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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, March 2, 2015

CPAC Proves Our Consitution, Liberty, Freedom, Wealth, Future & Children Are Already Lost

Here's the Nonsense:  CPAC was inspiring to see all the people there so committed to conservatism.  It gives hope for the future of America.

Here's the Horse Sense:  If you watched CPAC closely you saw many reasons to have great concern over the state of things in America.  In many ways it proves that our nation is already lost.

Front Page Magazine has published the following short piece and it should be very thought provoking for every American (It may be easier to read at the link than here):

I'm sure many will argue with me that these things are not lost, but the state of our society speaks otherwise.  Not only has this administration been successful at achieving their goals to overthrow the America created by our founders, but the failure of our society proves the point.

Last weekend at CPAC we saw some interesting people.  Some offer solutions that would help America, but most of all it showed more than ever that America has continued down the path of destruction that was begun years ago.  While Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty was spot on with most of his points in his speech, the attendees cheers and support of him was obviously superficial.  They don't take the seriousness of the warnings of the Bible to heart as we can see by the lives of most Americans.  And those warnings, that we need to turn to God and away from our immoral ways, are the entire reason why America will survive or fail.  Or, in the case of what I included from Front Page Magazine above, they are the reason why America has already failed.

It's bad enough that Fox News, who many conservatives consider their source for news, fills the airwaves with women dressed not just unprofessionally, but made to appear in ways to attract a male audience on the basis of sex and not content.  Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade has even commented that Fox News gets its female talent by going to the Victoria's Secret catalog and choosing models who can talk and went to college.  Our society has become so perverse that sex is used to sell the news.  It's no wonder there's no critical thinking anymore when they are catering to base instincts instead of the intellect of their desired audience. 

Any good teacher will tell you that if you want your students to learn you must teach at a high level so they must work hard to rise to that level.  If you teach to the low level, none of your students will excel because you've taken away any intellectual challenge to grow.  (That's also why it's important for talk radio hosts who are sincere about wanting to save America to be teaching their audiences critical thinking and challenging them to grow intellectually instead of the just entertaining them or providing news commentary to them.)

Half of CPAC attendees were age 25 or under, with 42% being students.  This is important because these people are the future of America. Yet many of their views show both immaturity and a lack of moral absolutes.  Erick Erickson at Red State even wrote about the behavior of CPAC attendees.  It says volumes about our future.

The good news is that 77% believe that Congress should use the power of the purse to defund Obama's amnesty.  (64% believe that criminal immigrant invaders should either be deported or encouraged to return home to apply for citizenship.)  What raises concern is that many of the candidates don't take a strong stand against amnesty, they just want Congress to pass it instead of Obama ordering it, and support of those candidates should be questioned if a person is truly against amnesty.  It was even said that Marco Rubio repented of his work to push amnesty through, but if you listened, it was a tepid repentance of a man who should already be seriously doubted as to his conservatism.  He has numerous questionable issues in his past and yet many still support him, which raises questions about their critical thinking ability and their conservatism.

On the same count, Scott Walker tried to dance his way out of his support for amnesty after CPAC when he was on Fox News Sunday and said he had changed his position.  Yet when he described his position he still said there is a way to have a path to citizenship for illegals.  Doesn't sound like his position changed much other than the typical way politicians do it, which is to make superficial statements.  But only time will tell what he believes and his comment about a path to citizenship exposes more than it hides.  That, along with his handling of Common Core, should be reasons enough that support for him needs to be questioned.  But many people are willing to compromise values because of the popularity of a candidate.

41% of CPAC attendees also raise concern with their support for marijuana legalization.  This nonsense is asking for trouble.  If they don't know better (and clearly they don't, but should) and haven't read all the studies in the past few years pointing to more and more evidence for how bad marijuana is, they could just look at the disaster legalization has been for Colorado and draw their conclusions from there.  But instead they embrace what is most likely college culture that promotes marijuana use along with other unhealthy and even immoral lifestyle choices.

18-25% are pro-abortion (depending on how the question was asked).  If 1/4 of our "conservative" young people believe it's okay to kill a child, something is wrong with how we're raising them.  Murder is just that, and there is no justifiable position to support it.  The morality of supposedly conservative young people is non-existent if they think they can be moral and support murder.

Here are a few more poll results that should raise concern:

Issues that would keep them from supporting a candidate were very telltale.  Please note my comment in red after each one as it makes the statistic better understood when considering where America is going.

18% said supporting gay marriage would keep them from supporting a candidate.  That means that 82% would support a candidate who supported gay marriage.

35% said supporting immigration amnesty would keep them from support of a candidate.  That means that 65% would support a candidate that supports amnesty.

58% said support of Common Core would keep them from giving a candidate support.  That means that 42% would support a candidate in favor of Common Core.

31% said being pro-abortion would stop them from support of a candidate.  That means that 69% would support a candidate that is pro-abortion.

32% said disengaging from foreign policy would keep them from supporting a candidate.  That means that 68% would support a candidate who would disengage from foreign policy.

Given those statistics it is apparent that the moral foundation of even those who call themselves conservative has been undermined.  With that failure in what are supposed to be the most conservative in our nation, there is no doubt that America has failed.  And that's why the only hope for our nation is for people to wake up and abandon their immoral ways and turn to God.  Our second president, John Adams, said:

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

One of the problems underlying this failure of morality is the rise of libertarianism among people on the right, especially young people. They embrace it stating that they have a right to live their lives any way they want and that's what America is about.  But they're wrong.  They have an obligation to live a moral life for without doing so our nation is doomed.  Their selfishness demands what they think is freedom, but in reality it is bondage to immorality that not only will destroy their lives in the end, but is destroying America for all of us.