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Monday, March 16, 2015

John Kerry, Democrat Nominee For 2016?

Here's the Nonsense:  Not only is Hillary a shoo-in for the 2016 Democrat nomination, but John Kerry said a year ago that he wouldn't even think about running again.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Yes, Kerry said last year that he wouldn't think about it, but last week he said nobody ever says never.  It just might be a possibility. 

With her email scandal raising questions as to whether Hillary Clinton will run in 2016, or if she does whether she can win the nomination, a number of amazing things are happening.  As I suggested 9 days ago, long before most others were raising this idea, the Obama administration seems to be behind the outing of this 2 year old news to make sure Hillary isn't a viable candidate for 2016.  News outlets such as Breitbart are now reporting the idea of Valerie Jarrett leaking the information about the emails.  And the Washington Times is reporting that State Department has agreed to reopen the case regarding Hillary's emails.  Could this mean that the door is open for Lurch er, um, John Kerry to run again and potentially win the nomination?

All of this uproar about Hillary's emails is certainly because, as I said 9 days ago, Obama wants two things out of bringing this up at this time.  First, he wants to take the attention off of Bibi Netanyahu's warning to America about the danger of a nuclear deal with Iran.  Obama wants that deal to go through to give Iran control of the Middle East as the major power of that region.  If Americans were to heed Netanyahu's warning in his speech to Congress it would endanger Obama's ability to get his deal with Iran.

But second, Obama also wants to use this situation to hinder Hillary's attempt at another run for the White House.  Certainly he doesn't want her to win the nomination as it would look like America felt she may have been a better choice when he beat her for the nomination in 2008.  He also knows she'd work for her own legacy instead of building on his.  And that's why last July the New York Post reported that he was supporting Warren over Hillary for 2016.

So, with all this information, where does the question about John Kerry come in?  Quite simply, Kerry has Clinton's old job at the State Department.  Kerry has always wanted to be president and getting his department to investigate the Clinton email scandal weakens her chances and potentially opens the door for Kerry to run again.  And it certainly is possible that Obama has thrown Kerry a bone if he spearheads an investigation that would harm Hillary's chances.  That bone being support for a presidential run in 2016.  After all, Kerry has been far more a representative for Obama as Secretary of State than Hillary was.  She was building her own legacy while Kerry has simply represented Obama, so I'm sure he's much more beloved by Obama than Hillary ever could be.

But would Kerry run again?  Back in February of 2014 Mediaite reported that Kerry was planning to retire after serving as Secretary of State.  But ego is huge among politicians and at that time he may not have seen an opportunity that would make it a viable consideration.  Yet in the last 2 weeks CBS News reported that Kerry said about a possible presidential run, "Nobody ever says never."  That's a definite change from a year ago.

I don't know if he'll run, but I wouldn't be surprised.  With Hillary looking weak it might be just enough to push him into the race.  And even though he'd probably have such challengers as Elizabeth Warren and Martin O'Malley that offer new blood for the party (or that "new car smell" as Obama put it), Kerry's been around a long time and that might give him the clout to sway many in power positions in the Democrat Party to support him.  

Of course that would leave us wondering if he won the presidency, would President Lurch bring Thing and Cousin Itt to the White House with him?