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Saturday, May 30, 2015

America In 2025 If SCOTUS Rules To Change The Definition Of Marriage

Here's the Nonsense:  The SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage won't make any difference in everyday American's lives.  Nothing will change, it will just allow things to be fair for those who are gay and want to be married.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage could be a defining moment for America's future.  Should SCOTUS decide to rule based on political correctness instead of ruling constitutionally that this is an issue to be determined by the states, the result will restrict freedoms for American citizens beyond what most people can imagine.

There's a lot of talk about what will happen in America if the Supreme Court's upcoming decision on gay marriage ends up being a change in the definition of marriage to something other than between a man and a woman.  But is there a way to "see the future" of America should SCOTUS make such a decision?  While we can't be exactly certain what will happen, I think we have the answer sitting right next to us but we're not paying enough attention to realize it.

First, let's borrow a time machine and travel a decade into the future to 2025 to see what the results of such a ruling could bring:

In 2025 there can no longer be debate about same-sex marriage because since the SCOTUS ruling, those debates have become illegal.  In fact, you can't say or write anything that questions or disagrees with same-sex marriage.  If you do, you are subject to disciplinary action including penalty, loss of employment, even prosecution.

And in 2025 parenting has been redefined as a result of the ruling.  No longer are "natural" or "biological" terms that can be used for a parent.  The only acceptable term is now "legal parent."  Children are only seen as having legal parents under federal law.

In 2025 it is now discriminatory to refer to marriage as between a man and a woman, or that children should know and be raised by their biological married parents.  If you say or write something that another person finds offensive, a simple complaint filed with the government can require a hearing investigating you for hate speech.  With it the government has the right to enter your private property and remove all items related to their investigation of hate speech.  You'll be burdened with the tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend yourself in addition to any other penalties such as fines and sensitivity training the government decides are appropriate.  Even if you're found innocent you must bear the cost of your own legal fees with no recourse to recover them.  (By the way, the person making the complaint has all their legal fees paid for by the government.)

In 2025 your beliefs, values, and political opinions must conform to the government's or you may lose your job, business, professional licenses, possibly even your children.  

2025 brings the government authority to enter your home to supervise you as a parent and to judge your suitability as such.  If what you teach your children is disagreeable to the government, they can take action to remove them from your home.

In 2025 it's not just parents under scrutiny.  Teachers will not be allowed to make comments about such issues in social media, participate in public discourse, or vote according to their conscience on their own time.  They have the potential of being disciplined or even losing tenure, required to take sensitivity training, or even lose their jobs.

By 2025 gender neutral language will be legally mandated.  It will be considered discriminatory to assume a person is male or female or heterosexual.  Non-gender-specific language will be used in media, government, workplaces, and schools.  Students will be subject to a special curriculum to teach them how to use proper gender-neutral language.

Today the Constitution grants you freedom of:

  • conscience
  • religion
  • press and media
  • thought, belief, opinion, and expression
  • peaceful assembly
  • association  

In 2025 those freedoms will exist no more.  Business owners will not be allowed to let their conscience influence business practices if those practices do not align with the government's sexual orientation and gender identity non-discrimination laws.  The government will dictate how citizens may express themselves. 

2025 will see restriction on your freedom to assemble and speak freely about male to female marriage, family, and sexuality.  Faith communities will have to become politically correct to avoid fines and loss of charitable status.  Even the media will risk losing their licenses and be fined or disciplined for airing anything the government feels is discriminatory.
2025 will see centralized government power and the end of the First Amendment.

Sound far fetched, extreme, even ridiculous?  What if there were an example of where this very thing had happened a decade ago and what I've written is exactly where they are at today?

Guess what.  It did happen 10 years ago in Canada and everything I've shared with you is what has happened in Canada over the past decade as outlined by Dawn Stafanowicz in her article "A Warning from Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights."  

Don't think it can happen in America?  It happened right next door to us in Canada and it's about to happen here.  We're already seeing things happen pushing us away from having First Amendment freedoms.  People who reject homosexual relationships as "abnormal" are seen by the politically correct as not just out of touch, but wrong.

Just this past Friday the Washington Post reported about research being done on sexual orientation in America.  After one study they said that, "most heterosexual people selected the heterosexual or straight option, but for those that didn’t, the most common response was to write in ‘Normal.'"  Researchers concluded "respondents may not have known they were straight."  There was no consideration that some people, due to deeply held religious beliefs or for other reasons, believe deep in their hearts that anything other than being heterosexual is abnormal and they may have been using the survey response as a way to voice their viewpoint.  But they are considered abnormal by the politically correct because they don't view the world in a politically correct way.

This is a foundation stone in the left's efforts to take away freedoms and control Americans lives by changing our country from the republic which it was founded as to the communist oligarchy they have been working towards for the past century.  

And if you hadn't noticed, they're very near accomplishing their goals.