviewed Clare Lopez, Vice President for Research and Analysis at Frank Gaffney's Center for Security Policy.  While speaking with her about the Middle East she told me that the U. S. government finds it almost impossible to determine who the good guys and who the bad guys are in the Muslim world.  She said that when we try to support people like the Syrian rebels, we assume that if we train and arm them they will fight against terrorists, but we often find that they end up turning against us.  

We have no legitimate way to tell the difference between who would be loyal to our cause and those who might turn against us.  In fact, frequently we are seeing them join ISIS instead of holding to any principle that would cause them to take a stand against them at all costs (which is what is needed if someone is going to be your ally).  So, the idea of enlisting them to take the lead in the fight is ridiculous.  

We consistently hear of supposedly U. S. - friendly nations like Qatar and Saudi Arabia allowing funding of terrorism to come from their countries.  And these are supposed to be solid American allies.  But America does nothing to challenge them.

When President Bush said that those nations that were not with us in the fight against terrorism would be considered against us, he conveniently ignored the problems with these kinds of "allies."  And President Obama has done the same.  

Of course the Bush family has strong ties to the Saudis.  It's also been said that funding for President Obama's Harvard education was raised by Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal's advisor, Khalid Al-Mansour.  So America's leaders appear to not be able to put pressure on countries like Saudi Arabia because of these personal ties our leaders have to them. 

Therefore, they come up with this ridiculous idea that we have to trust some Arab groups to lead the fight against terrorism even though we can't be sure who, if any, will be loyal.

The only way to stop ISIS, or any terrorist group, is to understand them so you know how to deal with them. Understanding your enemy is key to defeating them.  (This is also why conservatives have not been able to defeat progressives like Obama, they refuse to face the reality of who these people are, but I digress so let me get back to the point of this post.)

We must understand that these people do not see the threat of death as a real threat. They see death as a good thing that sends them to paradise.  They have no fear of death, which makes most military operations against them insignificant.  After all, you can't beat up someone expecting them to get to the point where they'll ask you to stop if they don't mind being beaten up, or even worse, welcome being beaten up. That's what we're up against.  So the idea of military attacks that batter them silly until they give up are useless.

America faced this very kind of enemy once before.  It's not been a millennia since we've seen the kind of mindset that isn't deterred by death.  That enemy was Japan in World War II.  The Japanese were not only willing to die, they believed that to surrender was a disgrace worse than death.  In fact, they believed that the disgrace was so great that it would leave a shadow over the reputation of their families.  They believed it was better to die than surrender.  And their willingness to do so was seen in their use of such things as suicide pilots (the kamikaze pilots).

Japan was a terrible enemy during that war.  They would torture and kill civilians and POWs in ways that are reminiscent of what we're seeing with ISIS (beheading was common as was burning people alive).

This is what America faced in World War II.  And when President Harry Truman was faced with the decision to use the atomic bombs we had developed, he knew that this would cost far fewer Allied and Japanese lives than a land invasion of Japan.  (To read more about what went into Truman's decision click here.)  After the two bombs were dropped in August of 1945, within 5 days of the bomb hitting Nagasaki, the Japanese surrendered, even though they did not believe in surrender.

What a lot of people don't know is that the Japanese military leaders didn't want to surrender.  They were committed to the war, but the emperor of Japan decided that they had to surrender and did so.  The Japanese military followed their orders and stopped fighting. 

The difference between the Japanese and ISIS is that ISIS is not a country with a leader that can make the decision for them to stop.  Whatever their leadership, ISIS fighters are loyal to their cause and will not give up.  Unlike the Japanese of World War II, even a nuclear weapon killing large numbers of them isn't going to stop them from what they are doing.

So, what is the solution?  It's simple, but it would be highly unpopular and Americans would never support it.  Even with success, America would be judged by the world as the evil oppressors, not the saviors who stopped the murderous actions of ISIS.  But it's the only one that will work.  And if we were serious about stopping ISIS we wouldn't care what the world thinks. 

That solution is to use any weapons our military needs to in order to wipe ISIS off the face of the earth, including nuclear weapons.

But if we used those weapons, we have to understand that they are not going to cause ISIS to stop if we use them like we did in Japan.  We will have to use enough weaponry to totally eradicate ISIS from the face of the earth.  If any survive, they will go back to their terrorist ways as soon as the dust clears.  These are vermin who have no right to live and must be stopped. And that can only happen by wiping them out.  Nothing else will work because they are not willing to lay down their arms and cease their hostilities like Japan was willing to do.

So, what will America do when our first soldier is captured by ISIS?  Answer:  Very little, and certainly nothing that will make a difference.

Better question:
What should America do when our first soldier is captured by ISIS?  Answer:  Wipe ISIS off the face of the earth.  In fact, we should so that now before they have a chance to harm any more people.  It's that simple.