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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Don't Bank On GOP Standing Up For Religious Freedom

Here's the Nonsense:  The GOP has been pushed far enough and they'll stand up against the attacks on religious freedom.  They will defend and support Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act and laws like it and stop the attacks once and for all.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The GOP sold out the American populace long ago.  Any thought that they will do the right thing about anything is nothing but foolish expectation.

The past few days have had many people on the right outraged at the attacks on religious freedom.  Since Indiana passed their Religious Freedom Restoration Act the left and the media (I know, I know, they're the same thing) have been in all out attack mode claiming the legislation will allow people to discriminate against people who are in the LGBT community. They ignore the federal legislation doing the same thing that was passed and signed under Bill Clinton and the 19 states that already have such laws and the other 11 states where the courts have ruled in the same manner. They simply want to attack traditional marriage values and destroy them.  But as angry as some citizen may be, don't expect the GOP to stand up against this onslaught.  I doubt it will happen.

I've watched the attacks on Indiana this week.  But the bottom line is that many people on the right have been saying that this will be the issue that pushes the GOP too far and they'll stand up against these attacks because this all boils down to First Amendment rights.  

I say don't bet on it.

The GOP has not taken a stand on anything and there's no example I can think of where this GOP has been willing to take a stand for principle.  They have sold out the American voters time and again and there's no reason to think they'll do otherwise this time.

Quite simply, it's time we quit expecting them to do the right thing.  Without change in the party, there's no hope they'll do anything but facilitate whatever the Democrats want.  The very small percentage of Republicans in Congress who are conservative are in the minority and they have no power.  At most ⅓ of the GOP in Congress are conservative (and that's probably a high estimate).  About ⅓ more of them are big government moderates heavily influenced by the progressives, if not outright belief in progressive goals.  And the remaining members of the GOP simply go along to get along.  They will follow whoever is in power so they don't make waves.  And right now, since the establishment controls the GOP, that's who those wishy-washy other people go along with.

If the American people won't wake up, get involved, and push back, then you can watch the rights we have as Americans, starting with the First Amendment, be taken away.  In fact, we've already lost many of our First Amendment rights and no one is doing anything about it.  While our next "official" battle is the 2016 election, there's a very good possibility those rights will be gone before that time.  We're in deep and need to be fighting now and working hard for 2016 (not just the presidential race, but also the House and Senate races, too).

Wake up America.  It's about the primaries in 2016 and you better start getting involved now because once the primaries are over, it will be too late to make a difference.

P. S. - The Left's Ulterior Motive In RFRA - One other point you should keep in mind is that this, once again, is another issue that is being brought up as a smoke & mirrors tactic of leftists.  The left knows that the disaster of a deal they are making with Iran in nuclear negotiations is so bad that they want to try to keep attention elsewhere to distract from the news about the terms they are negotiating.  That's most likely why this RFRA issue is being brought up now, to keep people from paying attention to the Iran nuclear negotiations.