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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Obama Doesn't Want You To Notice The Smoke, Mirrors, & Timing Of Hillary's Email Problems

Here's the Nonsense:  Hillary's email problems are the most important issue we need to focus on right now.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Don't be fooled.  Hillary's email problems are old news and should be seen as a distraction that Obama is using to keep your eyes off other issues.

The recent rush to cover the old news that Hillary Clinton used a personal email account has been overwhelming.  Even the leftist media have jumped on the bandwagon, even though it's very old news (it became public 2 years ago with hacker Guccifer publicly releasing the information).  So, Hillary's old problems are exposed again now... but why now?  As usual, look beyond the surface and there is likely the hand of the Obama administration in it to cover something else that's happening.

With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to Congress this week, it was a clear effort  on the part of Mr. Netanyahu to not just speak to Congress, but to speak to the American people.  And it was a powerful and important message for us to hear.  It was also a message that the Obama administration didn't want us to hear.  

From attacking Netanyahu beforehand to downplaying it afterwards, President Obama has been determined to let nothing sidetrack or derail his plan to give Iran nuclear power and weapons.  And, with Hillary being said to be the leading contender for the Democratic nomination in 2016, he knows her position questioning the wisdom of the Iran deal will be in the center of the news if he doesn't discredit her, too.  

So, suddenly this huge dust-up about the 2 year old story of Hillary's personal email account is brought up to keep attention off the Iran deal and Netanyahu's speech warning us of the dangers that deal would cause.  It's just another case of Obama using smoke and mirrors to keep you watching his right hand while he's doing something else with his left hand.  

The real issue is the terrible Iran deal.  But Obama doesn't want you to realize that.  In fact, to add to the attack on Hillary he gets the mainstream media involved, too.  This is the same mainstream media that has virtually anointed Hillary as the smartest woman on earth and guaranteed future Democrat nominee for 2016.  Yet they are turning on her.  That not only gets the general public, who get their news from the mainstream media, to see her as the focus of the news, but it also gets conservatives caught up in the idea that the mainstream media have turned against her instead of keeping their focus on the dangers of the Iran deal.

It's the perfect distraction to keep everyone from paying attention to what Netanyahu talked about.  And by the time we wake up (IF we wake up...which is not likely), it will be too late anyway.  By then Iran will have their deal because the chances are slim that Congress will stop Obama.  Congress doesn't stop anything this president does.  That's why House Speaker John Boehner used Netanyahu's speech as a cover while he worked a deal with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to make sure DHS funding went through with nothing to stop Obama's amnesty.  (Former Senator Jim DeMint asked an important question about whether the GOP will ever stand up in an article this week.  It's worth the read.)

The president has successfully gotten everyone's eyes off of his Iran deal.  He's damaged Hillary so she won't have as much credibility with her position on Iran.  It also reduces her chances at the nomination in 2016, which is also what Obama wants (don't forget that he said voters will want "that new car smell" for their next candidate).  After all, his campaign people have gone to work with Elizabeth Warren because she's a like-minded progressive that would carry on Obama's legacy.  Obama prefers that as opposed to Hillary who, even though she's a progressive and would continue down the path of America's destruction, she would replace Obama's legacy while she tried to build her own.  Obama's ego is too large to want someone who would take the focus off of him and his legacy.  He sees himself as a major milestone in the history of progressivism in the world.

For a guy who no one thinks ever works, this was a pretty effective effort to pull off this past week.  Don't ever think he's not working.  He's working, just not for the benefit of America.  

Too many people allow him to determine what they focus on.  Never forget that he always wants you to focus on something that isn't the main thing that he's trying to accomplish.  It's always smoke and mirrors with him.