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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Has Rubio Earned The Trust To Run For President?

Here's the Nonsense:  Marco Rubio is the best candidate the GOP could run in 2016.  Sure, he made a mistake on immigration, but he says he's learned and so we should support him for the 2016 presidential nomination.

Here's the Horse Sense:  A candidate is not good unless they can be trusted.  Rubio has violated the trust with the American voters and needs to earn that trust back before expecting to run for the presidency.

So, you're thinking that Marco Rubio might be your man for 2016? You've been thinking that since he originally rode a wave of conservative support into the Senate, it really was a big disappointment when he joined the Gang of Eight to push for amnesty for criminal immigrant invaders. You've heard his claim that he's changed now. After all, he told Sean Hannity in a CPAC interview that he'd learned his lesson and changed on the issue. That was enough and now you're seriously considering him, or maybe have already thrown your support behind him. Besides, what kind of person would you be if you weren't willing to forgive a mistake? He says he's learned his lesson and that should be enough to trust him again, right?  

I have a question for you:  Is this how you make all of your major life decisions, blindly trusting people because they said they'd changed? If you do, I promise you it's a recipe for disaster.  Did you ever think maybe there were problems there all along but you never did your homework in the first place? 

Maybe Rubio's not the trustworthy conservative you have thought he was all along.  Look a little closer and you should be very concerned about Marco Rubio as a potential nominee.  

Breitbart is reporting that Rubio was just interviewed on Univision and showed his true colors once again on immigration and amnesty.  Breitbart's report quotes Rubio as saying the Obama's first executive amnesty is "important" and that "it can't be terminated... because there are already people benefiting from it."  Rubio was asked about when Obama's executive amnesty would end and he replied that it "will end only when a legislative substitute with the exact same or similar policy prescriptions - a legislative amnesty for illegal alien minors - is implemented."  He went on to say that he expects the legislative solution that will be implemented that essentially has all the parts of the Gang of Eight bill, but would be passed in a piece-by-piece form to get it through.  (That's what politicians do when the public doesn't like something.  They dismantle it and pass it piece by piece so that once all the parts are passed we end up with the very thing we didn't want in the first place.)

Rubio's position is 180 degrees away from that of Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Governor Bobby Jindal (all candidates or potential candidates for 2016).  All 3 have said the exact opposite promising on day one of their presidency, they would immediately undo Obama's unconstitutional and illegal executive overreaches, including this amnesty that was done without congressional approval.  Rubio is in the same camp as establishment Republican Jeb Bush, not the conservative camp of Cruz, Paul, and Jindal.  

Breitbart's article makes another important point saying that Rubio's position is the same as Obama's, which "caused the border crisis last summer and will likely lead to a future border crisis."

Now if that doesn't show that Rubio hasn't learned and changed, then you must really be blind.  He's only learned to change the way he expresses it so he can appear to have changed, thereby allowing him to woo foolish voters to support him.  He's being dishonest and playing the same game that politicians play all the time.  They mince words and phrase things in ways to make them sound one way, but have enough wiggle room that later they can claim they didn't mean what you think and were misunderstood.  This stinks of the same old smell we get from most politicians in Washington.

But if that's not enough for you, let me share other things I've heard about Rubio that should make you think twice about support for him in his run for the most important job in the world.

Long ago Rubio showed what I believe are his true colors when he lied about his background.  I know, you're thinking that using the word "lied" is pretty strong, but as the old saying goes, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.  

Rubio has said that his parents came to America as exiles from Castro's Cuba.  They sought refuge in America.  But the fact is that his parents came to America well before Castro came to power, as reported in the Washington Post.  

Obviously Rubio thought that would enhance his background, at least to the Cuban-Americans in Florida, when he was trying to gain their favor and votes.  But I have to ask how he can be trusted after doing that.  

I've also heard that he charged excessive personal expenses to the GOP when he was in Florida politics.  As Florida House Speaker he issued himself and a few other Republican insiders corporate credit cards which they then ran up over $7 million in charges.  Rubio's charges were over $100,000 and he repaid about $16,000 and left the GOP with the balance.  Some of the charges he left for the party to pay were said to include repairs to his family car and personal vacation costs and travel expenses.

A Romney staff member said Rubio was always trying to scam the system for his personal benefit.  A number of stories in Florida media and even national media such as this from ABC News tell us about Rubio's reputation for questionable ethics.

And stories like this from Business Insider tell of numerous problems in Rubio's handling of money.

Rubio is said to have received money from a Florida university and then the university gave him a parti-time job as a professor, which the president of the school said was worth every penny.  (You can read about that and other problems here as reported in the Huffington Post.)  Somehow that reminds me too much of the cushy $300,000 a year job Michelle Obama got from an Illinois hospital when Barry was a state senator, which became known simply as a way for the hospital to have influence in state government.

Add to these things that Rubio also was fined by the Federal Election Commission for taking over $200,000 in prohibited contributions in his senatorial campaign and it all looks pretty bad.

Let's assume that every one of these problematic issues can be legitimately explained and/or that he's changed and wants a fresh start.  I believe in repentance and forgiveness more than most people.  But I believe there has to be a true turning from your mistake, admission of that mistake, and then over time a person has to earn trust again.  But the key in that last sentence is that OVER TIME a person earns trust again.

For those who say he should be forgiven, I am not opposed to that.  But forgiveness does not guarantee immediate trust (remember, Reagan said to trust but verify).  And forgiveness also does not mean there are not consequences that will be suffered for your mistakes.  If Rubio's sincere, then he should accept the consequences of what he did and be willing to take the time to rebuild trust.  If he isn't, then his sincerity needs to be questioned.

Even if Marco Rubio was sincere in what he said to Sean Hannity (and I am having trouble accepting just how sincere it was given what he said to Jorge Ramos at Univision just this week), if we are to trust him again it should be after he has earned that trust.  Let Marco Rubio continue to serve in the Senate for at least another term or two and prove through his actions that he truly has changed.  Then if he wants to run for the presidency he's still only in his 50's and quite able to run and do so with a much better track record.  To trust him without having earned it back over time makes the voters the fools.